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7 ingredients of a money-saving garden

The pricier items you like to eat
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If you want to know what to plant, look no further than your shopping lists and grocery receipts.

If you're spending $10 per week on fresh herbs, then you might be smart to cultivate those, rather than the cabbage you can get for 22 cents per pound, Smith says. Instead, "you can spend $20 on herb plants and have enough to use all summer," Smith says. "Just do the math."

Tomatoes are a favorite in almost every household.

"I wouldn't let a summer go by without planting tomatoes," says Smith. And home gardeners have three basic categories, he says: slicers, sauce tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

But it all comes back to planting what you would pay a premium for in the store. If slicers are cheap, maybe what you do is "pick up the big tomatoes at the farmers' market and support a local farm, and grow the little ones," he says.




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