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6 tips to stretch your vacation dollars

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Forget about pricey taxis, and instead get around on transit using discounted tickets or passes. In New York City, for example, buying a $10 pass gets you $10.70 worth of subway rides, which equals five rides. An unlimited seven-day pass runs $29.

Compare that to a Big Apple taxi, which charges a base fare of $2.50, and 40 cents for each subsequent one-fifth of a mile or every 60 seconds in slow traffic.

Given the important role transit plays for most who live in Gotham, riding the subway can also be part of the cultural experience of the trip, according to Joel Fan, president and founder of

"If you're going to New York City, the subway is historic," he says. "You really get a flavor for the area, and you save money."

Municipal bike-rental programs are even better for your personal health, as well as your bank account. For a minimal daily or weekly charge, these services are usually free to access for short hops. Capital Bikeshare in Washington D.C., for example, charges a membership fee of $5 for a 24-hour period, with no charge for the first half-hour of each rental. A five-day pass is just $15.




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