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6 simple ways to score free stuff

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Free samples are the most abundant of the freebies on the Internet, says Nick Mokey, a staff writer for Digital Trends, a technology product review and news website.

He recommends checking out, a deal-sharing site. "There are forums there," Mokey says. "If somebody finds a freebie, they list it."

Mokey also suggests, and because deals listed there are frequently updated.

"You can sign up for them and be done within a few seconds," Eubanks says.

Twitter users can find freebies on the aggregator website They can also get free stuff from companies such as Revlon that use Twitter to launch new products like lipsticks. And you can sign up for free gifts on your birthday.

Even some mainstream retail sites such as give away free samples.

To be sure, if you sign up for freebies, you could be the target of unwanted email. "Use a freebie email account in case you get spammed," Eubanks says.




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