05/26/2008 – The profile: potential victim “Mike”

A victim of a security breach, Mike determines if an ID fraudster made use of his personal information.

05/26/2008 – Follow up: The Flemings save money — and their house

This couple made some moves to free up cash, which enabled them to shed their dreadful option ARM.

03/17/2008 – Moving from the debt zone to freedom

Leah and her husband are young and in debt. They want to know how they can get out from under it.

03/17/2008 – Follow-up: Lauren Heller

Bankrate’s Money Makeover helped Lauren get a handle on her retirement savings.

03/17/2008 – Follow-up: Wendy Reck

Bankrate’s Greg McBride helped Wendy Reck find ways to chip away at nagging debt.

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