Financial Literacy 2007 - Retirement
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5 frugal tips for 50-somethings and beyond

You've reached the homestretch. Now's the time to make sure your nest egg is big enough to sustain you in retirement. Consider these suggestions for maximizing your retirement dollars.

1. Play "catch up." Take advantage of the "catch-up" contribution limits allowing people over 50 contribute extra money to qualified retirement accounts.

2. Ask for an age discount on your auto insurance. Combined with a safe driving record, you can get better rates for being an older driver.

3. Consider other retirement fund possibilities. Look into immediate annuities for a retirement income stream.

4. Take out retirement money without penalty. After age 59½, you can receive distributions from your 401(k), pension plan or IRA without having to pay the additional 10 percent tax.

5. Claim those senior discounts. Remember student discounts? Now, you qualify for senior discounts. Take advantage of them, you earned it.


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