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Retirement rescue plan: Invest in annuity

An annuity may be the best bet to rescue your retirement in today's volatile investment climate.Read more

Annuities the next big retirement option?

Lifetime income options in 401(k)s are still in development, but boomers are skeptical.Read more

Figure out how much a new appliance will save

Today's appliances use less energy. Here's how to calculate how much you can save.Read more

Mortgage rates display delightful drop

The Fed seems determined not to act hastily, and that spells good news for mortgages.Read more

E-checking: A checkless-checking primer

If you hate writing paper checks, e-checking may be for you. Here's what to know.Read more

Smart Banking: Little-known facts on debit cards

Find out how debit cards work and how new technology protects you against fraud.Read more

Tax tips for the unemployed

Jobless benefits are taxable, but you may be eligible for other tax breaks.Read more

How we ranked the best and worst states to retire

Statistics, surveys, in-depth analysis: That's how we made our 2015 ranking better.Read more

Removing private mortgage insurance

Wise up! When your equity position reaches 20 percent, you should cancel your private mortgage insurance.Read more

Mortgage rates fall as Fed's 'patient' expires

As the Fed preps for rate hikes, expect mortgage rates to rise this year.Read more

6 steps to shop smarter on mobile

These tips will help make you a savvy smartphone shopper -- and protect you from fraud.Read more

Say what? The Fed statement for dummies

There's no "patient" to be found in the Fed's statement, but that low rate survived.Read more

3 ways to mess up a mortgage closing

Want a lender to delay or cancel your mortgage closing? Here's how to do it.Read more

Wake up! Your retirement is your problem

Whether you have cash to pay your bills in retirement is up to you.Read more

Will Social Security be there when you need it?

Worried about the future of Social Security? Your fears are not completely unfounded.Read more


CFPB unveils payday loan plan

The oft-maligned payday lending industry may be about to get a makeover.Read more

Tax system concerns aren’t personal

A recent poll found that most people aren't too upset about their own tax bills. However, they do worry that corporations and the wealthy aren't paying their fair share of taxes.Read more

Give insurers a peek at your genes?

Curious about your inherited health risks? Some insurers would relish a look at your genetic tests.Read more

Jean Chatzky: How to save more

These three steps can help you save just a bit more. And it can add up to a bunch when you're ready to retire.Read more

Should you retire with debt?

Is taking on debt in your golden years a smart strategy?Read more

Special enrollment for pregnant women?

Should an uninsured woman who becomes pregnant qualify to enroll in Obamacare right away?Read more

Big fines for car seat maker

Child safety seat manufacturer Graco received a $10 million penalty from the U.S. Department of Transportation, saying the company failed to launch a timely recall of 4 million defective car seats. Read more

CFPB warns of pension advances

Paying back a pension advance or pension loan, plus the high interest and fees that loans and advances typically include, can threaten retirement security.Read more

Are boomers too fat to be healthy?

Boomers are better educated, smoke less and have greater access to technology, but a new study suggests their weight mitigates those advantages.Read more

‘Normal’ for housing remains elusive

The market for new homes continues to outshine the market for existing homes. Read more

Bills propose return to old FSA rules

Bills in the House and Senate call for a return to prior flexible spending account rules, including no OTC drug restrictions and no account contribution limits.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Your tax-filing checklist

What's new? What should you look out for? Here are some tax-time tips that could save you filing headaches.Read more

The economy’s uncertain destination

This week brings news about housing, plus a birthday for that little blue pill.Read more

Ignore climate change, lose FEMA funds

Governors who deny climate change could lose millions in federal disaster preparedness grants.Read more

IRS seeking taxpayer ID verification

The IRS is asking some taxpayers to verify their identities before it will process their returns. Don't panic. It's a legitimate effort to stop tax identity theft.Read more

Obamacare now covers 16.4M

To mark Obamacare's fifth anniversary, feds celebrate the largest expansion of health insurance in four decadesRead more

AmEx launches new loyalty program

The company is teaming up with other brands to launch a loyalty program -- no credit card required. Read more

CFPB: Tell us your credit card woes

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is launching a public inquiry into how the credit card market works. Read more

The Fed ‘patient’ no more

Fed keeps a key rate the same but signals a possible rate hike in the future. Read more

Study: Your portfolio could be better

A new study found that most investors make basic mistakes with their investment portfolios, including a lack of diversification and paying too much in fees. Read more

Cyberattack may affect 11M patients

Hackers stole medical claims data and other patient information from health insurer Premera Blue Cross.Read more

Great time for a road trip?

Gasoline prices are expected to keep sliding: Time to hit the open road?Read more

Will your phone replace an ATM card?

Bypass your debit card when withdrawing cash from an ATM. One bank has unveiled a smartphone app that can authenticate the request faster and more securely.Read more

Real costs of IRS budget cuts

The Internal Revenue Service is likely to see its budget cut even more by Congress. One representative is trying to rally support for a budget hike. Good luck.Read more

Can Apple Watch make you healthier?

Apple Watch could revolutionize health care and research, but its impact on health insurance remains unclear. Read more

Jean Chatzky: File car insurance claim?

Filing a claim could drive up your insurance premium. Here's how to decide whether it's worth it after a minor incident.Read more

Turning a deaf ear to weather

This week's updates on housing may include a few flat notes, thanks to winter weather.Read more

Harper Lee not victim of elder abuse

The elder abuse investigation considered of whether the author, Harper Lee, was a victim of financial fraud. The state of Alabama has closed the case.Read more

The one thing to know about investing

Investing isn't hard. The easiest way to invest for the long-term, with index funds, is also the most rewarding, as indexes beat most active funds hands down.Read more

Rich reach an all-time high

The ranks of the rich have swelled to a new record, largely due to the stock market.Read more

Fiscally sound plans for tax refunds

Did or will you get a refund? What did or do you plan to do with it? Most folks surveyed by Bankrate say they'll pay down debt or put the tax cash into savings.Read more

Scary retirement income reality

Retirement savings are inadequate. Social Security is shrinking. Will most of us work until we drop?Read more

Is workers’ comp slipping away?

A ProPublica/NPR report details what it calls a "demolition" of state workers' compensation programsRead more

A weak streak for shopping

The government's retail sales report for February was surprisingly weak. Should we blame winter?Read more

Gas prices to dip this month?

The nation's pumps should see a decline of maybe 10 cents per gallon this month.Read more

CFPB: Arbitration hurts consumers

The big selling point for arbitration has been that reducing legal costs by blocking customer lawsuits would result in lower prices for consumers. But that hasn't been the case.Read more

The 10 worst states for tornadoes

Do you live in one of the states with the most tornado claims? Read more

Consumer groups call for tax pro oversight

Thinking about hiring a tax pro? Finding a good one is a major problem for many taxpayers, according to a recent tax season evaluation by some consumer groups.Read more

Read this before you spend another dollar

Investing is only one piece of the retirement puzzle. In order to quit working, most people have to rethink priorities and get off the consumer treadmill. Read more

Superstorm Sandy relief, BP setback

While Superstorm Sandy victims will soon see relief, BP will shoulder more costs for Gulf oil spill. Read more

Apple Watch: Reason to use Apple Pay?

We're about to find out if mobile wallets will stand the test of time.Read more

Credit bureaus make big changes

Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are changing the way they handle the reporting of medical debts and their dispute resolution processes, among other things.Read more

Protect Social Security numbers

Medicare cards with Social Security numbers on them encourage fraud. It's time for Congress to fix that.Read more

Jean Chatzky: What’s a good credit score?

The answer depends on what you're applying for.Read more

Trade-off: College versus retirement

It's far more likely that your children can find a way to finance their college careers than it is to expect your children to finance your retirement. Read more

Is retail ready to thaw?

This week's reports may show whether winter put a freeze on the economy last month.Read more

Where do pedestrian deaths occur?

More than 4 in 10 pedestrian deaths in 2013 occurred in just four states.Read more

The takeout lifestyle takes off

We may soon spend more money on eating out than groceriesRead more

Surprising sizzler of a jobs report

The February employment report wasn't as frosty as many had expected.Read more

Big businesses, zero taxes

A recent look at profitable big businesses found 11 companies that paid no U.S. taxes in 2014. This is one reason why we're likely to see corporate tax reform soon.Read more

Will Google destroy insurance agents?

Auto insurance agents brace for battle as Google prepares to rewrite the rules of road risk. Read more

Are you feeling optimistic?

Lower gas prices and rising balances improve retirement savers' outlooks, survey finds.Read more

Can more data help credit?

New studies from two major credit bureaus show adding more data to credit reports would boost a ton of consumers' credit scores. Read more

Beige Book is a ‘wintry mix’

Harsh winter weather has put a chill on the Fed's Beige Book economic survey.Read more

Hackers gonna hack: Protect yourself

These two simple steps can help keep your data -- and your money -- safe from hackers.Read more

Tax laws by executive order?

Congress can't seem to agree on much nowadays, so one senator is proposing tax law changes by White House executive order. That's not a good idea.Read more

Supreme Court’s Obamacare rematch

The Supreme Court hears arguments in a case challenging Obamacare's subsidies.Read more

The 4-wheel tradition revs up

We still have a collective interest in conserving gasoline, but so far it hasn't overcome our love of wide, spacious vehicles that can haul a bunch of stuff. Read more

Are you saving enough?

Americans report they are doing better at saving, but too many lack a dedicated plan.Read more

Untangling Social Security survivor benefits

Understanding widow and widower benefits is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.Read more

Will this winter be a game changer?

The record-breaking winter may be contributing to a rethinking of climate change among insurers.Read more

Costco picks Visa, Citi

Citi will take over as the exclusive issuer of Costco's co-branded credit card, while Visa will take over as its credit card network. Read more

One weird trick for successful investing

Think you have to be a rocket scientist to invest for the long run? Think again -- the most successful long-term investors do the least. Read more

New fiduciary standard: Do we need it?

President Obama announced in late February that a Department of Labor rule requiring investment professionals to adhere to a fiduciary standard when advising retirement plan participants is being submitted for review by the Office of Management and Budget.Read more

Americans happier with their banks?

Of any checking account feature, customers rated debit cards as the most essential. A whopping 60 percent said they couldn't image living without a debit card.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Surviving divorce after 50

It takes a lot more financial untangling when divorce strikes after age 50. Here's what you need to know.Read more

Weather’s job on the economy

The week brings the possibility of a frosty jobs report and the anniversary of hula hoopla.Read more

Fight brewing over mobile wallets

Companies are scrambling to grab a piece of a very small pie as they acquire or roll out mobile wallet platforms to take on Apple Pay.Read more

Medicaid expansion insures 10.8M

Medicaid enrollment jumps 10.8 million, thanks to state expansion under the Affordable Care Act.Read more

Military service fuels money smarts

A new survey shows that young military members are positioning themselves for long-term personal finance success.Read more

529 college plan expansion passes House

A White House idea to end tax-free 529 benefits resulted in a 180, with passage of a House bill to expand the college savings option.Read more

CFPB: Bring on more free scores

The CFPB also wants agencies to make it easier for consumers to access and interpret their credit reports. Read more

Is your broker wrecking your retirement?

Skewed financial incentives for advisers can lead to less than optimal financial advice. What is the answer to conflicts of interest? Read more

Does cheaper gas make you crash?

There may be a link between cheaper gas prices and more collisions, according to a new study.Read more

Fed Chair Yellen preaches ‘patience’

The Fed boss reminds Congress that the central bank will take its time with raising rates. Read more

Free state tax filing with MyFreeTaxes

State taxes are a complication and cost for millions of U.S. taxpayers. MyFreeTaxes offers online and in-person help at no cost.Read more

Let’s break down Obamacare signups

Obamacare health insurance proves popular, even in states where politicians remain opposed to it.Read more

Obama backs tougher rule for brokers

Proposed new rule would hold brokers to a higher standard when they sell retirement investments.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Negotiate your salary

These four steps will help you get the salary you deserve when taking a new job.Read more

Yellen and the new Senate

This week will feature a grilling of Fed Chair Janet Yellen and updates on inflation and housing.Read more

AmEx loses DOJ antitrust suit

Amex plans to appeal the decision, so how it ultimately affects your wallet remains to be seen.Read more

More Obamacare time, headaches

The Obama administration announces a special Obamacare enrollment period and a health care tax mistake.Read more

Rival taking a bite out of Apple Pay?

Smartphone maker Samsung this week acquired mobile payments startup LoopPay.Read more

What keeps insurers up nights?

Flying drones and self-driving cars keep insurance actuaries wide awake imagining the liability risks. Read more

Lawsuit challenges IRS Social Security offsets

Taking tax refund money to pay what a filer owes another government agency is not unusual. A federal lawsuit, however, says the Social Security Administration went too far.Read more

America’s 12 most dangerous banks

A new report released by the Treasury's Office of Financial Research scores banks on the scale of risk they pose to the financial system, and Chase came in at No. 1 overall by a wide margin. Read more

The Fed holds its cards close

Minutes from last month's Fed meeting yield few clues about when rates will rise.Read more

Obamacare deadline is stretched

Federal and state-based exchanges are giving people more time to enroll in a health insurance plan.Read more

More taxes on Social Security?

Making nearly everybody pay taxes on Social Security is one way to cut its looming deficit.Read more

Obamacare tax troubles popping up

Tax filing season seems to be going well so far, but we're also starting to get reports of Obamacare tax troubles.Read more

Black Friday for cyber insurance

The Anthem data breach has helped spark a corporate rush to obtain insurance against hackers.Read more

An economy ‘divided against itself’

We cannot tell a lie: Presidents Day week brings updates on housing and the Fed.Read more

What money means for love

As Valentine's Day approaches, a new study looks at how saving and spending philosophies impact relationships.Read more

AmEx, Costco end card partnership

Effective March 31, 2016, your Amex won't be accepted at bulk retailer Costco. Read more

Your honey or your money?

Three in five adults who answered an online poll last month said they would rather experience an unexpected financial challenge than a romantic breakup.Read more

Tax ID theft and e-filing concerns

Tax identity theft and fraud is a growing issue, highlighted by problems with recent state e-filings. Will security concerns affect how you file your 1040?Read more

The ‘kill switch’ is saving you grief

The kill switch, which allows smartphone owners to disable or erase a phone remotely, may be behind a huge drop in robberies, officials say.Read more

Last weekend to buy health insurance

Obamacare's second open enrollment period ends Sunday, Feb. 15. Buy now or risk a higher tax penalty.Read more

No gas in the tank for retail sales?

Low gas prices may be filling up consumers' wallets, but retailers aren't yet benefiting.Read more

‘Chip-penning’ of cards is upon us

An EMV card with a smart chip loaded with encryption technology is difficult for anyone to clone at any price, let alone your run-of-the-mill petty criminal. Read more

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