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Find the 401(k) investing strategy for you

If you break down the fund choices in a 401(k) plan, it's easy to design an investment strategy.Read more

The buzz about legal marijuana and insurance

As more states legalize pot, will insurance companies be cool or get out of joint?Read more

Mortgage rates shift lower on muted outlook

Mortgage rates hardly moved in a week filled with mixed economic news.Read more

Employee or contractor: What's the difference?

Scored a seasonal job? How it's classified will affect your taxes.Read more

Is Black Friday dead?

Round-the-clock deals are diverting spending from Black Friday and Cyber Monday events.Read more

Lender-paid mortgage insurance: Pros and cons

With lender-paid mortgage insurance, you can save money -- for a while.Read more

What's not in your workplace retirement plan?

Something is probably missing from your 401(k) plan. Who's to blame?Read more

Longevity annuities: A retirement plan option

Changes in IRS rules expand the use of these investments in 401(k)s and IRAs.Read more

5 retirement solutions that may not work for you

Sometimes conventional retirement advice just doesn't apply to you.Read more

Reverse mortgage and telling your adult kids

Should you inform your adult children of your reverse mortgage? If so, how and when?Read more

Is car's former owner liable for new tickets?

A man sells his car. The new owner doesn't register it. The car gets ticketed. Who has to pay?Read more

Can realty contract be voided 1 day later?

What happens when a buyer knocks on your door before the agent has done any work?Read more

Buy a condo for your college student?

Live in a dorm? Rent an off-campus apartment? Buy a condo? Here's how to choose.Read more

What you can do now to protect your tax refund

Take action to make it difficult for identity thieves to steal your tax refund.Read more

6 reasons you shouldn't overimprove your home

Don't make your house too nice for the neighborhood. Watch for these pitfalls.Read more

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