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Asking economists: Has the Fed put us in danger?

See what experts say about the potential risks from years of ultralow interest rates.Read more

7 student loan do's and don'ts for millennials

Don't blow your cash on cars or condos. Follow these tips to pay off your student loans.Read more

The 10 worst states for drivers

Drivers in these states have it bad when it comes to commutes, crashes and more.Read more

The top 10 cars in overall quality

These snazzy rides proved to be the best of the best in a study based on customer input.Read more

4 surefire ways to get noticed by headhunters

It's not easy to stand out in a job search. Follow these tips to attract recruiters.Read more

Mortgages fall, benefiting from tumbling stocks

Mortgage rates dropped after stock market turmoil began in China.Read more

What to expect after your bank gets bought

Fees and interest rates may change after your bank is acquired. Here's what to look for.Read more

5 features to look for in a balance transfer card

Look for these money-saving attributes when shopping for a new credit card.Read more

9 economy cars that are cheap to own

You can't beat economy cars on price, but they also may be a bargain over the long haul.Read more

CD ladder: Is it worth the climb?

CD ladders still have value. Find out how you can benefit even as rates have stalled.Read more

6 cheap ways to relieve elder caregiver stress

Need a break from the pressure of caring for an elderly parent? Here's what to do.Read more

Mortgage rates rise a little, boosted by housing

In a blah economy, mortgages didn't get much lift from improved housing numbers.Read more

Americans not as bullish about their finances

Americans have become increasingly skittish about their finances. Here's why.Read more

Is investing in a crowdfunding project right for you?

Crowdfunding has grown, morphed and become regulated. Is it how you want to invest?Read more

Smart Banking: Why do money market accounts exist?

Money market accounts are hugely popular. But how do they differ from savings accounts?Read more


Credit report complaints abound

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says credit report complaints to the agency increased 56% between June and July.Read more

Retiring behind bars

Keeping people in prison when they are old and troubled by the diseases of aging is expensive, but is it right to set lifetime criminals free?Read more

Lone voter scuttles tax hike

Every vote counts. And 1 voter in Missouri literally held a sales tax-hike vote in her hands. Read more

5 things to do after a data breach

Here are some critical steps you can take to protect your personal information.Read more

Americans unite against high drug costs

With 1 in 4 Americans struggling with pharmaceutical costs, at least 1 politician is calling for reform.Read more

Coming soon: Mall rewards

Would you like to earn rewards for shopping at any store in your local mall? In some places, you can.Read more

Get your no-cost flu shot

Medicare pays for preventive care. Get your flu shot and other cost-free care that can keep you healthy. Read more

Last week a bunch of 401(k) investors freaked

Goosed by stock market losses last week, some 401(k) investors sold out of stocks and bought fixed-income investments, HR consultant Aon Hewitt reported. Read more

Lower odds of a rate hike?

What the Fed will do next month is still an open question, despite comments from officials.Read more

Focusing on the jobs picture

The economic picture may get a little clearer with this week's employment report.Read more

Will employers treat moms better?

The battle for top talent leads U.S. corporations to expand maternity benefits for new parents.Read more

GDP may heat up Fed debate

A surprisingly strong growth reading may make the Fed's rate decision even tougher.Read more

Could Obamacare’s Cadillac tax kill FSAs?

The Affordable Care Act's Cadillac tax will apply to high-cost, employer-provided health coverage in 2018. To avoid the tax, some companies might end medical FSAs.Read more

Most popular city for second home

Millionaires from other countries are buying property in this well-established hub for the rich. Read more

Used car prices are at record high

Used car prices have risen to a record high, according to an analysis, but the higher prices aren't necessarily bad news.Read more

Medicare: Where’s the competition?

Competitive Medicare Advantage plans were supposed to help keep costs down, but competition is scarce and bargains are hard to find.Read more

Tip for servers: Gratuities are taxable income

Tips are taxable income. Some restaurants, however, are switching to no-tipping policies.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Online education done right

Want to keep your mind healthy? Consider enrolling in an online education course. Follow these 5 tips to make the best choice.Read more

Insurers balk over hole-in-1 payout

An unlikely pair of aces on the 18th hole of last month's Greenbrier Classic has underwriters crying foul. Read more

Is short-term care good enough?

Long-term care is pricey and many people think they'll never need it. Now insurers are suggesting a different solution.Read more

What to do when stocks fall off a cliff

Stocks crashed a little. Don't panic. Long-term investors should stay invested in the stock market and plan for the future.Read more

Who is the richest self-made woman?

She dropped out of college at age 19 to found a company that today is valued at more than $9 billion.Read more

The economy’s juggling act

The week ahead brings updated stats on housing and growth and maybe some Fed news.Read more

8,234 miles on less than $300 in fuel

A 2015 Volkswagen Golf traveled through 48 contiguous states on less than $300 in fuel, setting a Guinness World Record.Read more

Global turmoil hurt stocks this week

Stocks fell sharply this week on weak data from China. What does that mean for American investors and the Fed?Read more

Seniors should freeze credit reports

Seniors can take a proactive step against ID theft by placing a security freeze on their credit reports. Read more

Post-recession, the pain lives on

7 years after the meltdown, most people are still trying to recover, according to this study.Read more

Appealing property tax on a ‘no value’ home

2 Massachusetts homeowners argue their property assessments are way off because their homes have no value.Read more

Study: Widows face higher auto rates

New consumer study finds top auto insurers bump liability rates 20% on average, for widows. Read more

Will Medicare costs bomb you in 2016?

If you are new to Medicare in 2016, a high earner or you filed and suspended your Social Security benefits, expect your Medicare Part B premium to skyrocket.Read more

The Fed offers more rate hike clues

Newly released notes show the Fed edged closer to a rate hike at last month's meeting.Read more

Are low stock returns on the horizon?

The stock market has done phenomenally well over the past few years. Is it time to face the possibility of lower returns in the future?Read more

The risk of following the money

It's hard to ignore stock market returns, but don't let them rule your retirement.Read more

Guide to being a family fiduciary

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is publishing guides to help family fiduciaries act in the best interest of their loved ones. Its new guide is geared to Virginians.Read more

IRS refines its tax ID theft efforts

Tax identity theft is a growing, changing plague. But the IRS is evolving, too, in how it fights this persistent crime.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Are your passwords safe?

How is your password integrity? If you're not following these 3 tips, your passwords aren't as strong as they could be.Read more

Does home insurance go to college?

Home insurance typically follows students who live on campus, but off-campus they may need a rental policy.Read more

Closing in on a fiduciary standard

A fiduciary has to put his or her client's interests first when it comes to providing investment advice. Employers providing 401(k) plans have had a fiduciary responsibility to the plan participants. Read more

3 money-stretching tips for retirees

These consumer benefits can help you make the most of your retirement years.Read more

IRS tax ID theft hack victims reach 334,000

More tax identity theft victims from a hack of an IRS online service have been identified. The total now stands at 334,000.Read more

Young people lack a financial game plan

Millennials recognize the importance of planning for the future. But there's some work to do when it comes to putting a plan into action.Read more

Under 40? Odds of being rich are low

The widening wealth gap is hitting the younger generations hard.Read more

Tuning in to ‘CSI: Federal Reserve’

This week is likely to bring economic sleuths more evidence of what the Fed plans to do.Read more

5 lessons for over-50 job hunters

Workers 50 and older make up a large part of the workforce, but job hunting at that age can be painful.Read more

Skeptics question health ministries

Consumer groups say a lack of government oversight makes health care sharing ministries risky.Read more

Retail sales get hotter

The government's latest report on retail sales suggests there's no reason to worry about consumers.Read more

Homeowners, cities profit from short-term rentals

Renting your home for a few days a year can provide substantial tax-free federal income. It provides some cities added tax revenue, too.Read more

Someone already made a chip card skimmer

It didn't take long for criminals to target the chip that's now making its way into Americans' debit cards with a new type of skimming device.Read more

Bank caught pocketing customer deposits

Citizens Bank has been ordered to pay millions in fines and restitution after a government investigation found it improperly handled consumer deposit errors.Read more

Happy 80th birthday, Social Security

Social Security is an octogenarian and ready for more than just a face-lift. Read more

Rich turn backs on risk

Stock market fears and economic uncertainty appear to be wearing down rich investors.Read more

Time to fix Social Security disability

Without a fix, Social Security Disability Insurance will face cuts. You may not care now, but the odds are good that someday the program will be important to you.Read more

The new Alphabet: Will I still own GOOGL?

With Google getting a new parent company, shareholders will now own Alphabet. Don't worry: You'll still see the familiar GOOGL symbol. Read more

Jean Chatzky: Scammers target seniors

Seniors can be particularly vulnerable when it comes to financial thievery. What's more, the ploys are getting more sophisticated.Read more

Will home insurance cover your drone?

Experts say home insurance would likely cover damage claims from recreational drone use.Read more

15 cities where the living is good

Retire in one of these places if you want comfort and security, not glamour.Read more

Yes, you can take it with you

Managing money from the grave is possible through certain trusts that mandate the behavior of heirs.Read more

Can social media hurt your credit score?

Is Facebook working on a plan that would let creditors use your social media connections to determine your creditworthiness?Read more

Consumers giveth, consumers taketh away

This week's reports could bring some clarity to an economics picture muddled by consumers.Read more

Security alert: iOS, Firefox flaws found

Mozilla announced that hackers were able to exploit a security flaw in its popular Firefox browser.Read more

A jobs report like a faithful puppy

The July employment report was so tame it probably keeps the Fed on track to raise interest rates.Read more

Time to say ‘goodbye’ to home equity loans?

Two of the nation's largest financial institutions have discontinued their home equity loan products.Read more

Hackers could hijack self-driving cars

Internet connectivity may pose a multifaceted roadblock to widespread acceptance of autonomous vehicles.Read more

Being generous can cost you

Providing support for adult children or older family members isn't cheap. Keep a lid on it.Read more

Jailer stole prisoner tax identities

Whom can you trust when it comes to protecting your identity? Apparently no one, as this week's sentencing of an Alabama jailer for tax ID theft shows.Read more

3 lessons from the Greek debt crisis

Governments drowning in debt, astronomical equity valuations and highly correlated global asset classes are a few of the risks investors must consider today.Read more

Young people getting a grip on saving

When it comes to saving, millennials fare pretty well. But are they stashing their money in the right places?Read more

CFPB to servicers: Cancel PMI on time

The CFPB released a "compliance bulletin" this week to remind mortgage servicers of the cancellation and termination requirements for private mortgage insurance.Read more

Your pay vs. your company CEO’s

The SEC has voted to approve a rule from the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law that will require publicly traded companies to publish the ratio between CEO pay and the earnings of the average employee.Read more

COLA wars in Medicare Part B premiums

There's a window for enrolling in Medicare Part B that extends from 3 months before your 65th birthday to 3 months after the month you turn 65. Read more

Never too old for student debt

Student loans aren't forever. If your income is low, you can apply to have your loan discharged after 20-25 years of payments.Read more

Get your Nissan serviced, win a car

Nisssan has a new sweepstakes where customers getting service can win a new car and other prizes.Read more

Jumbo standards are loosening

Good news today for folks who can afford to borrow a half-million or more to buy a house: J.P. Morgan is the latest bank to ease its lending standards for jumbo mortgage.Read more

401(k)s: Too many stocks or not enough?

Americans are shoveling more into 401(k)s now than ever before but some people may be keeping too much in equities, Fidelity Investments reported last week. Read more

Save now, spend later with an HSA

A high-deductible health plan with a health savings account can help fund your retirement health care.Read more

Travel taxes can add up quickly

You pay a variety of taxes to squeeze into your air carrier's seats. Many of the taxes on air travel are flat fees, meaning you pay the same, regardless of how short your flight is. Read more

Jean Chatzky: What is ‘ghosting’?

Each year, criminals use the identities of 2.5 million deceased Americans to establish fraudulent credit accounts, according to data from ID Analytics.Read more

Inertia can cost on auto insurance

A Texas study finds breaking up with your auto insurer saves you an average of 19%.Read more

4 ways to be older and better

Living well is the best revenge. Plan to make it happen.Read more

Robo-advisers serve small investors

The expected growth of robo-advisers over the next 5 years points to the unmet need of investment advice for small investors.Read more

The rich are different about credit, too

Bankrate's recent Money Pulse survey finds that the affluent pay more attention to their credit. You should, too.Read more

The recovery without a payday

Are jobs prospects and wages improving? We'll find out this week.Read more

Tesla taps owners to be sales force

Tesla is tapping its current owners to act as a sales force by offering them cash and other incentives, including a free Model X, when they refer friends who buy a car. Read more

Medicare: 50 and feeling her age

Medicare has hit midlife and maintaining her is increasingly pricey.Read more

Happy birthday: Medicare turns 50!

America's breakthrough single-payer health care system for the elderly has plenty to celebrate at 50.Read more

Delinquent borrowers get the attention

Mortgage servicers are spending more time on borrowers who are behind on payments than those who are current, according to a new J.D. Power study.Read more

It’s better and worse than we thought

New economic growth data are a mixed bag and make the Fed's decision-making even tougher.Read more

$4,575 tax bill for online cigarettes

An Arizona man got an almost $5,000 tax bill for cigarettes he bought online years ago. He's not alone. States are getting creative to get added revenue.Read more

Ugly truth about auto insurance rates?

Consumer Reports says it has uncovered a wealth of questionable practices used to set auto insurance rates.Read more

Out-of-date will gives ex-in-laws a claim

A New York court leaves open the possibility that ex-in-laws who unearthed an out-of-date will may get the goods.Read more

Fed holds steady — but just for now

The Federal Reserve has left interest rates alone, but what about next time?Read more

Is free-home offer a good deal?

At first blush, the offer of a fixer-upper in Sicily seems like a dream, but beware the potential nightmare.Read more

3 ways to outsmart Uncle Sam

Retirement tax planning isn't just for millionaires. Read more

Homeownership falls to level last seen during Beatlemania

The national homeownership rate is at its lowest level in 48 years, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.Read more

Moving to escape state estate taxes

Most estates won't face the federal tax, but it's a different story in states that still collect them. Would you relocate to protect your estate from taxes?Read more

Anthem-Cigna deal would create ‘Big 3′

Regulators will question whether the proposed merger would cost consumers more for health insurance. Read more

Jean Chatzky: Emotions that fuel spending

Spending money to improve your mood might work in the short term, but it won't keep bad feelings away forever.Read more

Chrysler gets largest fine in recall history

Fiat Chrysler must pay a $105 million fine for recall problems and issued two new recalls affecting more than 1.7 million cars. Read more

Ways to keep disability honest

Social Security Disability is in trouble. Here are some ideas for controlling costs by changing the rules.Read more

Gunslinger Yellen pats the holster

The Federal Reserve chief and her posse may close on a rate hike at this week's meeting.Read more

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