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The risk of relying too much on CDs

CDs are for the risk-averse. But what if you're missing out on a greater return?Read more

Working while disabled can bring big benefits

The government provides incentives to help people on disability rediscover their potential.Read more

Amid war on drug costs, consumers win and lose

See why your next prescription could be free -- or cost you thousands of dollars.Read more

Dodd-Frank rules: Late and watered down

Dodd-Frank created 398 financial rules. Our report card finds many remain unwritten.Read more

Grading Fed Chair Yellen: Good start, much to do in 2015

How would you grade Fed Chair Janet Yellen's first year? See Bankrate's report card.Read more

Grading the CFPB: Positive impact despite hefty spending

The CFPB makes moves to help consumers. Our report card gives it bad marks for spending.Read more

Shedding light on international fund transfers

New bank laws are making the murky world of overseas money transfers more transparent.Read more

12 fun, festive days of financial gift giving

Use these 12 days of monetary merry-making to make everyone's days bright.Read more

Mortgage rates skid, even as jobs find traction

Mortgage rates track the global economy, where the mood is less sunny than in the States.Read more

Financial security reading hits 9-month high

Rising job security and comfort with debt lifts Bankrate's December Financial Security Index.Read more

Why cheap gas won't lift holiday spending

A sharp drop in fuel prices may not increase holiday shopping. Here's why.Read more

'Under observation': Medicare at its stingiest?

A Medicare loophole squeezes patients who are hospitalized but not really admitted.Read more

Cut taxes with early mortgage payment

Paying your January mortgage and yearly property taxes in December pays off at tax time.Read more

How does a check's routing number work?

Ever wonder what that funny-looking number at the bottom of a bank check means?Read more

Yuletide cheer: New-car holiday shopping

Find out why it's the season to be jolly when you're looking for a new-car bargain.Read more

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