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How to survive a stock market roller-coaster ride

Investors can get whipsawed by the stock market at times. Experts tell how to enjoy the ride.Read more

Refi season is here: Mortgage rates tumble again

Mortgage rates keep falling, and hordes of homeowners are refinancing.Read more

Mortgage rates go lower again, thanks to Japan

Mortgage rates fall as overseas concerns slide back into the spotlight.Read more

Mortgage rates sink to their lowest since October

Mortgage rates fall as economic worries rattle international markets.Read more

Fed stands pat, sees signs of slowing

See our translation of "Fedspeak" to understand the central bank's latest statement.Read more

Personal loan demand expected to hike in 2016

Results from a new survey show personal loans are gaining in popularity. Find out why.Read more

Mortgage rates fall in global market turmoil

Mortgage rates drop as global market troubles rattle investors.Read more

Using a reverse mortgage to pay off 1st mortgage

A reverse mortgage can be used to pay off the purchase loan. Why do it?Read more

Reverse mortgage and telling your adult kids

Should you inform your adult children of your reverse mortgage? If so, how and when?Read more

Downsizing: Finding cash to finance new home

To avoid a move to temporary quarters, you need to raise some cash. Here's how.Read more

Personal loans: Were they bitten by the Fed?

The Federal Reserve raised rates last month. Find out how that impacted personal loans.Read more

Mortgage rates sink for the 2nd week in a row

In the market for a mortgage? Be glad investors are fretting about the global economy.Read more

Mortgage rates follow stock prices downward

A stock sell-off in China triggers lower mortgage rates in the United States.Read more

Interest rates to climb in 2016

Interest rates will be on the move next year. Find out how high they are likely to go.Read more

Bond yields to edge higher in 2016

Is this the year to invest in Treasuries? Check out what's expected from yields.Read more


Join the accredited investor club

the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly (347-8) in early February to approve changing the definition of who is an accredited investor. An accredited investor is qualified to buy exempt securities -- securities not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Read more

Feds fight to thwart ID thieves

The IRS, Federal Trade Commission and Social Security Administration are taking steps to protect consumers from identity theft.Read more

Look out when looking for love online

People age 65+ are 34% more likely to lose money in a scam than someone in their 40s. Read more

Americans look to plastic as a personal loan

Credit card debt is becoming a staple of the American household, as more people look to plastic as a personal loan. An estimated 60% of Americans have credit card debt.Read more

Super Bowl ring taxing for athletes

Winning the NFL championship means more bling. It also means the value of the showy Super Bowl ring is taxable.Read more

Lessons from David Bowie’s estate

The late rock star left a fortune to his kids, but one of them won't get the money just yet.Read more

SoFi made a big bet on Super Bowl 50

SoFi shelled out around $5 million, or a whopping 20% of its annual budget, for a 30-second spot that aired during the 2nd quarter of the game Feb. 7 on CBS. Read more

Why Obama’s plan is good for retirement

The president's proposed fiscal 2017 budget includes some provisions to encourage workplace retirement plans.Read more

Tax law changes mean inflation adjustments

Some tax breaks that were made permanent parts of the tax code also are affected by inflation. The IRS has announced those effects for the 2016 tax year.Read more

Major air bag recall expanded again

The Takata air bag recall has expanded with 2.3 million more cars recalled, bringing the total recalls to more than 26 million vehicles.Read more

Greg McBride: Mind your credit card rates

Interest rates on credit cards are likely to rise this year, so don't sit back -- take action.Read more

Super Bowl car ads will keep you in your seat

Here's the scoop on the car TV commercials airing during Super Bowl 50 on Sunday.Read more

Toyota discontinues Scion brand

Toyota is discontinuing its Scion brand and will fold its models back into the Toyota product line.Read more

Financial stress hits quarterbacks, too

For their retirement, NFL players partly rely on a multiemployer plan that's on shaky ground, not unlike some other plans.Read more

The origination costs of personal loans

Loan origination isn't free, even when there are no upfront fees. When you take out a personal loan you're paying the expense involved with loan origination. Read more

Tax phishing scam targets TurboTax users

Use tax software? Then you could be a target of phishing scams seeking to steal your identity this filing season.Read more

Feds fine Toyota for lending discrimination

Toyota received big fines from the CFPB and DOJ and will change its car loan practices as a result of earlier discrimination.Read more

Hiring amid a world of trouble

Economists are upbeat about this week's jobs report, despite financial market woes.Read more

CFPB warns banks on checking blacklists

The CFPB issued a bulletin warning it will crack down on banks that aren't careful enough when it comes to blacklisting checking customers.Read more

Rising rates, longer lives make annuities tricky

An annuity may make your retirement more secure, but buy cautiously.Read more

Waiting for a better personal loan rate

Like all forms of credit, personal loan lenders use risk-based pricing. The worse your credit is, the higher the interest rate on your loan. Read more

Choppy markets make investors seasick

On Monday, the U.S stock market opened lower on weak economic news out of China and lower oil prices. If China's economy catches a cold, does Europe get the flu?Read more

IRS warns again about phone tax scams

Sorry, Ben Franklin, but there's a new adage about taxes: The only constants in life are taxes and tax scams.Read more

Greg McBride: Lay down ARMs?

Don't rule out adjustable-rate mortgages as interest rates rise.Read more

The $19 million tweet

Oprah Winfrey really loves bread and she has the expanded bottom line to show for it.Read more

Truck owners go behind the scenes with Ford

Five actual Ford truck customers will get the inside scoop on the testing of the next Ford F-Series Super Duty.Read more

What can a personal loan do for you?

Debt consolidation, home improvements and major purchases are the top reasons people choose personal loans. Others include financing a vacation, paying your taxes or paying for medical expenses. Read more

Ways to make us save – like it or not

Congress and the president are both looking for ways to encourage retirement savings. Here are their suggestions and some others.Read more

Is the U.S. a tax haven or hell? Both

While American corporations continue to use tax techniques to take advantage of lower overseas taxes, the U.S. is a tax haven for some wealthy foreigners.Read more

Can a reverse mortgage replace a pension?

Employers have moved away from offering pension plans with their defined benefits to offering defined contribution plans where the employee contributes from his or her salary and the employer may offer a matching contribution to a 401(k). Read more

These cars are green, not mean

Green Car Journal recognized the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid, the Honda HR-V and the Volvo XC90 with its prestigious Green Car Awards. Read more

The Fed puts rates on ice

Instead of raising interest rates again, the Federal Reserve has chosen to chill.Read more

Bowie: Life well lived, death well planned

David Bowie provided a soundtrack for boomers from their youth well into their retirement. His last days serve as an inspiration for us all.Read more

Storm damage means tax breaks

After a disaster, be sure you get all the help for which you're eligible, including relief from the IRS.Read more

Greg McBride: Branch banking still ‘in’

Branch banking is still popular, a Bankrate survey finds.Read more

Making financial mistakes in investing

If you're 50 or older, catch-up contributions can help get your retirement savings back on track and correct the financial mistake of not contributing earlier in your career. Read more

Bank CEO’s $27 million paycheck

In 2015, the bank tried out a new compensation plan that appears to have paid off for its executives.Read more

Big fine for ‘buy here, pay here’ car dealer

The CFPB recently fined a "buy here, pay here" car dealer for abusive financing schemes, hiding auto finance charges and misleading consumers. Read more

Cruz failed to report campaign loans

According to CNN Politics, Sen. Ted Cruz took out 2 unreported personal loans while running for the Texas Republican primary -- 1 from Goldman Sachs and a 2nd from Citibank. Read more

Crowdsourced index beat S&P 500

Do crowds have wisdom and would you let them pick your investments? One index is betting that groups may be able to engineer investing success better than pros.Read more

Taking your lumps in retirement

The CFPB says, "When employees choose a lump-sum payout instead of a monthly pension payment, the responsibility for managing and investing the pension money shifts from the employer to the employee. Read more

Why should you save at work?

Whether you even have a workplace savings plan is affected by where you live and how much you make. Some experts say scrapping them is the right answer.Read more

Most taxpayers want paid preparers licensed

Only 4 states regulate paid tax preparers. A recent consumer survey found most taxpayers think that all tax pros should be licensed.Read more

SoFi challenges FICO scores

SoFi claims that FICO scores are flawed and outdated, that they don't tell the whole story and can even be misleading under certain circumstances. Read more

6 trends that could rattle your retirement

Few of these trends will work in favor of retiring baby boomers.Read more

IRS expects smoother filing season

Despite tighter security measures, the IRS is hopeful this filing season will be better for it and taxpayers than last year. Read more

Greg McBride: Tough luck, savers

The rising tide of interest rates isn't lifting savers, at least not yet.Read more

Market sell-off tests investors’ nerves

Whether or not they work with an investment professional, investors should know their risk tolerance and how it shapes portfolio asset allocation decisions.Read more

2016: Investors beware?

So far, this year is proving to be a roller-coaster ride for investors. But don't let volatility get the best of you.Read more

See where Walmart stores are closing

More than 150 U.S. Walmart, Sam's Club and related stores are going out of business.Read more

How seniors can protect their online privacy

January is Clean Up Your Computer Month. Bankrate offers tips for seniors to protect their privacy and security online. The advice applies to anyone.Read more

Powerball doesn’t pay off for state tax collectors

If you didn't win anything in the $1.5 billion Powerball drawing, you're not alone. Even state tax collectors are losers this time.Read more

Fed gives the economy a ‘B’

As it gets ready to look at interest rates again, the Fed says the economy is OK.Read more

Millennials rely on alternative financial services

Within the past 5 years, 42% of millennials have used alternative financial services like payday loans, pawnshops, car title loans, tax refund advances or rent-to-own products.Read more

Don’t let them ignore retirement

Medicare and other retirement topics are not very sexy, but don't let presidential candidates ignore them.Read more

How to avoid a ‘Madoff’ adviser

Don't let your head be turned by investment promises. Here's how to choose a financial adviser.Read more

Is Social Security generous enough?

New numbers from the Congressional Budget Office seem to indicate that our Social Security benefits are more generous than once thought.Read more

DOL to continue fiduciary fight in 2016

The Labor Department unveiled the rule on a fiduciary standard for all retirement plan advisers last year. The fight to implement the rule will go on in 2016.Read more

IRS will be the big Powerball winner

Do you have the 6 winning Powerball numbers? The IRS hopes so. Uncle Sam wants his almost 40% cut of your $1.4 billion winnings.Read more

Rents kissed the sky in 2015

Rent prices for new residents rose about 5% in 2015, according to new research.Read more

New Year effort to kill Obamacare fails

President Obama's quiet rejection of a bill to dismantle Obamacare signals good news for health reform.Read more

Greg McBride: Beware of rising rates

The Fed is raising interest rates, pushing up some of the rates you pay.Read more

Can you afford the new 2017 Mercedes E-Class?

The all-new 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan is filled with high-tech features that show the future of autonomous driving.Read more

Miss the pothole, save the portfolio

A fiduciary standard is the higher standard and requires that the professional put the client's interests 1st in the actions he or she takes on behalf of the client. Read more

Honda Civic wins 2016 car of the year

The Honda Civic has been named the 2016 North American Car of the Year. Read more

Volvo XC90 wins 2016 truck of the year

The Volvo XC90 sport utility vehicle has received the prestigious 2016 North American Truck/Utility of the Year.Read more

Bowie pioneered asset-backed securities

The legacy of David Bowie will live on in music, fashion and celebrity securitization. In 1997 Bowie bonds were issued with a 7.9% coupon and 10-year maturity.Read more

Obama and the state of the economy

Expect the president to highlight economic progress in his final State of the Union speech.Read more

Santa’s sackful of jobs

The government's December jobs report looks really strong, at least on the surface.Read more

Insurance ‘loyalty tax’ in the crosshairs

State regulators warn auto insurers to stick to underwriting based on risk.Read more

Getting ready to call it quits

As you contemplate retirement, think about these 4 things.Read more

‘False’ fraud filters delay IRS tax refunds

Everyone agrees the IRS needs to stop tax refund fraud. But the Taxpayer Advocate says the system is producing too many false positives, delaying legitimate refunds.Read more

Is your Macy’s store closing?

Macy's is shuttering 40 of its stores. Is your local Macy's on the list?Read more

The Fed’s ‘close call’

The Federal Reserve indicates that last month's rate hike was no slam dunk.Read more

New York starts paying student loan debt

New York state recently started offering a loan forgiveness program that provides up to 24 months of relief for federal student loan debt. Read more

Luxury car sales soar in December

New research from Experian Automotive found that 10% of all luxury cars are registered in December. Read more

6 issues to watch in the jobs report

This week's employment report may hold clues on how the Fed proceeds with interest rates.Read more

What’s your emergency contact plan?

Keeping family and friends abreast of a patient's condition and whereabouts is easier, if you have the contact list prepared in advance.Read more

Tax season opens Jan. 19, ends April 18 or 19

Ready, set, file your taxes beginning Jan. 19. Or if you use Free File, you can use that online option starting Jan. 15. Read more

A bad start for investors in 2016

The 1st day of market trading in the new year saw a market sell-off that was the worst 1st day of trading since 2008.Read more

3 ways to make the most of a Roth

Here's some advice for keeping Uncle Sam out of your nest egg.Read more

D’oh! Autonomous cars aren’t human enough

Researchers find that self-driving cars may drive too perfectly for their own good, as well as ours.Read more

Greg McBride: Don’t touch that CD!

Early withdrawal penalties should make you think twice about tapping your CDs.Read more

How to insure your Christmas drone

Don't assume your homeowners insurance will provide adequate coverage for drone-related claims.Read more

5 New Year’s gifts from Congress

The new legislation that Congress pushed through includes at least 5 provisions that help retirees and those planning for retirement.Read more

Millennials: Personal loans over other debt

Why are millennials more likely to use personal loans? One reason is because they are delaying home ownership and can't borrow against the equity in their homes. Read more

Rich taxpayers tend to be rewarded

Wealthy people manipulate the tax code in part by supporting presidential candidates who share their tax views.Read more

How generous are the rich?

Despite global uncertainty, the rich opened their wallets to charity in 2014, according to a recent report.Read more

6 questions affecting your money in 2016

The new year's big financial questions involve interest rates, jobs, oil prices and more.Read more

Bankers charged in $400K ATM card heist

Two New York-based private bankers were charged this months with a scheme that involved using fake ATM cards and other means to siphon more than $400,000 from the accounts of customers at the bank where they worked, JPMorgan Chase,Read more

Resolve to master your money in 2016

Start your retirement planning off right by committing to being smarter about money in 2016.Read more

Invest with the Fed?

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) influences reserve availability using open market operations by adding or removing reserves from the banking system. Read more

Jean Chatzky: Social Security and boomers

There are big changes coming to Social Security, thanks to the recently approved federal budget.Read more

A (mostly) jolly Obamacare holiday

Two-thirds of the way through its 3rd open enrollment, all is calm and relatively bright for health reform.Read more

Car thieves busy on New Year’s Day

The latest Holiday Vehicle Theft Report found that New Year's Day was the second most active holiday for car thefts.Read more

Honda launches free audiobook app

Honda says that reading and driving do mix with their new program, Honda Road Readers.Read more

Jean Chatzky: How to invest in real estate

Buying an investment property isn't for everyone. Here are the pros and cons.Read more

Greg McBride: Our top financial priority?

You may be surprised to learn what leads off Americans' financial agendas.Read more

Do you have a caregiver contract?

Consider putting a caregiver contract in place so you can get paid by your parents for the time you put in as their caregiver.Read more

California probes marketplace lending

The California Department of Business Oversight has launched an inquiry into 14 marketplace lenders, requesting details about their lending practices, investors and business models. Read more

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