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Federal Reserve strategy: On target or off-course?

The central bank has a stimulus plan that some love and some hate. Here are two views.Read more

Mortgage rates have been rising for a month

What's up? Mortgage rates, that's what! They're up a quarter of a percent since April.Read more

The risks of home construction loans explained

Want a house built just for you? Financing is kinda complicated. Here are the basics.Read more

Strike it rich with prize-linked savings?

These accounts offer the chance to win prizes of up to $2 million just for saving.Read more

2 biggest mistakes when choosing an adviser

Before you let an adviser manage your hard-earned money, be sure to check these things.Read more

Defending retirement benefits for the military

Some disagree with proposed changes to military benefits, while others applaud them.Read more

Buying checks? To save money, avoid your bank

If you haven't bought checks recently, the cost may surprise you. Here's how to save.Read more

Smart Banking: What is a 'run' on the bank?

Depositors still may panic about their money, but bank runs are rare today. Here's why.Read more

Avoid the mattress: 8 places to park newly found cash

Don't bury money in the yard! Check out these other options that offer safekeeping.Read more

Are senior checking accounts the best deals?

Senior checking accounts are touted as a bargain. Are they better than basic checking?Read more

Survey: Is cheaper gas helping your bottom line?

As gas prices fell, people didn't pad their nest eggs. Here's where the money went instead.Read more

Get a mortgage to buy a condo? It's easier now

Mortgage banks are lending more freely to condo buyers. Here's why.Read more

Financial security surges in May to near record

Several factors lifted Bankrate's Financial Security Index this month. Here's a breakdown.Read more

The top 10 cities for senior living

With the kids gone, are you ready for a move? These U.S. cities are havens for empty nesters.Read more

Mortgage rates rise on global bond sell-off

It's easier to get a mortgage, but higher interest rates are a drag on applications.Read more


Credit bureaus to change ways

The three big bureaus will pay a fine and change how information is added, reviewed and removed from credit reports.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Synthetic ID theft rises

Synthetic ID theft is piecing together a new identity using a combination of real and fake information. It accounts for up to 85 percent of all fraud, the government says.Read more

Same-sex couples can’t rely on default rules

Even if the U.S. Supreme Court says states have to recognize gay marriage, same-sex couples need good estate plans.Read more

Bad-credit car loans lowest since 2012

Car loans for consumers with the worst credit, so-called subprime and deep subprime, have fallen to its lowest share of auto loans overall since 2012.Read more

5 banks did very bad things

Five big banks are guilty of manipulating foreign exchange rates. They must pay some very big fines and the banks have promised to cease criminal activity. Read more

The Fed’s not ready yet

Fed meeting minutes suggest policymakers aren't eager to take the plunge to higher rates.Read more

New rules to stop college checking rip-offs?

The U.S. Department of Education is proposing new rules for the deals colleges strike with banks to promote checking accounts and other products to students.Read more

New slap at insurance ‘loyalty tax’

Another state has banned insurance companies from charging loyal customers higher premiums.Read more

PayPal to pay $25M over credit claims

The government alleged the online payments company illegally signed users up for unwanted credit. Read more

Tardy lenders plead for leniency

The mortgage industry is having trouble meeting a deadline that it knew about for 20 months. So its lobbyists are asking for a penalty-free extension lasting for five months.Read more

It’s like Siri for your bank account

This "virtual specialist" can answer routine and complex questions and perform tasks -- like paying a bill or offering up information on how much you spent at Starbucks.Read more

What’s the Rx for health hackers?

Another health insurer has been hacked. Can we stop it from happening again?Read more

SCOTUS rules for employees in 401(k) case

Employees won in the Supreme Court case Tibble v. Edison. The court says Edison had an ongoing duty to review investments, so the time limit argument was moot. Read more

Could you be an ‘elder orphan’?

Now's the time to figure out a plan to avoid being old, alone and vulnerable.Read more

Jean Chatzky: How to buy a used car

These four steps will help you get a quality car at a price you can afford.Read more

What’s in the Fed’s tea leaves?

This week: key updates from the housing market and a fuller look at the Fed's thinking.Read more

Scam alert: Starbucks mobile app

Looks like criminals are siphoning money from linked credit and debit card accounts. Read more

Electronics keep frail elderly safe

Radar and other technology can keep a watchful eye on people, allowing them to live independently but safely.Read more

Servers’ best tip comes as tax-free bequest

Two New York City waitresses' posthumous surprise tip is best ever because it's tax-free.Read more

Insurer ready to bail on Obamacare

New York specialty insurer blames Obamacare for limiting profits on its health insurance products.Read more

Retired and working: Love or hate it?

For 6 in 10 (59 percent) employed retirees, the primary reasons they work are nonfinancial, including to stay mentally alert (18 percent), to remain physically active (15 percent) or to have a sense of purpose (14 percent).Read more

Retail’s repression

The government's latest report shows U.S. retailers are still wondering where the shoppers have gone.Read more

When a company you hate buys one you love

This week Verizon announced it would be buying AOL in an effort to get new revenue streams. How could that be bad?Read more

Feds: Birth control is $Free.99

The Obama administration has reminded health insurance companies that they must cover contraceptives.Read more

Is student loan impact overblown?

A new study suggests young folk can still pay off other loans -- and score more financing, too -- despite those burgeoning balances. Read more

More people delay Social Security

Fewer people are claiming Social Security at age 62, according to a new analysis.Read more

Bogus fees: Phone firms to pay $158M

The government alleged Sprint and Verizon placed hundreds of millions of dollars in unauthorized third-party charges on customers' cellphone bills.Read more

State tax cost of Tom Brady suspension

Tom Brady will lose $2 million if his NFL four-game suspension is upheld. Massachusetts and New York tax collectors also will lose money if the quarterback doesn't play.Read more

2 major insurers raising auto rates

America's second- and third-largest auto insurance companies say they must raise premiums.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Money help for adult kids

Boomers with financially independent children are more than twice as likely to be retired than boomer parents still supporting adult kids. Read more

Waiting for consumers to partay

This week brings a look at retail sales, which have been disappointing. Blame the consumer.Read more

Death to zombie debts?

JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citi are moving toward removing credit card debts discharged by bankruptcy from credit reports, following pending litigation. Read more

Hiring keeps the ‘wolf’ away

The worst fears about the economy were not confirmed by the Labor Department's April jobs report. After a horrible-looking report last month, the economy appears to be growing again. We will not call it a Goldilocks employment report, but the Big Bad Wolf isn't knocking at the door either. The numbers The unemployment rate droppedRead more

Podcast: Enough job growth?

Find out what Labor Secretary Thomas Perez says are the biggest challenges lying ahead for employment.Read more

Will more jobs boost mortgages?

Strong job creation in April means higher mortgage rates are also likely to follow. Read more

Engineering degrees: Top moneymakers

Students majoring in STEM fields -- that's science, technology, engineering and math, and health and business -- garner the highest wages.Read more

Flash: Obamacare makes you smarter!

Starbucks springs for employee college tuition now that Obamacare takes care of their health insurance.Read more

Mayweather’s financial knockout

The "fight of the century" earned Floyd "Money" Mayweather more than just his nickname.Read more

The royal birth and health insurance

The royal family tapped private health coverage for Princess Charlotte's delivery and received a loyalty discount.Read more

6 things about the April jobs report

What might this week's employment report say about the job market and the overall economy?Read more

Taxes and the 2016 presidential campaign

The 2016 presidential campaign is well under way. I know, I can hear your groaning through the Internet. To borrow a campaign catchphrase, I feel your pain. As I type, six Republicans are seeking their party's nomination. But by the time you read this, a couple of more candidates may have declared. The Democrats so farRead more

New Medicare law: Will you pay more?

A new Medicare measure will reward doctors, but at a higher cost to some seniors.Read more

Is a $26M inheritance enough?

The question of how much to leave to heirs is a sticky one for wealthy parents.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Rebuild an emergency fund

This three-step plan will help you refill your depleted emergency savings.Read more

The red-faced economy

The economy's performance has been somewhat embarrassing lately. Will this week's jobs report change that?Read more

OK to borrow from your 401(k)?

If used correctly, a 401(k) loan can be a game changer for people with limited options.Read more

Mother’s Day: Give a gift card?

Twenty-seven percent of moms say they want a gift card for Mother's Day, according to a new survey from coupon site RetailMeNot.Read more

Crammed by AT&T? Claim deadline looms

If you think AT&T included unauthorized third-party charges on your bill, you have through Friday to file a claim.Read more

Health coverage jumps under Obamacare

A new study shows the widespread impact of health reform on individual policy growth.Read more

Will Maine end its income tax?

Maine's governor wants his state to become the 10th one with no income tax. The advantages and disadvantages of no taxes aren't necessarily clear cut.Read more

No rate hike this time. But when?

See if Janet Yellen and the Fed have given new clues on when rock-bottom rates will end.Read more

Auto insurers keep unhappy customers

More drivers are shopping for a better deal on car insurance, but few switch carriers.Read more

Who wears the financial pants?

When it comes to decisions about money, women and men see things differently.Read more

Bank fined $7.5M for bad overdrafts

The CFPB is forcing one of the nation's biggest banks to pay big fines for charging hundreds of thousands of customers improper overdraft fees.Read more

4 steps to Gen X retirement planning

As retirement nears, get ready by taking these four creative steps.Read more

Senate set to expand 529 plans

The Senate is working on an expansion of 529 plans that follows the earlier House lead.Read more

Device company bullies seniors

A U.S. district court today prohibited Jason Abraham and his company, Brooklyn-based Instant Response Systems, from calling elderly consumers and bullying or tricking them into paying for unordered medical alert devices.Read more

For workers, more plans — and costs?

Employer private health insurance exchanges are proving popular. But will workers be stuck with the bill?Read more

Gen X steps up to security

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, they save and manage their money better than their boomer siblings or parents.Read more

Good riddance to a bad start to 2015

This week, the Fed meets and we'll learn more about the year's rough start. Read more

Car buyers trade hybrids for SUVs

Car buyers are trading in their hybrids and electric cars for more gas-guzzling vehicles at a faster pace than ever before.Read more

Scamming Medicare just got harder

Congress finally passed a law that removes Social Security numbers from Medicare cards.Read more

TurboTax faces tax ID theft lawsuit

Tax-related identity theft is a growing problem, and two women contend in a lawsuit that Intuit, maker of the popular TurboTax, "facilitates" the cybercrime. Read more

Feds clear insurer for drone use

FAA clears the way for Erie Insurance to launch aerial drones for underwriting and claims adjusting purposes.Read more

Google launches cheap wireless service

Google plans start at as little as $20 per month with all the standard bells and whistles. But the pricing isn't what's revolutionary.Read more

Mr. Boss Man, we need help

Workers told their employers that they aren't confident about their ability to retire on time with enough money to live comfortably.Read more

Jean Chatzky: How to reduce car costs

The amount people are paying for car loans has hit a record high. But if you’re a smart shopper, you don’t have to pay that much. Read more

Will you wear it like the 18 percent?

A newly released study shows more than eight in 10 consumers say they don't plan to buy a wearable device, like an Apple Watch.Read more

Survey says: ‘Yes, we can retire’

As the economy improves, more people think they will have enough money to retire comfortably.Read more

Would you retire early if you could?

The temptation to retire early has to be vetted with a thorough financial plan that considers the expected and unexpected retirement income needs of the retiree.Read more

State tax collections continue to increase

Overall state tax revenues were up in fiscal year 2014 compared to the previous year, but some states lost money. How did your state fare?Read more

Are e-cigs a blessing or a scourge?

Teen smoking plunges as e-cigarette use grows. Health experts wonder: Is this good news or bad?.Read more

How now housing?

This week brings updates from the housing market and the anniversary of a major marketing blunder.Read more

New rules to protect your retirement?

The fiduciary standard is the highest standard of care. A fiduciary must only give advice that is in the client's best interestRead more

FTC cracks down on car dealers again

The FTC has again cracked down on car dealers and businesses associated with financing or leasing a car, resulting in six new cases.Read more

Can insurance handle Germanwings crash?

An estimated $1 billion in aviation insurance is expected to cover the Germanwings A320 tragedy.Read more

Where are your tax dollars spent?

Tax Day is done, for most of us anyway. Uncle Sam thanks you. He now has a fresh influx of cash to keep his businesses running. But just what is he doing with our tax payments? The White House has an answer. The Obama administration has an online calculator on, where you can enterRead more

Jean Chatzky: 4 ways to save on airfare

These four tips can help you save money when booking your next flight.Read more

TSA finds $675K in forgotten cash

The amount of cash left at TSA checkpoints has more than doubled since 2008.Read more

Gov. Christie’s $500 billion solution

New Jersey Gov. Christie, putting his toe in the presidential waters, gave a speech offering 12 ways to put Social Security and Medicare on a sounder financial footing.Read more

The nearly mythical mobile data breach

Mobile data breaches rarely occur, but that doesn't mean your smartphone isn't vulnerable.Read more

The Fed’s fingers of blame

The Federal Reserve relies heavily on the words “modest” and “moderate” in describing economic activity around the country over the past six weeks. The Beige Book economic survey, prepared for the late April meeting of Fed policymakers, points fingers at a variety of factors that have been dampening growth. Some issues, such as the since-resolvedRead more

‘Freeze’ your Discover card

The issuer is launching a new feature that lets your turn your credit card on and off, if you misplace it. Read more

Are you in the year’s best funds?

Lists detailing the best and worst performing mutual funds over a given time period can be useful -- but the reason why might surprise you. Read more

Would you retire sooner if you could?

An insurance company hopes it might sell more annuities if people realized that these products could help them retire sooner.Read more

Still time to make IRA contributions

Contributing to an IRA may cut your tax bill, and if you're self-employed, you may have even longer to contribute to some plans if you get an extension to file.Read more

Life insurer offers discounts for data

Will Americans be lured to buy life insurance by discounts for those who agree to share their health data?Read more

Paying more for less LTC insurance

Long-term care insurance is pricier than it used to be as the cost of care has skyrocketed, but the industry is searching for a better answer.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Fill in insurance cracks

There's more to home insurance than homeowners insurance. You may need one of these four other policies.Read more

Is the economy ready to rebound?

This week brings new readings on inflation and retail sales, plus the Fed's latest economic update.Read more

Meet the 2015 World Car of the Year

Mercedes-Benz won the prestigious World Car of the Year award as well as two of the four category awards organized by the group. Read more

Gift card scam alert

Florida woman arrested on charges she stole other people's gift card balances. Here's how to protect yourself from fraud. Read more

Are you exempt from ACA coverage?

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is causing tax filing problems for many this year. But you don't have to worry about that if you're exempt.Read more

Real estate: Time to say buy-buy?

As the spring homebuying season kicks off, if you have been thinking about buying a home but not yet gotten around to it, now might be a good time to jump into the market. Read more

‘Boring’ hurricane season welcome!

Climate forecasters predict the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season could be the mildest in decades.Read more

AT&T hit with $25M data breach fine

The carrier has been penalized for failing to protect its customers' personal information. Read more

Fed divided on rate timing

Minutes from the most recent Fed meeting indicate there's disagreement on when to raise rates.Read more

Spend your nest egg cautiously

Cap your spending at conservative percentages because today's low interest rates make running out of money a real risk.Read more

Summer gas prices: 32 percent lower

The average household will save $700 this year at the pump. Read more

Investors scammed by former NFL player

A former NFL player ran a Ponzi scam, the SEC says. Will Allen and his partner claimed to lend money to pro athletes, with a promise to investors of up to 18 percent in interest. Read more

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