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Retiring abroad: Dream come true or a nightmare?

Retiring to a tropical paradise may not be as relaxing as the brochure promised.Read more

Avoid these 5 dumbest mobile banking moves

Be as smart with your banking data as you are with your cash. Shield yourself from thieves.Read more

Up, down, funk it up: Mortgage rates dance

A possible breakthrough in Greek debt talks mars a downward trend in mortgage rates.Read more

Are nontraded REITs good for your portfolio?

These real estate investments sport lofty yields, but they are opaque and risky.Read more

3 steps to take if your car insurance is canceled

Don't panic if your insurer wants to drop you. Calmly follow this course of action.Read more

Do you have what it takes to become a landlord?

If calls from tenants in the wee hours deter you from being a landlord, you have options.Read more

5 best situations to trade in your auto loan

An auto refi isn't for everyone. See if you're a candidate to save.Read more

Money Makeover: Young dad seeks debt-free living

Bankrate's Money Makeover prize winner is a young dad with a long list of financial priorities.Read more

6 ways to make home safer for elderly loved one

Aging can bring big changes to daily life. Make your loved one's home safe in the transition.Read more

5 tips for finding senior travel discounts

There are deals available for the 55-plus crowd. Follow this travel guide to a cheaper trip.Read more

Mortgage rates rise as housing gains momentum

Mortgage rates float higher after the Fed signals that a rate hike will come this year.Read more

Reverse mortgage options after parents die

A reverse mortgage must be repaid after your parents die. There's more than one way.Read more

Obamacare: Is it good or bad for Americans?

Everyone has an opinion about the Affordable Care Act. Two experts debate the law.Read more

5 ways smartphones have changed prepaid cards

Smartphone innovations are changing the way we use prepaid cards.Read more

Will you be able to afford your student loans?

Doing some homework before you take out college loans can help you avoid crippling debt.Read more


Jean Chatzky: A credit report primer

Here's a tour of your credit report in four steps.Read more

Insurance mergers are all the rage

Analysts say market changes are prompting a feeding frenzy of consolidation among insurance companies.Read more

Greece votes ‘no.’ Now what?

Greek citizens voted in a "yes-no" referendum on Sunday. The "no" votes won with more than 60 percent.Read more

Financial abuse growing problem

Take the team approach to protecting the aging and vulnerable.Read more

Second-act suspense for the economy

Welcome to the second half of 2015! What will it bring for the economy and interest rates?Read more

Seeing red, white and blue on the road

Here's how red, white and blue cars rank in popularity by brand and model.Read more

HUD clarifies rule on reverse mortgages

In 2011, the courts established that HUD had violated the law by triggering payment of the loan while the non-borrowing spouse was still in the house.Read more

Stale jobs report, crisp mortgage rates?

The June jobs report was less-than-stellar. Find out what it means for mortgage rates.Read more

Read the fine print in jobs report

The June jobs report offers less than meets the eye, despite falling unemployment. Read more

Chicago now taxing some cloud services

If you live in the Windy City and stream television shows, movies or music, you'll now face a 9% tax on that service.Read more

Are you insured for Shark Week?

Though the odds of a shark attacking you are astronomical, you're probably covered -- just in case.Read more

Financing a tiny house

Some people see tiny homes as a liberating lifestyle, enabling them to free up resources for other things besides a big house payment. Read more

Americans hit the road this July 4th

Low gas prices and rising household incomes mean lots of Americans will travel this holiday weekend.Read more

6 things same-sex couples must do

Now that same-sex marriage is legal everywhere, it is important for couples to take another look at their retirement planning.Read more

Obama wants to spread overtime pay

The president is proposing to raise the income threshold for workers eligible to earn overtime.Read more

6 tax tips for newlyweds

It may not be romantic, but taking care of these tax tasks after you return from your honeymoon can save you some money.Read more

Time to rewrite same-sex health plans

Domestic partner health coverage may decline now that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Maximize job benefits

Your compensation package is more than just pay. Do you know the benefits your company offers?Read more

Meanwhile in China, the bear roars

China's mainland stock market dove into a bear market despite the weekend rate cut from the central bank -- and Greece shut down its stock exchange entirely.Read more

Falling on your assets is expensive

Avoiding a fall is a lot cheaper than recovering from one.Read more

Money fears put the brakes on life

Financial worries are increasingly causing Americans to delay major events such as getting married or buying a home.Read more

Will the jobs report be a sparkler?

The shortened holiday week brings the government's latest jobs reading. Will it be worth celebrating?Read more

Jean Chatzky: Find the high yields

Is high-yield checking right for you? First, you should consider the fine print.Read more

Same-sex marriage now law of the land

The Supreme Court has ruled same-sex marriages are legal nationwide.Read more

Obamacare battle over? Not likely

Obamacare opponents don't sound ready to give up, despite their latest loss at the Supreme Court.Read more

Free-home offer hard to refuse

If you dream of living in Sicily, one town has an offer that appears too good to pass up. But there's a catch.Read more

The day lightning risk struck home

When you first hear thunder, seek shelter in a home, building or hard-top vehicle to avoid lightning's danger.Read more

Saving at work makes a difference

Employers who offer retirement benefits get a lot of bang for their bucks.Read more

Next Obamacare target: medical devices

Now that the Affordable Care Act and the tax credits that make it possible will remain, Congress is focusing on repealing parts of it, such as the medical device tax. Read more

High court rescues Obamacare (again)

The U.S. Supreme Court has saved the Obama health care law's money-saving subsidies.Read more

1,000% tip is no joke!

Waiters work hard for the money and no one appreciates that more than a former waiter.Read more

Disconnect between love and money

Do you know your spouse's income or the size of his or her nest egg? If the answer is no, you're not alone.Read more

Millennials best their elders

Millennials are committed to good money management habits and in many ways show up boomers and Gen X.Read more

Don’t step in the Greece

With loan deadlines looming and no cash, Greece is hammering out an eleventh-hour deal to get more bailout money. Here's what American investors should know.Read more

No NBA title, but big Cleveland tax take

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost the 2015 NBA title, but the games brought the city $1.4 million in added tax revenue.Read more

4 percent rule vs. buying an annuity

Don't rely on one or the other. Do both, says one financial researcher.Read more

Brokers: We can’t put customers first

The Department of Labor wants to protect consumers from conflicted advice in retirement plans. Some Republicans want to stop the DOL. Read more

Hoping for a good read on the economy

More of the recovery story will be fleshed out with this week's readings on growth and housing.Read more

New car quality up, Korean brands lead

New car quality has risen three percent over the last year, with Korean brands leading the industry and Japanese makes struggling.Read more

Cut the fat from savings plans

One retirement plan, one set of rules and limited fees should be enough for retirement savers, says economist John Friedman.Read more

Could Wal-Mart spur tax reform?

A new report charges Wal-Mart with using international loopholes to lower its U.S. tax bills. With the world's largest retailer now part of the conversation, corporate tax reform might finally happen.Read more

Why taxpayers lose on stadium funding

Government loves to support shiny new sports stadiums, but one expert says taxpayers should cry foul.Read more

Feds delay new mortgage docs

The rollout of easier-to-use mortgage documents has been delayed three months.Read more

Too many retirees; too little money

A new report emphasizes that Social Security is spending more than it is taking in and we need to collect more taxes or spend less on the program.Read more

Health insurance mergers coming?

The two largest health insurers are looking for merger partners. What does it mean for your wallet?Read more

Charitable giving made easy

The ease and flexibility of donor-advised funds make them a popular choice.Read more

‘Old coots’ need not apply

Age discrimination is a growing problem, as people are living longer and need to work longer.Read more

Breach alert: LastPass

Time to change the password guarding your passwords.Read more

IRS, tax industry unite to fight tax ID fraud

Uncle Sam, state tax departments and the tax industry private sector have united to fight tax identity theft and fraudulent refund filings.Read more

How ‘big data’ can cut health costs

Health insurers tap "big data" to uncover cost savings. But is there a risk to patient privacy?Read more

Jean Chatzky: Watch those HELOC resets

Minimum monthly payments on many Americans' home equity lines of credit are set to spike soon. Here's how to prepare.Read more

Make remodeling worth the trouble

If you are going to spend money on improving your home, make sure it will pay off in comfort, satisfaction and, maybe, resale value.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Land that first job

Good news, grads: The job outlook for the class of 2015 is better than it has been in years. But that doesn't mean landing a job will be easy.Read more

The dirty secret about interest rates

This week brings the latest word from the Fed, plus updates on housing and inflation.Read more

Military finalizes new retirement plan

The new plan trims traditional pension benefits to give service people with less seniority some savings.Read more

Will pre-retirees lose Obamacare?

A Supreme Court decision later this month in favor of challengers to the Affordable Care Act could freeze many people age 50 to 64 out of the insurance market.Read more

Shopping for car insurance? Most aren’t

A new study finds that the vast majority of American drivers don't shop around for car insurance, even though they may be able to get a better deal elsewhere.Read more

Flood insurance a ‘melting iceberg’?

Outgoing chief says a key component of the National Flood Insurance Program is out of control.Read more

Peeking at presidential candidates’ taxes

White House wannabe Carly Fiorina, one of the many seeking the GOP 2016 presidential nomination, has released her 2012 and 2013 tax returns. Why do we care?Read more

A surge of shopping

In another sign of an improving economy, the government says shoppers did their thing in May.Read more

Why are millennials nervous?

Even millennials who are earning good salaries and saving money say they are worried about how they can retire comfortably.Read more

American Pharoah wins; stocks lose?

Horse-racing fans may want to pay attention to how a Triple Crown win seems to affect the stock market.Read more

Pirates pay stub highlights jock taxes

A pay stub with info on Pittsburgh Major League Baseball all-star Andrew McCutchen's income was found in a clubhouse. It shows the myriad taxes he has to pay to play professional ball.Read more

Study: We worry about the wrong risks

Statistics show we are at far greater risk from everyday life than from natural disasters.Read more

Don’t ignore your 401(k)

Lots of people sign up for a 401(k), then forget about it. But for best results, take a look regularly.Read more

Economic oasis or illusion ahead?

Retail sales and inflation reports may show whether the economy is still thirsty for growth.Read more

A jobs report just like ‘old times’

The government's May jobs report is reminiscent of the days way back in late 2014.Read more

Sandy backlash swamps flood program

FEMA will review role of private insurer in flood insurance following Superstorm Sandy complaints.Read more

Good, bad news for IRS on tax ID theft

All eyes are on the IRS after crooks were able to access data on 104,000 previously filed tax returns. But the agency actually is doing a better job of stopping tax ID theft.Read more

The economy walks in baby steps

A Fed survey shows the economy is growing but probably not ready for a rate hike.Read more

Smile, you can afford to retire

Graphing the typical pattern of retirement spending could make you happy.Read more

Consumers know more about credit

But there's still some work to be done to get more Americans to recognize the importance of their credit report and score.Read more

Jean Chatzky: 5 money tips for college

Every teenager should learn these financial lessons before heading off to college.Read more

Big health insurance rate hikes sought

Many health insurers are looking to increase premiums by 10 percent or more next year.Read more

Toasting 25 years of financial freedom

Ready to chuck your job? Learn some early retirement tips from a couple who left the workforce at age 38.Read more

Sen. Warren pens scathing letter to SEC

Elizabeth Warren, Democratic senator from Massachusetts, is disappointed in Mary Jo White. She zinged the chairman of the SEC in a letter on Tuesday.Read more

4 reasons to love annuities

Even if a millennial has a long way to go to retirement, an annuity can still make sense.Read more

Avg. dog-bite claim now costs $32K

Unwelcome mayhem from man's best friend causes one-third of all home insurance claims, experts say.Read more

New way to replace a Medicare card

If you lost or laundered your paper Medicare card, Social Security has a new way for you to replace it.Read more

Worst debit card ever?

In trying to prevent welfare recipients from squandering their cash benefits, Kansas may have created the worst debit card in history.Read more

Bankrate report prompts call for probe

A consumer group wants officials to investigate the use of ZIP codes in setting auto insurance rates.Read more

US coming back to credit cards

Credit cards are taking back market share from debit and prepaid ones -- a sign our Recessionary scars are healing. Read more

Cracks in China’s stock market wall

Stocks sold in mainland China are up over 80 percent since November. Revolutionary changes taking place in the Chinese market are the reason for the rally.Read more

Could a hacker hijack your flight?

A hacker claims he was able to nudge a flight -- raising huge concerns for insurers.Read more

The FCC has a plan to stop robocalls

The government proposals would make it easier for consumers to halt unwanted calls and would allow for technology to automatically block robocalls.Read more

6 habits of habitual savers

The rewards of saving regularly are greater than just accumulating a healthy nest egg.Read more

A ‘scarlet letter’ for Obamacare?

A Texas bill would require insurance ID cards to include a special label for Obamacare enrollees.Read more

Criminals steal 100,000 IRS tax transcripts

The IRS' online tax transcript feature was breached by crooks who used taxpayer data they stole elsewhere to get the filers' tax information, too.Read more

Federal gas tax flat, but up in some states

Congress is hesitant to hike the federal gas tax, which has been stalled at 18.4 cents a gallon for 22 years, but some states are bumping up their fuel levies.Read more

Richest Formula One drivers

Nico Rosberg might have claimed the jewel in the crown of the Monaco Grand Prix, but his net worth still lags that of his rival.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Learn to love stocks

These four steps can help get you started in the market slowly, but smartly.Read more

The bipolar economy

Economic reports have been up and down. Will this week bring any clarity?Read more

Share the ‘Golden Girl’ life

Bonnie Moore wrote the book on how to turn a house into a shared living arrangement fit for Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia.Read more

Should schools ban smartphones?

A study finds that banning smartphones in school has a big impact on student performance.Read more

Credit bureaus to change ways

The three big bureaus will pay a fine and change how information is added, reviewed and removed from credit reports.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Synthetic ID theft rises

Synthetic ID theft is piecing together a new identity using a combination of real and fake information. It accounts for up to 85 percent of all fraud, the government says.Read more

Same-sex couples can’t rely on default rules

Even if the U.S. Supreme Court says states have to recognize gay marriage, same-sex couples need good estate plans.Read more

Bad-credit car loans lowest since 2012

Car loans for consumers with the worst credit, so-called subprime and deep subprime, have fallen to its lowest share of auto loans overall since 2012.Read more

5 banks did very bad things

Five big banks are guilty of manipulating foreign exchange rates. They must pay some very big fines and the banks have promised to cease criminal activity. Read more

The Fed’s not ready yet

Fed meeting minutes suggest policymakers aren't eager to take the plunge to higher rates.Read more

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