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Refinancing a mobile home loan at a lower rate

You save money by financing a mobile home as real estate instead of personal property.Read more

Do you own too many mobile devices?

The cost to own multiple mobile devices might surprise you. Is a tech diet in order?Read more

Motivate your millennial to save money now

Uneasy about your offsprings' meager savings? Make sure the kids turn out all right.Read more

Mortgage refinance fiesta has no time for siesta

With mortgage rates at their lowest since mid-2013, homeowners flock to refinance.Read more

Using a reverse mortgage to pay off 1st mortgage

A reverse mortgage can be used to pay off the purchase loan. Why do it?Read more

Find the minimum wage for your state

Most states have a minimum wage higher than the federal one. What about your state?Read more

Can TIPS help fight inflation in your IRA?

Inflation-protected Treasury bonds can protect the buying power of your nest egg.Read more

7 secrets to creating a budget

What good is a budget if you ignore it? Follow these steps to build a budget for your lifestyle.Read more

Is living in a state with no income tax better?

State politicians tout the pros of killing the income tax. Are their claims backed by facts?Read more

CD ladder: Is it worth the climb?

CD ladders still have value. Find out how you can benefit even as rates have stalled.Read more

5 ways your banking may change in 2015

Technology is changing how we spend and save, and banks are adapting to keep up.Read more

America's 10 biggest banks by assets

It's been a rocky year for banks. Find out which have grown and shrunk.Read more

Do's and don'ts of leaving IRA assets in a trust

Naming a trust as your IRA beneficiary may be a smart move. Or it could be catastrophic.Read more

Link savings and checking accounts to boost cash

You'll get a greater return, but you'll jump through more hoops with connected accounts.Read more

New IRA rules close loopholes for account owners

Two recent court decisions affect IRA account owners and heirs in not-so-great ways.Read more


Jean Chatzky: 5 money moves in 2015

Make this the year you'll complete everything on your financial to-do list. Start with these money moves.Read more

Florida No. 1 in home insurance rates

Average home insurance premium tops $2,000 for first time, despite a decade-long absence of a major storm.Read more

Wal-Mart offers cash tax refunds

Want your tax refund in cash? Wal-Mart's new Direct2Cash program gives filers the option to pick up their refund money in cash at the retail giant's stores.Read more

Poll: Majority wants to break up big banks

A poll released this week by the Progressive Change Institute showed 58 percent of Americans support breaking up big banks like Citigroup.Read more

Cellphone robocalls coming soon?

Should a bank be able to make an automated call to a smartphone without first verifying the phone number's owner? Read more

The worst passwords of 2014

Consumers are still opting for the all-too-easily discernible "password" and "12345."Read more

The state of retirees’ union

The president's State of the Union speech will focus on ways to help middle-class savers while preventing high-earners from escaping taxes.Read more

Obama tax test for Congress

The president will present some tax law changes in his 2015 State of the Union address. The speech really is a tax reform test for Congress.Read more

Legal pot cooks up insurance trouble

A rise in home explosions triggered by legal pot processing may pique the interest of insurers.Read more

Obama: New top taxes can help middle

The president's State of the Union address will pitch new help for the middle class.Read more

Housing market’s ‘interesting times’

This week's economic reports shine a spotlight on the housing market. Read more

Jean Chatzky: Navigating Medicare

Medicare open enrollment is over, but that doesn't mean your job is done. Here are five things to do after selecting your coverage.Read more

Millennials thaw on credit cards

New research shows more young adults are coming back to the payment method. Read more

Investors were shocked this week

On Thursday the Swiss National Bank abruptly removed the peg against the euro and everything went haywire. What does it mean for small investors?Read more

Free File 2015 opens Jan. 16

The IRS is letting Free File users get a head start on their 2015 taxes. The free online tax prep and e-filing option opens Jan. 16, days before the full Jan. 20 filing season starts.Read more

5 ways for Congress to back retirees

The National Council on Aging has a to-do list for Congress to ensure more older Americans achieve health and economic security.Read more

Don’t expect much IRS filing help

The IRS commissioner and National Taxpayer Advocate both warn taxpayers that they shouldn't expect much help from the agency this tax-filing season.Read more

Return to rescinder, Court says

According to the Supreme Court, you can rescind, or cancel, the mortgage any time within three years. All you have to do is send a letter to the lender.Read more

Feds take on college debit cards

The CFPB is working on a tool to help colleges strike deals with banks that don't stick students with high fees and skimpy features. Read more

Fed’s not completely gushy about oil

The Fed sees falling oil prices as good news and bad news for the economy.Read more

Warm your car unattended? That’s risky

You may be putting yourself at a financial risk by warming up your car ahead of time. Read more

Grading 5 retirement plans

Sen. Tom Harkins' proposal for a national savings plan got an A-, the best score, and so did the New Brunswick, Canada, plan for public employees.Read more

Facebook to push Amber Alerts

The social media network has partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to send out information when a child has been abducted.Read more

TurboTax changes could cost filers

Tax software giant Intuit made changes this year to its TurboTax program that could cost users more. Will they pay or switch to rival H&R Block?Read more

Auto insurance from Google?

Google reportedly plans to launch online U.S. auto insurance shopping this spring. Read more

Ford F-150 wins truck of the year

The Ford F-150 received the coveted North American Truck/Utility of the Year award for 2015.Read more

VW Golf crowned car of the year

The Volkswagen Golf has been named the 2015 North American Car of the Year. Read more

Surprising facts about a stronger dollar

A stronger dollar is great for globetrotting, but international investment returns could suffer.Read more

The ‘problem’ of low prices

This week brings new inflation data, updated holiday sales numbers and a Bezos birthday.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Money tips from the pros

What advice do the stars of personal finance have about saving more and spending less in 2015? Read on.Read more

The job market’s unfinished business

The job market continued to get its strength back in December. So where's your raise?Read more

Beware of boom in card delinquencies?

There was an uptick in credit card delinquencies for the fourth quarter of 2014, but should we be worried?Read more

Low rates survive jobs report

The December employment report brought mixed news for potential mortgage borrowers and homeowners.Read more

How much will you save on gas?

Gas prices have tumbled. How much will you save as a result?Read more

Feds hit Honda with $70M fine

NHTSA has fined Honda $70 million for its failure to report deaths, injuries and warranty claims to the federal government.Read more

FHA loans will cost less

Mortgages for borrowers with low down payment will soon cost less.Read more

Why did your rates pop? Here’s a CLUE

Just asking your insurer whether you should file a home or auto claim could result in a rate increase.Read more

Women CFOs less fond of tax shelters

A new study finds women chief financial officers are less likely than their male counterparts to use tax shelters.Read more

Planting the seeds for rate hikes

Minutes from last month's Fed meeting indicate a rate hike may be a few months off. Read more

7 things to watch in the jobs report

The November jobs report was a stunner. Will the December numbers look good, too?Read more

Illinois creates novel savings plan

Illinois will create a statewide program for private-sector workers who don't have access to an employer-based retirement saving plan.Read more

Tax email gets 2015 taxes wrong

Be careful about where you get your tax information. A chain email warning about 2015 tax changes gets it mostly wrong.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Money resolution keys

These five steps will help you stick to your New Year's financial resolution.Read more

Jean Chatzky: 5 credit card perks

You may find these benefits in your credit card's fine print. See how they can help you out in a pinch.Read more

6 trends that will define retirees

Don't expect your retirement to be much like your parents because the times they are a-changing.Read more

Tax season to start Jan. 20, 2015

Although Congress didn't finalize 2014 tax laws until a couple of weeks ago, the IRS says it will be able to start the 2015 filing season on time.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Maximize airline miles

Frequent flier mile programs are changing for the worse. Use these strategies to maximize your rewards.Read more

Wal-Mart launches gift card trade

The big box retailer is partnering with CardCash to let consumers exchange unwanted holiday gift cards from different merchants.Read more

Did SEC err in CD Ponzi scheme?

Despite many years of investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Allen Stafford's CD scam ran for more than a decade. Read more

Staples: 1.16M cards compromised

Another data breach has become official in 2014. Staples confirmed on Friday that  approximately 1.16 million consumer credit and debit cards were compromised as part of an incident it has been investigating since October. According to Staples, hackers obtained cardholder names, payment card numbers, expiration dates, and card verification codes, after sneaking malware onto the point-of-sale systemsRead more

T-Mobile to pay $90M over cramming

T-Mobile must refund at least $67.5 million to customers who faced unauthorized charges on their phone bill from third-party services.Read more

Is Citigroup writing banking laws?

The good news is that Congress just passed a massive spending bill. The bad news is that critics say that Citigroup wrote some of the provisions in the bill, giving Wall Street some help in ditching Dodd-Frank.Read more

Are pensions on a slippery slope?

Congress passed a law to save multiemployer pensions but some experts say it threatens all pensions.Read more

Jean Chatzky: How to save wisely

These four smart savings moves can help set you on the right path to retirement.Read more

Poll: We still don’t get Obamacare

A new poll shows we're still split on Obamacare and remain fuzzy on the details.Read more

Sprint sued over phone bills

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau alleges Sprint collected hundreds of millions of dollars in unauthorized third-party charges from cell phone customers.Read more

Fed to be ‘patient’ about raising rates

Officials are still talking about waiting a "considerable time" and have added a P-word.Read more

US credit cards to work in Cuba

The U.S. is moving to normalize relations with the nation for the first time since 1961. Read more

Tax extenders are back for 2014

After almost a year, more than 50 tax breaks that expired on Dec. 31, 2013, are once again law. For two weeks. Then the process starts again in 2015.Read more

CFPB: Less credit on campus

A new report alleges more campuses are marketing debit and prepaid cards over credit cards to shirk disclosure requirements. Read more

ABLE Act savings for disabled

A new 529-type savings plan would help disabled individuals put away tax-free money. All it needs now is Senate approval.Read more

Feds: 1 in 5 burdened by medical debt

Confusing billing may be a root cause of medical debt, according to CFPB report.Read more

A credit union for the cannabis industry

A new credit union in Colorado is aiming to give marijuana business owners access to traditional banking services.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Have ‘the talk’

Take time this holiday season to talk to your parents about how they'd like to handle their finances, living arrangements and end-of-life issues. Read more

Are 53 million car recalls too many?

As recalls increase, so does the number of drivers who get their vehicles repairedRead more

Military pension reforms considered

The cost of financing military pensions could eclipse the cost of paying current personnel, a military financial expert points out. So how do we fix that?Read more

2015 mileage deductions up and down

Inflation changes to the Internal Revenue Service's annual mileage rate deductions are small. Business drivers, however, do get a slightly larger write-off in 2015.Read more

Retail sales gains spread cheer

The retail report is the proverbial hot mess of numbers because of sales by auto dealers and gas stations, both moving in opposite directions.Read more

3 ways mobile deposits can burn you

Depositing checks on a mobile device can be convenient, but consumers should be aware of these issues.Read more

US sues Deutsche Bank for $190M

A major banking institution is under fire for a scheme to elude paying taxes to the IRS. Find out why Deutsche Bank owes the US government more than $190 million.Read more

Ikea insurance: No Allen wrench needed

Can the engineers behind Swedish furniture giant Ikea work their DIY magic on health insurance? Read more

Protect your retirement first

Saving for your own retirement should trump other financial needs, including saving money to help a disabled child.Read more

Managing retirement-income needs

Making some changes in how and where you live in retirement will influence how long your money will last.Read more

Ignoring the ruckus about retail

Is retail really slumping, as post-Black Friday headlines suggested? This week could bring some clarity.Read more

Data breach alert: Bebe retail stores

The attack may have compromised consumers' credit and debit card account numbers, expiration dates and verification codes. Read more

Bullish jobs report bad for rates?

The employment report released this morning is great news for the economy but not so much for mortgage borrowers.Read more

Jobs: Santa 1, Scrooge 0

Santa Claus arrived early for the U.S. labor market, bringing a fat sackful of new jobs.Read more

House finally OKs 2014 tax breaks

It looks like the expired tax breaks known as extenders are finally on their way to approval. But the deal is only for the 2014 tax year. Further action will be needed in 2015.Read more

Safer US hospitals save billions

Obamacare helped US hospitals reduce patient error rate by 17 percent, cutting health care costs $12 billion since 2010.Read more

Shared LTC policies for all couples

With long-term care, women currently account for two-thirds of all claims, so they are actually a bigger risk to the insurance company than males.Read more

Fed: Cheap gas fuels economy

The Fed sees positive impacts from cheaper gasoline but is not so upbeat about raises.Read more

Big banks’ fines hit $178 billion

Since the financial crisis, banks have paid out more in fines and settlements than it cost to put a man on the moon. Read more

Home prices take a chill

Home prices keep rising, but not as rapidly as they were a few months ago.Read more

US households getting richer

Rising real estate prices are largely responsible for an improvement in U.S. household balance sheets.Read more

AT&T’s plan to combat card fraud

The carrier has launched a pilot program that would enable card issuers to confirm the location of participating customers when they travel abroad. Read more

IRS adopts Taxpayer Bill of Rights

A new 10-point bill of rights details what taxpayers should expect and demand in their dealings with the IRS.Read more

Pay less, save more in 401(k)s

Proposed rules would make it easier to find info about 401(k) fees, impacting your saving.Read more

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