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'Safe' CDs pay zip. So why not buy stocks?

Stocks are still unpopular despite weak returns from low-risk alternatives. Here's why.Read more

4 things to do before repaying a mortgage early

Tackle these other financial missions before targeting that mortgage balance.Read more

Everything you need to know about index funds

Get over your investing fears. You can do better than most pros using this strategy.Read more

Mortgage rates pause as homebuyers get moving

Mortgage rates froze this week, while homebuyers showed signs of housing fever.Read more

Smart Banking: What to stash in safe-deposit box

Find out which items to keep in a safe-deposit box, and what's best stored at home.Read more

Medical mistakes are killing us: What to know

Health care errors kill thousands each year. If you get sick, will you be at risk?Read more

When marijuana is legal and HOA rules are hazy

Can a condo or homeowners association forbid marijuana use where cannabis is legal?Read more

Survey: Who's feeling good about their finances?

Many Americans are feeling upbeat about their finances, especially certain groups.Read more

Will I save on car insurance when I turn 25?

Very young drivers tend to draw very high premiums. Is it true things change at 25?Read more

6 steps to making the right bid on a home

You've found your dream home. These bidding tips can get you the price of your dreams.Read more

Mortgage rates fall as retail sales falter

Mortgage rates slipped after news that Americans shopped less than expected in March.Read more

Get ahead financially by saving for different goals

You can set aside money for a car, college and retirement just by planning purposefully.Read more

Should you wait for your dream home or settle?

With houses in short supply, how do you weigh what you want versus what's available?Read more

Time's up! It's tax deadline day

No more excuses. Send something to the IRS today, or face the consequences.Read more

4 ways to turn a car into a Wi-Fi hot spot

These options will keep you -- and your kids -- connected while on the road.Read more


Car buyers trade hybrids for SUVs

Car buyers are trading in their hybrids and electric cars for more gas-guzzling vehicles at a faster pace than ever before.Read more

Scamming Medicare just got harder

Congress finally passed a law that removes Social Security numbers from Medicare cards.Read more

TurboTax faces tax ID theft lawsuit

Tax-related identity theft is a growing problem, and two women contend in a lawsuit that Intuit, maker of the popular TurboTax, "facilitates" the cybercrime. Read more

Feds clear insurer for drone use

FAA clears the way for Erie Insurance to launch aerial drones for underwriting and claims adjusting purposes.Read more

Google launches cheap wireless service

Google plans start at as little as $20 per month with all the standard bells and whistles. But the pricing isn't what's revolutionary.Read more

Mr. Boss Man, we need help

Workers told their employers that they aren't confident about their ability to retire on time with enough money to live comfortably.Read more

Jean Chatzky: How to reduce car costs

The amount people are paying for car loans has hit a record high. But if you’re a smart shopper, you don’t have to pay that much. Read more

Will you wear it like the 18 percent?

A newly released study shows more than eight in 10 consumers say they don't plan to buy a wearable device, like an Apple Watch.Read more

Survey says: ‘Yes, we can retire’

As the economy improves, more people think they will have enough money to retire comfortably.Read more

Would you retire early if you could?

The temptation to retire early has to be vetted with a thorough financial plan that considers the expected and unexpected retirement income needs of the retiree.Read more

State tax collections continue to increase

Overall state tax revenues were up in fiscal year 2014 compared to the previous year, but some states lost money. How did your state fare?Read more

Are e-cigs a blessing or a scourge?

Teen smoking plunges as e-cigarette use grows. Health experts wonder: Is this good news or bad?.Read more

How now housing?

This week brings updates from the housing market and the anniversary of a major marketing blunder.Read more

New rules to protect your retirement?

The fiduciary standard is the highest standard of care. A fiduciary must only give advice that is in the client's best interestRead more

FTC cracks down on car dealers again

The FTC has again cracked down on car dealers and businesses associated with financing or leasing a car, resulting in six new cases.Read more

Can insurance handle Germanwings crash?

An estimated $1 billion in aviation insurance is expected to cover the Germanwings A320 tragedy.Read more

Where are your tax dollars spent?

Tax Day is done, for most of us anyway. Uncle Sam thanks you. He now has a fresh influx of cash to keep his businesses running. But just what is he doing with our tax payments? The White House has an answer. The Obama administration has an online calculator on, where you can enterRead more

Jean Chatzky: 4 ways to save on airfare

These four tips can help you save money when booking your next flight.Read more

TSA finds $675K in forgotten cash

The amount of cash left at TSA checkpoints has more than doubled since 2008.Read more

Gov. Christie’s $500 billion solution

New Jersey Gov. Christie, putting his toe in the presidential waters, gave a speech offering 12 ways to put Social Security and Medicare on a sounder financial footing.Read more

The nearly mythical mobile data breach

Mobile data breaches rarely occur, but that doesn't mean your smartphone isn't vulnerable.Read more

The Fed’s fingers of blame

The Federal Reserve relies heavily on the words “modest” and “moderate” in describing economic activity around the country over the past six weeks. The Beige Book economic survey, prepared for the late April meeting of Fed policymakers, points fingers at a variety of factors that have been dampening growth. Some issues, such as the since-resolvedRead more

‘Freeze’ your Discover card

The issuer is launching a new feature that lets your turn your credit card on and off, if you misplace it. Read more

Are you in the year’s best funds?

Lists detailing the best and worst performing mutual funds over a given time period can be useful -- but the reason why might surprise you. Read more

Would you retire sooner if you could?

An insurance company hopes it might sell more annuities if people realized that these products could help them retire sooner.Read more

Still time to make IRA contributions

Contributing to an IRA may cut your tax bill, and if you're self-employed, you may have even longer to contribute to some plans if you get an extension to file.Read more

Life insurer offers discounts for data

Will Americans be lured to buy life insurance by discounts for those who agree to share their health data?Read more

Paying more for less LTC insurance

Long-term care insurance is pricier than it used to be as the cost of care has skyrocketed, but the industry is searching for a better answer.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Fill in insurance cracks

There's more to home insurance than homeowners insurance. You may need one of these four other policies.Read more

Is the economy ready to rebound?

This week brings new readings on inflation and retail sales, plus the Fed's latest economic update.Read more

Meet the 2015 World Car of the Year

Mercedes-Benz won the prestigious World Car of the Year award as well as two of the four category awards organized by the group. Read more

Gift card scam alert

Florida woman arrested on charges she stole other people's gift card balances. Here's how to protect yourself from fraud. Read more

Are you exempt from ACA coverage?

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is causing tax filing problems for many this year. But you don't have to worry about that if you're exempt.Read more

Real estate: Time to say buy-buy?

As the spring homebuying season kicks off, if you have been thinking about buying a home but not yet gotten around to it, now might be a good time to jump into the market. Read more

‘Boring’ hurricane season welcome!

Climate forecasters predict the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season could be the mildest in decades.Read more

AT&T hit with $25M data breach fine

The carrier has been penalized for failing to protect its customers' personal information. Read more

Fed divided on rate timing

Minutes from the most recent Fed meeting indicate there's disagreement on when to raise rates.Read more

Spend your nest egg cautiously

Cap your spending at conservative percentages because today's low interest rates make running out of money a real risk.Read more

Summer gas prices: 32 percent lower

The average household will save $700 this year at the pump. Read more

Investors scammed by former NFL player

A former NFL player ran a Ponzi scam, the SEC says. Will Allen and his partner claimed to lend money to pro athletes, with a promise to investors of up to 18 percent in interest. Read more

6 Social Security clues from a whiz

When an economist looked at his own benefits, this is what he saw.Read more

Special tax rule for NYPD donations

A new law offers a special tax deduction option for cash gifts to charities providing aid to the families of two NYC police officers who were slain in December 2014.Read more

States hit auto insurance ‘loyalty tax’

Auto insurers can now identify loyal customers and charge them more. Regulators wonder: Is that fair?Read more

Double down on your IRA contribution

The issue in waiting until April 15, 2015 to fund 2014's IRA contributions is that you're losing up to 15 months' worth of investment returns.Read more

How to raid your IRA or 401(k)

When you don't have a choice, here's how you can avoid the penalties for taking money early from your retirement accounts.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Buy a home now?

Whether you're talking interest rates, PMI or new down payment requirements, 2015 may be the last best year to buy. Here’s how to do it right.Read more

FICO testing score for unbanked

FICO says it's working on a new credit-scoring system for consumers with thin-to-no credit filesRead more

Late innings for low rates?

This week may bring new clues on when the Fed may step up to the rate plate.Read more

Chase re-launches Slate

New cardholders were given free access to their FICO Score.Read more

Not-so-good Friday jobs report

Unlike an Easter basket, the government's employment report for March has come an unwelcome surprise. Read more

Final Four winning bets are taxable

A new men's NCAA basketball champ will be crowned on April 6. Also that day thousands of folks will cash in on their office betting pools. Now just don't forget about the taxes.Read more

New insurance ‘black box’ penalties

Progressive abandons its level-or-better rate Snapshot policy to exact a surcharge from subpar drivers. Read more

Expensive ‘promposals’ are blooming

Making "will you go with me" sound more cool than awkward can be rather expensive.Read more

5 hot trends in retirement

Get out of the way! Grandma is taking over.Read more

The 8 weirdest driver distractions

See how many motorists are brave enough to own up to odd behavior behind the wheel.Read more

IRS catches millions of math mistakes

Apparently Americans can't add, subtract, multiply or do other math, at least not when working on their tax returns. Last year, the IRS caught 2.3 million math mistakes.Read more

Here come those rising flood rates

One million homeowners could see flood premiums rise 10-18 percent this year under flood reform.Read more

Jean Chatzky: How to save more

These three steps can help you save just a bit more. And it can add up to a bunch when you're ready to retire.Read more

Wages steal the spotlight

Wages are likely to grab attention away from the unemployment rate in this week's jobs report.Read more

CFPB unveils payday loan plan

The oft-maligned payday lending industry may be about to get a makeover.Read more

Tax system concerns aren’t personal

A recent poll found that most people aren't too upset about their own tax bills. However, they do worry that corporations and the wealthy aren't paying their fair share of taxes.Read more

Give insurers a peek at your genes?

Curious about your inherited health risks? Some insurers would relish a look at your genetic tests.Read more

Should you retire with debt?

Is taking on debt in your golden years a smart strategy?Read more

Special enrollment for pregnant women?

Should an uninsured woman who becomes pregnant qualify to enroll in Obamacare right away?Read more

Big fines for car seat maker

Child safety seat manufacturer Graco received a $10 million penalty from the U.S. Department of Transportation, saying the company failed to launch a timely recall of 4 million defective car seats. Read more

CFPB warns of pension advances

Paying back a pension advance or pension loan, plus the high interest and fees that loans and advances typically include, can threaten retirement security.Read more

Are boomers too fat to be healthy?

Boomers are better educated, smoke less and have greater access to technology, but a new study suggests their weight mitigates those advantages.Read more

‘Normal’ for housing remains elusive

The market for new homes continues to outshine the market for existing homes. Read more

Bills propose return to old FSA rules

Bills in the House and Senate call for a return to prior flexible spending account rules, including no OTC drug restrictions and no account contribution limits.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Your tax-filing checklist

What's new? What should you look out for? Here are some tax-time tips that could save you filing headaches.Read more

The economy’s uncertain destination

This week brings news about housing, plus a birthday for that little blue pill.Read more

Ignore climate change, lose FEMA funds

Governors who deny climate change could lose millions in federal disaster preparedness grants.Read more

IRS seeking taxpayer ID verification

The IRS is asking some taxpayers to verify their identities before it will process their returns. Don't panic. It's a legitimate effort to stop tax identity theft.Read more

Obamacare now covers 16.4M

To mark Obamacare's fifth anniversary, feds celebrate the largest expansion of health insurance in four decadesRead more

AmEx launches new loyalty program

The company is teaming up with other brands to launch a loyalty program -- no credit card required. Read more

CFPB: Tell us your credit card woes

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is launching a public inquiry into how the credit card market works. Read more

The Fed ‘patient’ no more

Fed keeps a key rate the same but signals a possible rate hike in the future. Read more

Study: Your portfolio could be better

A new study found that most investors make basic mistakes with their investment portfolios, including a lack of diversification and paying too much in fees. Read more

Cyberattack may affect 11M patients

Hackers stole medical claims data and other patient information from health insurer Premera Blue Cross.Read more

Great time for a road trip?

Gasoline prices are expected to keep sliding: Time to hit the open road?Read more

Will your phone replace an ATM card?

Bypass your debit card when withdrawing cash from an ATM. One bank has unveiled a smartphone app that can authenticate the request faster and more securely.Read more

Real costs of IRS budget cuts

The Internal Revenue Service is likely to see its budget cut even more by Congress. One representative is trying to rally support for a budget hike. Good luck.Read more

Can Apple Watch make you healthier?

Apple Watch could revolutionize health care and research, but its impact on health insurance remains unclear. Read more

Jean Chatzky: File car insurance claim?

Filing a claim could drive up your insurance premium. Here's how to decide whether it's worth it after a minor incident.Read more

Turning a deaf ear to weather

This week's updates on housing may include a few flat notes, thanks to winter weather.Read more

Harper Lee not victim of elder abuse

The elder abuse investigation considered of whether the author, Harper Lee, was a victim of financial fraud. The state of Alabama has closed the case.Read more

The one thing to know about investing

Investing isn't hard. The easiest way to invest for the long-term, with index funds, is also the most rewarding, as indexes beat most active funds hands down.Read more

Rich reach an all-time high

The ranks of the rich have swelled to a new record, largely due to the stock market.Read more

Fiscally sound plans for tax refunds

Did or will you get a refund? What did or do you plan to do with it? Most folks surveyed by Bankrate say they'll pay down debt or put the tax cash into savings.Read more

Scary retirement income reality

Retirement savings are inadequate. Social Security is shrinking. Will most of us work until we drop?Read more

Is workers’ comp slipping away?

A ProPublica/NPR report details what it calls a "demolition" of state workers' compensation programsRead more

A weak streak for shopping

The government's retail sales report for February was surprisingly weak. Should we blame winter?Read more

Gas prices to dip this month?

The nation's pumps should see a decline of maybe 10 cents per gallon this month.Read more

CFPB: Arbitration hurts consumers

The big selling point for arbitration has been that reducing legal costs by blocking customer lawsuits would result in lower prices for consumers. But that hasn't been the case.Read more

The 10 worst states for tornadoes

Do you live in one of the states with the most tornado claims? Read more

Consumer groups call for tax pro oversight

Thinking about hiring a tax pro? Finding a good one is a major problem for many taxpayers, according to a recent tax season evaluation by some consumer groups.Read more

Read this before you spend another dollar

Investing is only one piece of the retirement puzzle. In order to quit working, most people have to rethink priorities and get off the consumer treadmill. Read more

Superstorm Sandy relief, BP setback

While Superstorm Sandy victims will soon see relief, BP will shoulder more costs for Gulf oil spill. Read more

Apple Watch: Reason to use Apple Pay?

We're about to find out if mobile wallets will stand the test of time.Read more

Credit bureaus make big changes

Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are changing the way they handle the reporting of medical debts and their dispute resolution processes, among other things.Read more

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