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Separate the deals from the hype on Cyber Monday

Skip the mall. Let your fingers do the shopping and find a great buy.Read more

The best things to buy on Black Friday

Looking for a great Black Friday deal? Find out what's worth waiting in line for this year.Read more

Mortgage rates decline, but just barely

Investors turn to the safety of government bonds, pushing mortgage rates lower.Read more

Mortgage rates rise again -- to a 4-month high

Mortgage rates have climbed almost a quarter of a percentage point in 2 weeks.Read more

Gift cards: Fewer gotchas, more features

This popular gift comes with more extras and fewer hassles, our survey finds.Read more

Compare the ins and outs of 60 gift cards

Bankrate looks at the terms and features of 60 gift cards. Find the right card for you.Read more

Oh, deer! The 10 worst states for deer crashes

Antler alert! See if you live in a place with a high rate for collisions with deer.Read more

7 secrets to creating a budget

What good is a spending plan if you ignore it? Here's how to make one you can live with.Read more

Will Obamacare be better the 3rd time around?

Health reform's 3rd sign-up season is here. What can health-plan shoppers expect?Read more

What you should (and shouldn't) buy in November

Here is what you should wait to buy until the holiday shopping season begins.Read more

What's on sale in November

November is the perfect month to gobble up bargains, from taters to TVs.Read more

Is the Fed rate-guessing game already over for 2015?

The Fed meets this week. So, what happened to all of the rate-hike hysteria?Read more

Mortgages stand still as lenders adjust to rules

Mortgage rates don't budge as the lending industry adapts to new disclosure forms.Read more

Mortgages barely move on downbeat economic news

With the U.S. and Chinese economies in the doldrums, mortgage rates are static.Read more

Mortgages fall to lowest level since May

Talk about nice timing: A spike in mortgage applications coincides with a rate drop.Read more


Recognizing a loss to boost your yield

In taxable accounts, your capital losses can be used to offset your net long-term capital gains. Read more

Black Friday kicks off ‘car theft month’

Car thieves are attracted to holidays for good reason: Vehicles are loaded and are often unattended.Read more

Man loses $100K, learns valuable lesson

Traders can make a tidy profit short selling stocks. But they stand to lose everything. That just happened to one guy.Read more

Planning for today’s dual retirement

Things can get complicated when both halves of the couple are considering retirement.Read more

Clinton proposes elder care tax credit

More adult family members find themselves caring for their aging parents. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has proposed they get a $1,200 tax credit.Read more

Talking turkey about Alzheimer’s

Holidays can be a good time to initiate tough conversations.Read more

More cars on the road for Thanksgiving

Expect the roads to be crowded this Thanksgiving holiday, with more Americans piling their families into their cars to visit loved ones. Read more

Greg McBride: Clutching our wallets

Are you watching what you spend? If so, you have plenty of company.Read more

Can Obamacare survive if insurers bail?

UnitedHealth Group threatens to leave the Obamacare exchanges. Will other major insurers follow?Read more

Jean Chatzky: Protect your phone from ID thieves

Protect your phone as your would your computer or your wallet to avoid ID theft.Read more

Who will become Generation Rich?

On the heels of the baby boomers, this small generation is proving its might in amassing wealth.Read more

Have you begun retirement planning?

The CFPB has developed a retirement planning tool that shows consumers the financial impact of when they decide to claim Social Security benefits.Read more

Docs: Health mergers would hurt patients

The AMA says 2 pending major health mergers would reduce competition and adversely affect patient care.Read more

NJ ‘Real Housewives’ stars face IRS tax lien

Teresa and Joe Giudice, from the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" reality show, are facing an IRS lien on their mansion.Read more

DOL says ‘yes’ to state-run retirement plans

The DOL issued a proposal that would make it easier for employees with no current access to a workplace retirement plan to save.Read more

Fed hungry for a rate hike

Minutes from the last Fed meeting provide more evidence that a rate hike is coming next month.Read more

Top tax havens for the rich

You might be surprised to see where the U.S. ranks among a list of global tax havens.Read more

One-third of cars missing spare tires

More than one-third of cars are equipped with tire-inflation kits, instead of a spare.Read more

IRS raises deductions for long-term care

Uncle Sam will help you pay for long-term care insurance.Read more

Tax ID theft victims now can see fake filings

Taxpayers whose personal information was used by criminals to file fraudulent tax returns now can get copies of the fake 1040s from the IRS.Read more

Alts in a time of low interest rates

Alternative investments are assets classes other than stocks, bonds and cash.Read more

Greg McBride: A nest egg no-no

In case of financial emergency, do you break into your retirement savings? Many people do.Read more

Jean Chatzky: How to avoid an energy scam

Want to lower your utility bills? Follow these tips for choosing a new energy supplier.Read more

Obamacare SHOP fizzles with small biz

The math of Obamacare's small business plan isn't adding up for small businesses.Read more

Fed walking toward a rate hike?

This week brings news about housing and an update on what the Fed may be thinking.Read more

Own a Disneyland ride car

On Nov. 21, the "Collecting Disneyland" auction will showcase 4 original Disney ride-cars.Read more

Study: Clock change is risky business

Researchers find that crime increases with the switch from daylight saving to standard time.Read more

Carson: End mortgage interest tax deduction

Presidential candidate Ben Carson needs to do away with deductions if his flat-tax plan is to work.Read more

Lowering longevity risk with a QLAC

A relatively new way to hold down RMDs is to invest part of the account in a QLAC.Read more

Keep working, get more Social Security

Erasing low-earning or zero years from your Social Security earnings record can raise your benefits.Read more

Who are you calling elderly?

When is it okay to call someone a senior citizen, or elderly? Are those terms offensive?Read more

More consumers approved for car loans

More can loans are getting approved than ever since the recession.Read more

Tech that older drivers should love

These 10 automotive advances may keep you on the road longer.Read more

4 indicted in largest US bank hack ever

Four accused of committing "largest theft of consumer data from a U.S. financial institution" ever.Read more

Should filers be prodded to save tax refunds?

Save your refund even before getting them each filing season? Some tax experts recommend it.Read more

Drive like Bond … James Bond

He's back: And so is his iconic ride. Find out if you can own James Bond's latest Aston Martin.Read more

Jean Chatzky: How to give kids investments

Giving the gift of stocks or mutual funds is not only generous, it can be a good way to teach kids and young adults about saving and investing in the markets. Read more

Greg McBride: Interest checking? Meh

Fees and minimum balances can make interest-bearing checking a bad deal.Read more

Obamacare goes to Supreme Court yet again

A new challenge seeks to further distance religious nonprofits from Obamacare's birth control requirements.Read more

A pre-holiday retail hangover?

Despite low unemployment & high wage growth, it could be a slow holiday shopping season.Read more

Top cars named at SEMA Show

Three Fords and a Jeep were named the hottest vehicles at the recent SEMA Show. Read more

Ready for Medicare open enrollment?

Switching in Medicare's open enrollment can reduce premiums, but seniors tend to stay put.Read more

What ‘yuge’ job gains mean for mortgage rates

The U.S. economy added a whopping 271,000 jobs in October, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Read more

A jobs report to shout about

October saw a strong job report and more wage growth. Will the Fed act on interest rates?Read more

Report: Transmissions a growing problem

The Consumer Reports found a new trend of problems with transmissions.Read more

China exceeds US in billionaires

Rising wealth in the East has resulted in a record number of new billionaires in China.Read more

You are one of these types of risk takers

Avoiding risk doesn't always mean you're playing it safe.Read more

Fewer IRS audits mean less tax money

The lower IRS audit rate seems like good news. However, Uncle Sam is losing money on tax cheaters.Read more

Budget deal would block Medicare hike

A budget proposal would borrow $12 billion from Treasury to ease proposed Medicare Plan B increases.Read more

Air bag maker given biggest fine ever

NHTSA has imposed the largest civil penalty in history for safety violations of Takata air bags.Read more

MyRAs open the door to rookie savers

New government savings accounts make saving for retirement easy, cheap and risk-free.Read more

Top 10 cities for older job hunters

Many people over 50 face challenges in finding employment after a job loss.Read more

Porsche dragged into VW violations

The EPA hands Volkswagen a 2nd notice of violation of the Clean Air Act for more problems with VW's diesel cars.Read more

6 questions about the jobs report

Here are a half-dozen things to be on the lookout for in Friday's employment report for October.Read more

1 million GM cars recalled for fire risk

GM is recalling about 1 million older cars for possible engine oil leaks that could result in a fire.Read more

IRS could be forced to use debt collectors

This bill could require the IRS to hand over some unpaid tax bills to private debt collectors.Read more

Social Security changes — devil is in the details

The end of 2 strategies will be costly and confusing for many Social Security recipients.Read more

Greg McBride: Avoid record ATM fees

ATM fees keep climbing, but with planning you can keep cash machines from taking yours.Read more

At last, Medicare to pay for ‘the talk’

Now that 'death panels' are dead, long live fair pay for physicians who help in end-of-life planning.Read more

White-knuckle time for the Federal Reserve

This week's jobs report could help determine if the Fed raises interest rates in December.Read more

Are you qualified for a car loan?

The debt-to-income ratio is the key to determining the terms of your auto loan for you and the lender. Read more

Finally, you can invest in that startup

Finally you can invest in flashy yet unproven startups. The SEC voted on a crowdfunding rule allowing small investors to invest in unregistered securities.Read more

Car theft no treat on Halloween

Last year, almost 2,000 cars were stolen on Halloween. LoJack offers these tips on how you can protect your car.Read more

Long-term care worries the wealthy, too

A high net worth doesn't stop investors from struggling with long-term care decisions they expect to face as seniors, a recent survey shows.Read more

RushCard to set up fund for glitch victims

RushCard customers who saw their finances thrown into chaos by a glitch at the company may soon get some compensation from the company.Read more

Chilling your way to better health

Seniors are more susceptible to foodborne illness. Keeping your refrigerator at 40 degrees or lower slows bacteria growth and keeps your food safer longer.Read more

Will safer roads doom auto insurance?

A report predicts self-driving cars and ride-hailing services will cut the need for auto insurance 60% by 2040.Read more

Where GOP debaters stand on Social Security

There was lots of wind but little substance during Wednesday night's Republican debate.Read more

Retirees leave work and love it

Freedom beats having a steady paycheck or a big savings account.Read more

Mazda recalls 1 million older cars

Mazda has issued a recall of 1,368,500 cars for an electrical problem that could result in a fire. Read more

Fed too spooked to hike rates

The Fed chose not to jump out of the bushes with a rate surprise in this Halloween week. Read more

GM starts car-sharing service

General Motors has launched its own car-sharing program in the Big Apple called "Let's Drive NYC."Read more

Congress patches Social Security, Medicare

Social Security Disability, pensions and other retirement benefits also see changes in the deal.Read more

IRS using cellphone scrapers to gather data

The IRS' use of high-tech cellphone surveillance devices has some concerned about just what data will be collected and from whom.Read more

Greg McBride: How to find free checking

Free checking is getting scarcer, but you can find it if you know where to look.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Avoiding ID theft on campus

These 6 tips could protect you -- or your child -- from the threat of someone stealing sensitive personal data on campus.Read more

Boo! Here comes Obamacare 3.0!

Concerns over subsidy snafus and online security add chills to Obamacare's 3rd open enrollment.Read more

Will the Fed break the market this week?

Last month's Fed meeting caused the stock market to tank. Will there be more Fed-related volatility this week or will it resurface in December? Read more

Send your portfolio on a world cruise

U.S. investors should evaluate and review their holdings to see if adding international stock exposure makes sense for them.Read more

Just say ‘no’ to computer scams

If a stranger calls and offers to "fix" your computer, hang up.Read more

Our economic thrill ride

This year's wild ride of economic news is likely to continue this week. Oh, and the Fed is meeting.Read more

CFPB steps in to RushCard mess

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is finally getting involved in a RushCard debacle that's left many of its customers without money for more than a week.Read more

Protect against senior identity theft

Seniors are often a target for identity theft. They tend to be less digitally aware, they trust more easily and are more civic- and family-minded. Read more

The trouble (and cost) of downsizing

If you choose to downsize, you have to decide what to do with all the things that won't fit in your new home. Read more

IRS sets 2016 retirement savings limits

Hit the limit for a more prosperous retirement.Read more

Feds move on outrageous drug prices

Runaway drug pricing has presidential candidates calling for Medicare to intervene.Read more

How to buy stock to give as a gift

Would you rather get a useless trinket or a small stake in your favorite brand? Two services let consumers easily give stock as a gift with just a few clicks.Read more

IRS will share tax-filing info to fight identity theft

The IRS and its state and tax industry partners will share more filing information in their continuing efforts to stop tax ID theft and return fraud.Read more

Maximize your real estate equity

Retirees with flexibility have an opportunity to time when they sell and when they buy.Read more

Billionaires aid refugees in Europe

As the crisis in Europe worsens, wealthy individuals are putting their net worth to work with aid programs. Read more

Toyota drives ‘Back to the Future’

"Back to the Future Part II" icons discuss the technology predictions made in the film that are here today.Read more

Crisis at RushCard hitting customers hard

What started as a technical glitch turned into a crisis as many customers couldn't get access to direct-deposited funds on the company's prepaid debit cards.Read more

Save now, celebrate later

The best way to recognize National Save for Retirement Week is to stick a few more dollars in the kitty.Read more

45% of households won’t pay federal income taxes

Remember Mitt Romney's remark about the 47%? New numbers now peg the number lower.Read more

Congress plays game of financial chicken

The U.S. Treasury holds weekly T-bill auctions. That's not news, but in the 4 weekly auctions held before the Oct. 19 auctions, the 1-month T-bill was priced to yield 0.00%.Read more

Jean Chatzky: Surprising cost of bad credit

Your credit rating can affect the interest rate you can get on a mortgage or a credit card, but it also can make other areas of your life more expensive.Read more

Greg McBride: Convert to a Roth IRA?

See why this might be a good time to consider trading in your traditional IRA for a Roth IRA.Read more

Will boomers face trouble in paradise?

Life continues to be golden for boomers, but a shrinking economic picture for their children could change their outlook.Read more

Housing market sails forward

This week's news is likely to show the housing market is cruising full steam ahead.Read more

Insurance and the ‘worst aunt ever’

Enough with the "world's worst aunt" nonsense! It's the insurance system that forces family lawsuits.Read more

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