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Mortgage rates rise after so-so jobs data

Usually, mortgage rates fall after disappointing employment reports. Not this time.Read more

Can you get a mortgage with a low credit score?

Have credit issues in your past? You still might qualify for a home loan.Read more

Goldilocks and your Social Security strategy

Don't get too-small payments for a long time -- or big payments for a too-brief time.Read more

Pay cash for home, get quick cash-out refi

Normally you have to wait six months to extract equity. Not under this program.Read more

More millennials saying 'no' to credit cards

Blame regulation, debit cards and college debt for credit cards' decline among the young.Read more

Is wearable technology worth buying yet?

'Wearables' may be the wave of the future, but are they worth paying for in the present?Read more

We're worried sick about health coverage, costs

Afraid you'll be uninsured, with big medical debt? Our survey shows you're not alone.Read more

Labor Day: Why aren't workers celebrating?

A former U.S. labor official says working Americans could use a holiday pick-me-up.Read more

Top 10 states for foreclosure in July

Florida had the highest rate of foreclosure in July. Is your state on our list?Read more

What to do if parents can't help with college

Financial aid is hard to get when parents don't help out. Here's what you can do.Read more

Table: Car-ownership costs per state

Car-ownership costs vary wildly from state to state. Find out where yours ranks.Read more

The risk of relying too much on CDs

CDs are for the risk-averse. But what if you're missing out on a greater return?Read more

Using a reverse mortgage to pay off 1st mortgage

A reverse mortgage can be used to pay off the purchase loan. Why do it?Read more

Feeling better -- and worse -- about Obamacare

Our new survey on health reform finds both rising grumpiness and more solid support.Read more

Millennials not as CD-savvy as rest of us

Bankrate survey: Young Americans are largely unaware of CDs. Where does your age group stand?Read more

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