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Stock rally's effect on consumers

Despite a surge in stocks, snake-bitten consumers are steering clear of Wall Street. Read more


ETF Investing Guide

Fee-free ETFs: What's the catch?

ETFs with no commissions sound like a good deal, but that's only one thing to consider.

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investing mutual funds

Pay less in investing fees

Many investors tend to overemphasize returns and underemphasize investing fees.Read more

5 tips for self-directed investors

People seek expert opinions when it comes to just about anything but their investments.Read more

Sell mutual funds to buy ETFs?

If you sell your mutual funds to buy ETFs, be sure to do it for the right reasons.Read more

Mutual fund or ETF: What's better?

Each has pros and cons. Learn the trade-offs in selecting ETFs versus mutual funds.Read more


Sell mutual funds to buy ETFs?

American workers save and invest for decades, all in hopes of having enough money to retire one day. But when work finally ends, a new concern typically begins: making sure that nest egg does not disappear before you do....Read more

Fee-free ETFs: What's the catch?

It doesn't cost a lot to trade online, but some products are offered free of commissions. That includes some exchange-traded funds, or ETFs. Recent years have seen a proliferation of fee-free ETFs as online brokerages battle...Read more

2 savvy ETF investing strategies

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are portfolio chameleons. They have characteristics that make them well suited to long-term passive investing, just like mutual funds. ETFs also lend themselves to short-term tactical strategies...Read more

ETFs with 'smart beta' strategies

If you're looking for a hybrid between a passively managed exchanged-traded fund, or ETF, that tracks an index and an actively managed mutual fund that doesn't, you might want to consider smart beta ETFs. These ETFs are based...Read more


Lessons from a bitcoin trailblazer

Bankrate diligently follows the ups and downs and developments of virtual currencies. Earlier this year, I bought some bitcoin so I could see for myself firsthand how it worked and track its movements. After having bought,...Read more

9 financial rules for women

9 financial planning rules for women Previous 1 of 11 Next 9 financial planning rules for women For both men and women, the financial planning process begins at the same point. Karin Risi, head of Vanguard Advice Services...Read more

5 financial words to scrutinize

When it comes to listening to pitches from brokers and advisers, what you hear isn't always what you get. Unfortunately, financial terms used to describe an investment's features and benefits can mean different things to...Read more

Investing in 'themes' a good idea?

You've read about 3-D printing and think a lot of money could be made in companies that make machines that manufacture products on the fly. Or you want to invest in specific emerging markets that have recently hit a wall...Read more

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Dr Don Taylor

The Fed’s stock valuation issue

The Fed's Monetary Policy Report on stretched valuations in certain sectors moves markets.  ... Read more


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