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Manage money in early retirement

An income bridge can help early retirees cross the chasm to Social Security benefits. Read more

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investing mutual funds

Build a mutual fund portfolio

When building your investment portfolio, you need to weigh the risk and the return.Read more

Which mutual fund for grandchild?

So many mutual funds, so hard to choose. How do you invest for a grandchild?Read more

How to choose a fund

With many different styles of funds to choose from, find out the best ways to make your selection.Read more

Pay less in investing fees

Many investors tend to overemphasize returns and underemphasize investing fees.Read more


Sell mutual funds to buy ETFs?

If you sell your mutual funds to buy ETFs, be sure to do it for the right reasons.Read more

Fee-free ETFs: What's the catch?

ETFs with no commissions sound like a good deal, but that's only one thing to consider.Read more

2 savvy ETF investing strategies

These ETFs can protect your portfolio from rising interest rates or currency variations.Read more

ETFs with 'smart beta' strategies

These ETFs are part index funds and part actively managed funds. Are they right for you?Read more


5 investing myths debunked

These investing mantras are widely believed, but are they true? Not necessarily.Read more

Financial habits of the rich

Bankrate polled advisers across the U.S. for insights on how the rich invest, save and spend.Read more

Bad investing? Blame the brain

Behavioral finance is the science of how our brain dupes us into investment mistakes.Read more

Get real about investment risk

Be aware of these potentially bad investing habits to reduce your risk of loss.Read more

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Sheyna Steiner

‘Blackfish’ sinking SeaWorld stock?

Investors have turned tail and run from SeaWorld stock after this week's earnings report showed that revenue slipped in the second quarter.  ... Read more


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