Mutual funds for retirement income



Main Intro: If you're looking to reduce the guesswork and worry of managing your nest egg in retirement,'s special feature looks at managing income in retirement.

Mutual Fund Intro: If you want to diversify your retirement investments, while retaining daily liquidity - a mutual fund might be an option for you.

Leslie Corcoran: Originally what first came out were the target date retirement funds. These were a combination of investments using stocks, bonds and cash. And you would select a fund based on when you thought you were going to retire. So you might get a target date retirement fund, 2025, with the idea that in 2025 is when you're going to retire. These funds as they get closer to that retirement date would just automatically reduce down from a higher concentration in stocks to a lower concentration of stocks…so that they become more conservative, because typically in retirement is when you're going to be using those funds and you don't want to be as highly invested in stocks at that time.



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