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7 steps to a great foreclosure buy

Getting a good deal on a foreclosed home
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Foreclosure. It seems half the country is in it and the other half is trying to make a killing on it.

The number of foreclosed homes staggers the imagination and with more adjustable-rate loans about to reset, the end is nowhere in sight. The crisis, however, provides the opportunity to purchase a house that was all but impossible for many to afford in the boom years.

But there are many pitfalls and a hasty buyer can end up in a quagmire.

With investors flocking to capitalize on discounted properties, good deals usually go fast. It's unrealistic to think you're going to get a pristine property in a prime location for 50 percent less than area comparables. But 20 percent under the neighborhood market is very possible. If you're a potential foreclosure buyer, the obvious place to start is price and condition. But there's far more to it. Consider these seven top tips to get your best deal.




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