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Some break rooms have free soda, others have vending machines and some ... have free beer! I’m Lucas Wysocki with your come Personal Finance Minute.

Companies around the globe are adopting very generous perks to attract the best and brightest. Google, for example, provides their employees with a surreal work environment; free lunch, snacks and rock climbing are available on-site. Employees can bring their dogs to work and the company has exceptionally generous reimbursement plans for school. If you’ve ever had all your work done and still had 2 hours before the end of the day you’ll appreciate Netflix’s policy of “no-set-hours”.

You go home when your work's done. And on the east coast, Boston Beer Company, makers of Sam Adams, has regular cake and beer parties and employees take home 2 cases of beer a month for free. These strategies are apparently working. Google recorded more than 8.5 billion dollars in profits last year and issued a company-wide 10 percent raise.

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