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Bankrate's 2009 Tax Guide
Tips & tools
A tax tip a day plus an array of tax tools, terms and training will help you through filing and beyond.
Daily tax tip
Daily tax tip

Tax Tip No. 71
Tax bill too big? IRS offers payment options
If tax day is pay day and you can't pay the IRS, don't panic. Here are some options. Full story
No. 1 8 steps to make now
No. 2 Who has to file a tax return?
No. 3 Choosing your tax return form
No. 4 Deducing the best deduction method
No. 5 Status makes a difference in your tax bill
No. 6 Making your kids pay off at tax time
No. 7 Getting tax help to care for your parents
No. 8 Receiving full tax credit for your kids
No. 9 Getting the most from tax software
No. 10 Electronic tax-filing options
No. 11 Your online tax-paying options
No. 12 Triple tax-refund saving option
No. 13 Good news! Not everything is taxed
No. 14 Second chance at economic stimulus money
No. 15 Household help tax deadline
No. 16 Don't let tax break get washed away
No. 17 Tax documents on the way
No. 18 Getting financial account tax info
No. 19 What to do if you don't get your W-2
No. 20 Win your office Super Bowl pool?
No. 21 Don't give Uncle Sam early access to cash
No. 22 Job hunting could help cut your taxes
No. 23 Alternative minimum tax still a threat
No. 24 Deducting mortgage loan points
No. 25 Turning hobby into business means tax breaks
No. 26 Uncle Sam can help pay many moving expenses
No. 27 The IRS can help in disastrous times
No. 28 Yes, there are some good taxes
No. 29 Couples: File jointly or separately?
No. 30 Alimony payment tax implications
No. 31 Maximizing medical deductions
No. 32 A look at all the capital gains tax rates
No. 33 Tax breaks for gas savers
No. 34 Cut taxes without itemizing
No. 35 Tax break apple for teachers
No. 36 An easier tax way to pay for school
No. 37 Some Social Security may be taxable
No. 38 Purchases can help cut your tax bill
No. 39 Where's my refund?
No. 40 Big break for lower-income taxpayers
No. 41 Miscellaneous itemized deductions
No. 42 First home, new tax break
No. 43 Business expenses that benefit you
No. 44 Special deduction amounts for some filers
No. 45 Uncle Sam can help pay some adoption costs
No. 46 Don't dump that old car, donate it
No. 47 Deducting private mortgage insurance
No. 48 Name, ID number coordination is crucial
No. 49 Deducting student loan interest
No. 50 Wrong investment basis: bigger tax bite
No. 51 Writing off a worthless stock
No. 52 Deducting your home office costs
No. 53 Schedule C vs. Schedule C-EZ
No. 54 Mandatory IRA withdrawals waived for some, not all
No. 55 Putting foreign taxes to domestic use
No. 56 Do you know tax education credits? Smart!
No. 57 Recovering excess FICA payments
No. 58 Accounting for investment income
No. 59 Retirement savings credit doubles payoff
No. 60 Tax rules for young investors
No. 61 Let Uncle Sam help with child care
No. 62 Reporting your retirement plan rollover
No. 63 Taxpayers abroad can limit U.S. taxes
No. 64 Reporting your capital gains (or losses)
No. 65 Cashing in on uncommon contributions
No. 66 Tax savings for educated use of bonds
No. 67 Roth IRA rules
No. 68 Traditional IRAs make tax sense for some filers
No. 69 Need more time to file? Just ask
No. 70 10-point tax return checklist
No. 71 Tax bill too big? IRS offers payment options
-- Updated: April 14, 2009

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