The $100,000 getaway

Wednesday, Feb. 10
Posted 11 a.m. EDT

Have an extra $100,000 to spare and need a vacation? At this price, we're obviously not talking about escaping to a cabin in the Adirondacks for a long weekend (unless you plan to buy the cabin).

Credit: Edelweiss Bike Travel

But if you've always wanted to channel Dennis Hopper and the freedom of the open road -- just you and your chopper -- then here's the trip for you: a 40,000-mile, 248-day "Discover our Earth" motorcycle tour.

At a price of $101,200 (airfare not included), this once-in-a-lifetume getaway doesn't come cheap. Besides paying for your own plane trips, it's BYOB (bring your own bike). At least air freight costs for transporting the motorcycle are included in the price.

The expedition was dreamed up by Werner Wachter, who founded Austria-based Edelweiss Bike Travel 30 years ago.

The journey will traverse 30 countries on five continents, with the goal, as Wachter's Web site describes, "to see the gigantic differences in the cultures of the different nations, to experience the societies at close range and witness the super-fast development of our 'earth community.'" So far, 16 riders have expressed interest, according to The L.A. Times.

The tour begins Nov. 14 in the Tyrol Alps, and proceeds through Europe and Africa. It picks up again in South America, and then, after crossing the Panama Canal, it's on to California. From the West Coast of the U.S., bikes and riders are flown to Australia, and finish up with a trek from China to Austria. July 20, 2011 is the return date to the Alps for a celebration.

So, does this particular adventure rev up your engines, or would you rather spend the money on that cabin in the Adirondacks?

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