Housing winners and losers under President Trump

Loser: Richard Cordray
Loser: Richard Cordray | Pete Marovich/Getty Images

Loser: Richard Cordray

Cordray is director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Republicans have complained for years that the bureau is unaccountable because of the way it is structured. To protect the bureau from political pressure, it was set up in a way that makes it difficult to fire the director. The bureau's budget comes from the Federal Reserve, so Congress can't use its appropriations power to punish the bureau.

That setup is likely to change, says Joseph Lynyak III, a partner at the international law firm Dorsey & Whitney.

"As part of the appropriations process, needed reforms to the operation of the CFPB might be adopted, including the creation of a commission structure, placing funding for the CFPB under the control of Congress, and amending the penalty provisions currently authorized for use by the CFPB," Lynyak says.

Sharga adds that changes to the bureau would benefit borrowers because they "will be more likely to get a loan in a less restrictive environment."


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