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Learn what to do if another collection agency comes knocking after you've settled a debt.
Ready for some budget calisthenics? These tips will get your finances in shape this spring.
With debts and desires, is it your destiny to spend a windfall? Here's hoping you'll say no.
A debt might keep haunting you after bankruptcy. Here's how to make it go away for good.
Think divorce is rough? Try dissolving the mortgage afterward. Here are some options.
Bankrate's charts reveal Americans' personal finance outlook in February.
You can try to get the money back, but it will likely cost you more in the interim.
Don't go crazy with credit cards. Rein in your plastic before your card debt becomes drastic.
For the first time since June, Americans' feelings didn't skew toward less comfortable on debt.
Debt isn't the problem, controlling it is. Follow these tips to put a leash on that old debt dog.
Bankruptcy and debt management are two ways to get out of debt. Which is right for you?
Homeowners sometimes use bankruptcy as a delay tactic when facing foreclosure.
More Americans express optimism about their personal finances in Bankrate's most recent poll.
Companies that negotiate your debts for pennies on the dollar may seem great, but be careful.
Like weight gain, most of us want to avoid accumulating debt. Here's how to fight it.
You can force collectors not to call, but trying to beat an unpaid debt can have severe consequences.
Overwhelmed by hospital bills? Don't ignore them. Try these tips to make them manageable.
About a quarter of Americans feel less comfortable with their level of debt than last year.
Roughly 3 in 10 Americans feel less uncomfortable with their level of debt than last year.
Think you can handle debt management on your own? It's tougher than it looks.
Financial mistakes can lead to credit ruin, but getting on the right track is what matters.
A charge-off from an inability to pay a loan isn't a reason to stop paying the money back.
Cutting your spending will help curb your debt. For more complicated solutions, read on.
Americans' comfort level with their debt versus last year is about the same as last month.
Too much borrowed money means living on borrowed time. The right moves can stop the clock
More than a quarter of Americans feel less comfortable about their debt than they did a year ago.
Drowning in debt and low on savings? This calculator could help ease your money woes.
It's tempting to pay debts with a windfall. But with no job, you might need it to live on.
Lower your burden by seeking debt management help, while avoiding settlement agencies.
A new federal rule offers protection to debt-laden consumers, but there's a catch.
A debt management plan shouldn't prevent you from getting credit.
Three dangerous debt management myths to avoid.
Here are three ways to help you do a better job of managing your debt.
Find the right debt management help and start improving your finances.
Are you up to your eyeballs in debt? Learn ways to start getting your debt under control.
When you'd rather control your debt than have it control you, that's debt management.
With a fixed income in retirement, you may need credit counseling to fight credit card debt.
Do-it-yourself debt management isn't easy, but these tips might help you shave your monthly bills.
Even if you're not making a big purchase in the future, there are reasons to pay debt in collection.
If you have power of attorney for your mom, work with the collector for her and try this approach.
There are other ways to deal with bills you can't pay, but debt management is the least painful.
Use these calculators, work sheets and videos to learn how to become debt-free.
Make the conscious decision and commitment to save money and get out of debt to achieve success.
Many debt collection firms act in a legal way, but others will stretch the law to make you pay.
Don't be wowed by lofty promises that debt settlement firms can't and won't keep.
You have rights when debt collectors contact you. Try this six-step approach when you respond.
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