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Say your income tax refund check got lost in the mail or was returned as undeliverable because you moved. To find out how to get your unclaimed tax refund back, use the IRS search tool that's aptly named Where's My Refund?

You can file a claim to replace a lost, stolen or destroyed refund check once after 28 days have passed since the IRS mailed the check. You may also be able to change your address online to get an undeliverable check resent.

To get information about your refund, you'll have to plug in your Social Security number, filing status and the amount of refund due.

You may also be wondering about a state tax refund. In many states, unclaimed state tax refunds are handled by that state's department of revenue.

The database will only contain information from your most recent tax return. Your chance to claim an old undeliverable refund check expires once you have filed a return for the current tax year, according to the IRS.




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