Top 10 community colleges in the US

5. White Mountains Community College

White Mountains Community College

As tuition prices skyrocket across the nation, community colleges in New Hampshire have frozen theirs for the fourth time since 2006. About 9 out of every 10 first-time full-time undergrads at White Mountains Community College in Berlin, N.H., receive financial aid, and once tuition is paid, students get access to a wide range of programs that aren't available at many other two-year institutions.

The school's environmental science program is one of seven research partners alongside schools such as Dartmouth and the University of New Hampshire that participate in the state's National Science Foundation-funded Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, or EPSCoR.

"Our students are out in the field doing the work and then sending the data back to the University of New Hampshire for data input," says White Mountains President Katharine Eneguess.

The school also offers an innovative program that allows future teachers to start their studies in high school, transition to White Mountains for an associate degree in teaching, then complete work for a four-year degree by taking courses under Plymouth State University instructors on White Mountains' campus. White Mountains has also added a cybersecurity and health care IT certificate program.


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