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Want to learn the ins and outs of checking accounts? Let Bankrate be your go-to for all things checking. From our annual checking account survey on fees, ATM surcharges and overdraft penalties to trends in the banking and checking industry, we've got you covered.


Checking Basics

Deposits, ATM-style

Explore the rarely visited realm of ATM use: deposits! Learn what you need to know here.

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Claes Bell

Amazon Dash and debit cards don’t mix

The Amazon Dash Button will make ordering household products ridiculously easy. That's great for lazy people, but not so good for responsible debit card use. ... Read more


Checking Fees Rise

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2015 Bankrate Checking Survey

Checking fees are at record highs, according to our yearly survey of 25 top U.S. markets.

Try high-yield checking for solid returns


Max your checking

2016 high-yield checking survey

High-yield checking accounts earn outsize interest, usually from smaller institutions.

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