Flagstar Direct is an Internet banking business that operates under its parent company, Flagstar Bank. Since 1987, Flagstar has built a network of approximately 160 retail banking locations in Michigan, Indiana and Georgia, and Flagstar Direct provides convenient online banking tools for customers anywhere in the country. Flagstar Direct customers have fee-free access to more than 32,000 ATM locations throughout America, but the bank does not reimburse fees from other institutions.

A member of the FDIC, Flagstar Direct provides these online banking options for customers:

  • Checking account.
  • Money market account.
  • Certificates of deposit.

Depositing money into a Flagstar Direct account

Customers can set up wire transfers between another bank and Flagstar Direct to deposit funds into their accounts. While Flagstar Direct charges no fees for incoming transfers, customers may pay costs to the other institution in the transaction.

Growing money with Flagstar Direct

For all three types of Flagstar Direct accounts, the bank offers competitive interest rates for its customers. 

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The Flagstar corporate headquarters are located here:

5151 Corporate Drive

Troy, MI 48098

To reach Flagstar Direct, customers can call the bank’s toll-free number at (800)945-7700.

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