First Premier Bank is a subsidiary of United National Corp., which was founded in 1914. Headquartered in South Dakota, First Premier Bank operates in conjunction with Premier Bankcard. While First Premier Bank only has retail banking centers in six cities in the state of South Dakota, the company has a strong presence throughout the nation because of its credit card business. First Premier Bank is the 10th largest issuer of Visa and MasterCard credit cards in America with more than 3.5 million cardholders throughout the country.

A member of the FDIC, First Premier Bank is also the 33rd largest ACH bank in America. For retail banking customers in the company’s home state, the bank offers all the traditional services of a commercial bank, including:

  • Savings and checking accounts.
  • Online banking.
  • Retirement advice.
  • Brokerage.
  • Mortgages.
  • Personal loans.
  • Nationwide ATM use (fee-free at First Premier locations in South Dakota).
  • Investing and wealth management.

Credit cards for customers with bad or no credit

For customers getting their first credit cards or those who have bad marks on their credit reports, First Premier Bank offers cards that can help establish good credit.

However, these come with a significant price for cardholders. The annual APR for a Premier bankcard is 23.9 percent, and cardholders must pay a $75 annual fee. In addition to these expenses, cardholders must pay each time their credit limit is increased. The fee is 50 percent of the amount of the monetary increase.

You can check the bank’s Safe & Sound rating at

The First Premier Bank corporate headquarters is located here:

601 South Minnesota Avenue

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

To reach the First Premier Bank office, customers can call (605) 335-4000.

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