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Keeping your car in bankruptcy

You can sometimes keep your car in bankruptcy. If not, you may be able to protect part of its value. Read more

Latest Debt Management Headlines

3 questions on workplace loans

Asking the boss for early pay is a growing trend. Before trying it, answer these questions.Read more

Repossess my car -- please!

You can surrender your car in bankruptcy, but forcing the lender to take it back may be difficult.Read more

How do I pay student loan quickly?

Those student loan bills come soon after your diploma. Here's a quick way to tackle them.Read more

Millennials: The upbeat generation?

Millennials aren't worrying about hefty college debt and a tight job market. Here's why.Read more

Debt Adviser

Who pays deceased mom's debts?

Dear Debt Adviser, A couple of months ago, my friend's mother died. Her brother is handling the estate and has been wondering about their mother's $2,100 outstanding credit card debt. The mother had no assets except for... Read more


Debt Management Basics

Refinance into home equity loan?

For some homeowners, it could make sense to refinance with a home equity loan.Read more

10 debt consolidation myths

Debt consolidation is supposed to help you fix your credit. But much of what is said about the process is bogus.Read more

10 ways to bounce back from bankruptcy

Bankruptcy will cloud your credit, but you can recover. It takes time and discipline, but it isn't unthinkable.Read more

Are you a candidate for bankruptcy?

Consider these three factors before making any consequential decisions, a debt counselor advises.Read more

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