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Top Story

Steve R. Bucci (debt)

How do I recover from a car repo?

Your credit score takes a big hit when the bank repossesses your car. Here's how to recover. Read more

Latest Debt Management Headlines

Credit ills and doctor bills

Medical bills that wind up in collections hurt your credit scores more than they should. That was the conclusion the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reached after studying 5 million credit reports. The federal regulator...Read more

IRA safe if I default on card?

Dear Credit Card Adviser, I have a credit card that I am unable to pay off. I have retirement accounts with the same bank that issues the card. If I default on my credit card, how will it affect my retirement funds? --...Read more

Debt consolidation loans survive

You may be tempted to consolidate your credit card and other high-interest debt into a mortgage with much lower payments. The offers are widespread. But is this a wise financial decision? Today's debt consolidation mortgages...Read more

Pay stepdaughter's $5K bill online?

Dear Credit Card Adviser, My stepdaughter owes $5,000 on her credit card. My wife has access to her online credit card account and she's an authorized user. Can I use my savings account information to pay it off online?...Read more

Debt Adviser

Pay off $50K card debt fast?

Dear Debt Adviser, I have a debt of $50,000 from balance transfers and credit line accounts. If I were to pay just the minimum due every month (which is what I can afford now) how long will it take to clear including... Read more


Debt Management Basics

Refinance into home equity loan?

For a niche group of homeowners with plenty of equity, refinancing a first mortgage with a home equity loan could make sense, now that mortgage rates have gone up. It truly is a niche group: homeowners with equity who plan...Read more

10 debt consolidation myths

When Norm Bour was 24, credit was so hard to come by he couldn't get a gas station company credit card without begging. While it's important for you to get a handle on your debt, how you go about it is just as important....Read more

15 signs of serious debt trouble

You know you need to seek help from a credit counselor when ... It may sound like a comedy routine opener, but for lots of people, it's definitely not a laughing matter. Many who are weighed down with debt opt first for self-help,...Read more

Are you a candidate for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal remedy, and as such only an attorney can properly advise you on the process. However, as far as being a candidate for the legal process, that is another question. My experience has been that the decision...Read more

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