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Master credit after bankruptcy

You didn't go bankrupt on purpose. These tips can help you prevent it from happening again. Read more

Latest Debt Management Headlines

Huge med bills with tiny income?

The government, as well as your providers, might be able to help with your exorbitant medical bills.Read more

Keeping your car in bankruptcy?

If you want to hold on to your wheels after Chapter 7, you'll have to sign a reaffirmation agreement.Read more

Debt clock stops after 7 years

If your debt is older than 7 years, show proof to the credit reporting bureau to have it removed.Read more

Your debt's charged off. Now what?

Charged-off debt doesn't just go away. Find out what can happen to you and your credit.Read more

Debt Adviser

Remedy for my big medical bill?

Dear Debt Adviser, I was operated on in an emergency room a couple of years ago for a burst appendix. I was shopping for insurance at the same unfortunate time and had no insurance when I had the operation. The hospital... Read more


Debt Management Basics

Refinance into home equity loan?

For some homeowners, it could make sense to refinance with a home equity loan.Read more

10 debt consolidation myths

Debt consolidation is supposed to help you fix your credit. But much of what is said about the process is bogus.Read more

10 ways to bounce back from bankruptcy

Bankruptcy will cloud your credit, but you can recover. It takes time and discipline, but it isn't unthinkable.Read more

Are you a candidate for bankruptcy?

Consider these three factors before making any consequential decisions, a debt counselor advises.Read more

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