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52 New Ways To Save

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How to do a no-spend month

Think you can go a month without spending any money? Follow these tips to flex your savings muscle.

Top Story

Crumpled money and a pink piggy bank

America's best (and worst) savers

When we asked people how much they save, the answer was surprising. Read more

Latest Checking & Savings Headlines

52-week savings challenge

Can you save big bucks by tweaking your budget? We test out a new way to save every week.Read more

Try the 52-week money challenge

Can you save $1,378 in one year? See what happened when our reporter tried.Read more

Saving for a goal

If you want to save for a goal, you have to pass up the now for the future. Here's how.Read more

What's the charge for lost check?

Here's what to expect if you lose a cashier's check and need a replacement from the bank.Read more

Credit Unions: Fee Fighters

Young couple with adviser

Credit unions: Champs of low fees

You may save a few bucks on credit union checking fees. What else can you score?

Ask Dr. Don

How often to compound interest?

Dear Dr. Don, Is it better to have interest compounded on your money daily, monthly or quarterly? Which gives you the most for your money invested? Thanks, -- Jan Juxtapose Dear Jan, With all else being equal, the more... Read more

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Claes Bell

New bank app: Chat with a teller

Is that a teller in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? New mobile banking tech lets you chat face to face with a teller on your mobile device.  ... Read more


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