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Check Out High-Yield Checking

High-yield checking edge

High-yield checking won't make you rich, but you'll beat the return of other bank accounts.

Top Story

Diagram of seesaw showing perfect equilibrium of risk and reward © Gajus/

7 low-risk, low-yield investments

If you're squeamish about risk, these play-it-safe investments are for you. Read more

Latest Checking & Savings Headlines

4 steps to switch to a new bank

Like karaoke night at your favorite bar, new banking fees have a way of making even longtime customers head for the exits. A September 2012 poll conducted as part of Bankrate's Financial Security Index found that 72 percent...Read more

Best checking accounts for all ages

Checking accounts by generation Previous 1 of 9 Next Checking accounts by generation Every generation has a nickname -- sometimes more than one. The baby boomers. The millennials. The Snapchat Generation. Generation X. The...Read more

Finding the best student checking

Some checking accounts cater to you Previous 1 of 6 Next Some checking accounts cater to you For banks and credit unions, students are good for business. When a high school or college student opens a checking account at a...Read more

Has cash outlived its usefulness?

Consumers rely on cash for a long list of everyday transactions, not all of which are strictly legal. Examples include tip jars, church collection plates, small fundraising campaigns, bake sales and lemonade stands, casual...Read more

2014 Credit Union Survey

Woman hand writing check with calculator © jwohlfeil/

Credit unions: Free checking zone

Credit unions stand their ground on free checking, while it has declined at banks.

Ask Dr. Don

How can I find best savings options?

Dear Dr. Don, Where can I get the best and safest savings rates? I feel like I need to do a better job of saving and want to get a good return on my money. -- Walter Wonders Dear Walter, That's the kind of question... Read more

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David McMillin

Checking account fights cancer

While plenty of banks work to attract new account holders with checking account bonuses, Fifth Third is running a promotion that aims to make a difference in the battle against cancer.  ... Read more


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