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Check Out High-Yield Checking

High-yield checking edge

High-yield checking won't make you rich, but you'll beat the return of other bank accounts.

Top Story

Young woman holding money from ATM © Matthew Ennis/

Finding the best student checking

Open a checking account with the right perks to be smart about your money. Read more

Latest Checking & Savings Headlines

How do I earn money fast, easy?

Dear Senior Living Adviser, I'm a 63-year-old single woman who lost everything in the housing bust. I went bankrupt about 2 1/2 years ago and had to file early for Social Security benefits. I make $800 a month and I live...Read more

4 risky places to use a debit card

Would you give a thief direct access to your checking account? No? Unfortunately, you may be doing just that by regularly using your debit card. Debit cards may look identical to credit cards, but there's one key difference:...Read more

Troubles triggered by inheritance

Many people dream of inheriting a windfall, convinced it will light up the path to Easy Street. In fact, if you talk to inheritors and wealth counselors, they'll say an inheritance often causes more trouble than it solves....Read more

7 useful savings account features

A savings account may sound plain vanilla, but they come in many different flavors. So when choosing a place to stash your savings, it pays to shop around. Fees, minimum balances and interest rates vary widely -- and nearly...Read more

2014 Credit Union Survey

Woman hand writing check with calculator © jwohlfeil/

Credit unions: Free checking zone

Credit unions stand their ground on free checking, while it has declined at banks.

Ask Dr. Don

How can I find best savings options?

Dear Dr. Don, Where can I get the best and safest savings rates? I feel like I need to do a better job of saving and want to get a good return on my money. -- Walter Wonders Dear Walter, That's the kind of question... Read more

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Allison Ross

Cyberattack hits Chase, other banks

A number of U.S. banks, including JPMorgan Chase, were hit earlier this month by cyberattacks.  ... Read more


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