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Jean Chatzky

Saving for a goal

If you want to save for a goal, you have to pass up the now for the future. Here's how. Read more

Latest Checking & Savings Headlines

Free checking at credit unions

No longer finding free checking at your bank? You may want to consider a credit union.Read more

6 myths about credit unions

You may have the wrong impression of credit unions. The truth may surprise you.Read more

5 ways we sabotage our savings

Can't get off the paycheck-to-paycheck, no-savings treadmill? Here's how to fix that.Read more

How often to compound interest?

Learn why it makes a difference to have interest on your savings credited more frequently.Read more

Credit Unions: Fee Fighters

Young couple with adviser

Credit unions: Champs of low fees

You may save a few bucks on credit union checking fees. What else can you score?

Ask Dr. Don

How often to compound interest?

Dear Dr. Don, Is it better to have interest compounded on your money daily, monthly or quarterly? Which gives you the most for your money invested? Thanks, -- Jan Juxtapose Dear Jan, With all else being equal, the more... Read more

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Claes Bell

Americans happier with their banks?

f any checking account feature, customers rated debit cards as the most essential. A whopping 60 percent said they couldn't image living without a debit card.  ... Read more


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