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$100 bills © Luis Carlos Torres/

52-week savings challenge

Can you save big bucks by tweaking your budget? We test out a new way to save every week. Read more

Latest Checking & Savings Headlines

What is Bill Gates' net worth?

As an entrepreneur, business leader and philanthropist, Bill Gates' net worth keeps climbing. See where it stands today.Read more

What is Seth MacFarlane worth?

The "Family Guy" and "American Dad" creator has seen his net worth skyrocket.Read more

What is Jerry Seinfeld's net worth?

A "show about nothing" made Jerry Seinfeld a fortune. See where his net worth stands today.Read more

What is LeBron James' net worth?

LeBron James has taken advantage of his influence on and off the court. Witness where his net worth stands today.Read more


Checking that pays

Mature couple on couch, smiling

High-yield checking can pay big

A Bankrate survey finds you can earn a good return if you meet account requirements.

Ask Dr. Don

Are my savings bonds safe?

Dear Dr. Don, I have approximately $20,000 in savings bonds. Given the state of the U.S. economy, should I cash them in? How safe are they if the economy tanks, the U.S. goes bankrupt or the country gets a serious credit... Read more

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Greg McBride

Greg McBride: Clutching our wallets

Are you watching what you spend? If so, you have plenty of company.  ... Read more


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