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Check Out High-Yield Checking

High-yield checking edge

High-yield checking won't make you rich, but you'll beat the return of other bank accounts.

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Don Taylor

Quickest path toward $1 million?

Want to turn a nest egg into a fortune? Savings and compounding interest are the keys. Read more

Latest Checking & Savings Headlines

Should you pay with phone?

"Cash, credit or smartphone?" isn't something you're likely to hear at a retailer or restaurant. In fact, using a smartphone to make in-store purchases isn't just rare; many people aren't even aware it's an option. Still,...Read more

Are emergency funds overrated?

For years, financial writers have parroted the conventional wisdom that people need an emergency fund equal to three to six months' worth of living expenses in a safe, liquid account. Like most such rules, that formula seems...Read more

Survey: Few saving for emergencies

The Great Recession should have been a case study in the value of saving. But a new survey from Bankrate shows that many Americans aren't preparing for the next downturn with a rainy-day fund . Bankrate's Financial Security...Read more

Watch: Saving for emergencies

Americans continue to show a stunning lack of progress in accumulating sufficient emergency savings.'s latest look shows that two-thirds of Americans have saved less than the recommended six months' worth of...Read more

2014 Credit Union Survey

Woman hand writing check with calculator © jwohlfeil/

Credit unions: Free checking zone

Credit unions stand their ground on free checking, while it has declined at banks.

Ask Dr. Don

Quickest path toward $1 million?

Dear Dr. Don, This question involves how best to make for a better life for my family. How can I make a one-time investment of $5,000 grow into $1 million or more over 60 years? One of my broader goals is to encourage my... Read more

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Allison Ross

Banks’ web security full of holes?

That little lock icon on your bank's website may be easy for hackers to pick, according to two recent reports.  ... Read more


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