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Check Out High-Yield Checking

High-yield checking edge

High-yield checking won't make you rich, but you'll beat the return of other bank accounts.

Top Story

Woman stacking quarters © deepblue-photographer/

7 useful savings account features

Yields may be awful, but savings accounts offer tools that help you save for a rainy day. Read more

Latest Checking & Savings Headlines

5 money myths dispelled

The following are 100 percent true statements: A penny saved is a penny earned. A home is a great investment. Money doesn't grow on trees. Are you nodding in agreement? Gotcha! According to money experts, there are plenty...Read more

Quickest path toward $1 million?

Dear Dr. Don, This question involves how best to make for a better life for my family. How can I make a one-time investment of $5,000 grow into $1 million or more over 60 years? One of my broader goals is to encourage my...Read more

High-yield checking for investing? just released the annual look at high-yield checking accounts. Savers starved for every bit of interest income they can find will be comforted to know that as far as liquid, federally insured cash investments...Read more

Declare financial independence

Show your money who's the boss Previous 1 of 8 Next Show your money who's the boss Ever feel like gathering up your bills in protest and throwing them in the nearest harbor? OK, maybe you don't have to be that dramatic. But...Read more

2014 Credit Union Survey

Woman hand writing check with calculator © jwohlfeil/

Credit unions: Free checking zone

Credit unions stand their ground on free checking, while it has declined at banks.

Ask Dr. Don

What are key money market rates?

Dear Dr. Don, What is the meaning of these three rates that you list for money market accounts? Annual percentage yield. Intro rate. Post-intro rate. I thought I understood the first one. As for the other two, they're not... Read more

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Allison Ross

CFPB adds its warning on bitcoins

Add the CFPB to the list of agencies warning consumers about the perils of cryptocurrencies.  ... Read more


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