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Park Your Cash

What's a 'run' on the bank?

Greek banks have been closed to prevent a nationwide bank run. Could that happen here?

Top Story

Savings bonds © iStock

Cash in childhood savings bonds?

You've matured, but maybe not those savings bonds you received as a kid. Read more

Latest Checking & Savings Headlines

Are you saving for emergencies?

Wages are on the rise in America. Is any of that extra dough going into savings accounts?Read more

More important to save or invest?

While the two go hand in hand, you may be surprised at which one has more impact on wealth.Read more

When to hold, sell savings bonds?

That savings bond you bought in the 1990s is still far from maturity. Time to cash out?Read more

Free checking, sans direct deposit

Can't find free checking unless you sign up for direct deposit? Try this option.Read more


Checking that pays

Mature couple on couch, smiling

High-yield checking can pay big

A Bankrate survey finds you can earn a good return if you meet account requirements.

Ask Dr. Don

Cash in childhood savings bonds?

Dear Dr. Don, I have three $50 Series EE savings bonds issued to me (at my childhood address) back in June 1986. They were academic awards in grade school. I have no idea what to do with them. How do I redeem them? I tried... Read more

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Claes Bell

US banks not perfect, but ATMs work

Years after the financial crisis, there are still issues with U.S. banks, but they pale in comparison to Greece, where ATMs suffered a run over the weekend.  ... Read more


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