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Park Your Cash

Risky debit card use

When you swipe your debit card in these spots, you may find someone swiping your money.

Top Story

Senior couple holding calculator meeting with adviser

Is senior checking a good deal?

Senior checking accounts are touted as a bargain. Are they better than basic checking? Read more

Latest Checking & Savings Headlines

Savings account and a lottery?

These accounts offer the chance to win prizes of up to $2 million just for saving.Read more

9 cool check designs

Make your checks more personal by ditching the boring blue design for something stylish.Read more

Buy checks online to save money

If you haven't bought checks recently, the cost may surprise you. Here's how to save.Read more

8 places to park newly found cash

Don't bury money in the yard! Check out these other options that offer safekeeping.Read more


Checking that pays

Mature couple on couch, smiling

High-yield checking can pay big

A Bankrate survey finds you can earn a good return if you meet account requirements.

Ask Dr. Don

How often to compound interest?

Dear Dr. Don, Is it better to have interest compounded on your money daily, monthly or quarterly? Which gives you the most for your money invested? Thanks, -- Jan Juxtapose Dear Jan, With all else being equal, the more... Read more

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Claes Bell

Worst debit card ever?

In trying to prevent welfare recipients from squandering their cash benefits, Kansas may have created the worst debit card in history.  ... Read more


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