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Park Your Cash

Is senior checking a deal?

Senior checking accounts are touted as bargains. Are they better than basic checking?

Top Story

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52-week savings challenge

Can you save big bucks by tweaking your budget? We test out a new way to save every week. Read more

Latest Checking & Savings Headlines

Pay credit card bill every week?

Will frequent credit card payments help control spending and boost your credit score?Read more

5 tips on teen checking accounts

A checking account can help teach your teen important money basics. Here's how to start.Read more

Why didn't my bank deposit clear?

If you've made a deposit in your bank's ATM, you might have to wait to get the cash.Read more

Best investment for grandkids?

It'll be years before your grandchildren go to college. What's the best way to help them save?Read more


Checking that pays

Mature couple on couch, smiling

High-yield checking can pay big

A Bankrate survey finds you can earn a good return if you meet account requirements.

Ask Dr. Don

Do savings bonds ever lose value?

Dear Dr. Don, If you own a 35-year Series I savings bond and have held it for 10 years, is it possible for it to lose value if you need to cash it in before it matures? Can the price actually go down at times? Thanks, ... Read more

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Claes Bell

Ashley Madison customers: Beware ID theft

In addition to marital fallout, millions of Ashley Madison users are at risk of ID theft.  ... Read more


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