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Checking Fees 2016

See checking fees in your city

Checking fees are at record highs, according to our yearly survey of the 25 top U.S. markets.

Top Story

Woman writing in notebook | Startup Stock Photos/Stocksnap

How are interest rates set?

Decode the mysterious ways interest rates move up and down. It could pay off for you. Read more

Latest Checking & Savings Headlines

Treasury securities a safe choice

These government-backed investments offer a risk-free way to save.Read more

How FDIC protects your money

One of the most ubiquitous signs in the banking world is "Member FDIC." Here's what it means.Read more

Savings vs. money market accounts

Different types of savings vehicles provide access to your money and pay interest, too.Read more

Lock up higher interest with CDs

Certificates of deposit offer fatter returns on your savings -- but there's a catch.Read more


Max your checking

Young couple holding hands walking in city | HeroImages/Getty Images

The payoff of high-yield checking

High-yield checking accounts earn outsize interest, usually from smaller institutions.

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Holden Lewis

Wells Fargo’s CEO gives 0 days’ notice

John Stumpf, CEO of Wells Fargo, is retiring effective now, 3 weeks after he apologized to the Senate Banking Committee for the bank's unauthorized accounts scandal.  ... Read more

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