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Check Out High-Yield Checking

High-yield checking edge

High-yield checking won't make you rich, but you'll beat the return of other bank accounts.

Top Story

Young woman surprised while looking at a laptop © Cheryl Savan/

5 ways to beat high checking fees

A Bankrate survey shows checking fees are up this year. Here's how to avoid them. Read more

Latest Checking & Savings Headlines

2014 Bankrate Checking Survey

Checking fees are rising. Bankrate's study shows how high in 25 major U.S. cities.Read more

Did Dad have a will when he died?

If a parent died and you haven't heard about a possible will, here's what you should know.Read more

7 low-risk, low-yield investments

If you're squeamish about risk, these play-it-safe investments are for you.Read more

4 risky places to use a debit card

When you swipe your debit card in these spots, you may find someone swiping your money.Read more

Checking Account Fees Surge

Upset businessman holding his head while sitting at a table with a laptop © LoloStock/

Overdraft, ATM fees at new highs

Our survey shows checking fees are rising. How much more are you paying?

Ask Dr. Don

Did Dad have a will when he died?

Dear Dr. Don, How can I find out if my father had a will before he died? His story was a bit complicated. Dad remarried after my mother died. He owned a house and his new wife also owned a house. Both sold their houses,... Read more

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David McMillin

Banking is getting better

A new survey shows that more Americans are enjoying their day-to-day experience with their checking accounts. Why are some turning to alternative banking products?  ... Read more


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