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Managing your credit is more important and more complicated than ever. With good credit, you can get a bigger house, a better car, a lower credit card rate and less-costly insurance. Without it, you'll always have a drag on your finances -- and that means fewer of the things you want. Whether you're applying for first-time credit or are deep in debt, this section is for you.

Not sure where to start? Try our debt-o-meter.

N O  D E B T
Do's and don'ts for establishing credit -- First-time credit users need to tread carefully to build a credit history.

Why you should check your credit report
-- If you are applying for a loan or credit, records of your previous dealings with someone else's money are vital.

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S O M E  D E B T

The future of FICO -- A little three-digit number, practically unknown a few years ago, keeps growing in importance for your finances.

Late with one creditor? All will punish you -- A trend in the financial industry is for Company X to jack up your rates because you were late to pay Company Y.

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H E A V Y  D E B T

FAQ about dealing with heavy debt -- When debt is rising out of control, these tips will help you cope.

Garnishment: the unexpected pay cut -- If you don't pay your taxes, child support or other debts, creditors can tap your paycheck.

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T O N  O F  D E B T

The basics of bankruptcy -- You don't want to declare bankruptcy. But if you must, do it right.

Some credit counselors helping themselves -- The growing industry attracting scam artists who rip off the vulnerable.

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C A L C U L A T O R S,   Q U I Z Z E S

Are you financially self-destructive? -- These questions will help you find out whether your habits are sabotaging your finances.

The true cost of paying the credit card minimum -- Our calculator will show you how long it'll take to pay off your card balance if you only pay the minimum. Find out what it'll take to pay it faster.

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Credit Management


$30K HELOC 4.48%
$50K Home Equity Loan 4.35%
$75K Home Equity Loan 4.35%
What will it take to pay off your credit card?
Should you refinance your mortgage?
Are you safeguarding your identity?


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