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Fees could be eating away at your 401(k) without you knowing about it.
Be tax-smart with retirement savings as your last workday draws closer.
Is an employer's 401(k) plan worth using if there's no company match or it has high fees?
The Roth 401(k), a sort of hybrid of a Roth and 401(k) may be offered by your employer. Should you be utilizing it?
Here are some steps to take now to reduce your heirs' tax liability when you die.
Follow this three-step process to choose the investments in your retirement plan.
Dreaming of retirement some day? Start socking money away with this in mind: To truly save for retirement, you need to invest.
Companies don't have to provide a 401(k) match. Here's how to invest if they don't.
The 401(k) plan offered by your employer has several tax advantages. Here's how it works.
Follow these tips to choose from the many different funds to invest in for your 401(k).
The IRS imposes different contribution limits for different retirement plans, and they often change.
New IRS rules open the Roth door for 401(k) investors who contribute after-tax money.
Starting to save for retirement in your 20s is a wise choice. Here are some ways to begin.
Paying off your mortgage might be a good idea, but not at the expense of your retirement.
You'd have to pay income taxes, plus a possible penalty, and your retirement would be at risk.
Studies have shown employees who take advantage of 401(k) advice do better than their peers.
Investing in hot stocks is exciting, but for retirement savings, skip the sizzle.
The IRS has specific rules about using retirement funds toward the purchase of a house.
Don't let your 401(k) keep you from opening an IRA to maximize your retirement savings.
Highly compensated employees can make catch-up contributions -- except in this case.
Beware of the possible tax consequences if tapping retirement to pay down your mortgage.
Consider these tips for paying off your mortgage while also saving for retirement.
Retirement plans can change after a layoff. Here's what may happen to your 401(k).
If you break down the fund choices in a 401(k) plan, it's easy to design an investment strategy.
Something is probably missing from your 401(k) plan. Who's to blame?
Don't let the lack of a 401(k) match at work keep you from saving for your retirement.
Catch-up investing is allowed at age 50. Find out what dollar and time limits apply.
How do you force yourself to make the investing rational choice over an emotional one? Find out.
The perfect 401(k) plan should have the best interests of plan participants in mind.
Investing in hot sectors without a strategy could throw ice water on your plans.
Tracking down missing 401(k) money isn't as easy as finding a traditional pension.
If you're leaving your job, don't forget about your 401(k) plan. Know these facts.
With the changing retirement landscape, do you ask yourself if you'll ever get to retire?
Consider all the consequences of paying off your home to become a long-distance landlord.
Normally, you have to withdraw money from accounts by age 72, but there are exceptions.
Did you take your company retirement plan to your new job? Here's how to report it to the IRS.
While the capital gains tax rate doesn't apply, tax-deferred growth can work wonders.
Early retirees can tap their IRAs without a penalty by following these steps.
Retirement money is safe in bankruptcy, as long as you keep it in the right place.
Even if you are working in your 60s, having a 401(k) match is a nice benefit.
Whether you get a regular or an annual 401(k) match makes a difference in your nest egg.
The tax you'll owe will depend on what bracket you are in when you cash out your 401(k).
It isn't unusual to take a few days for your 401(k) loan plan payments to get posted.
It depends on your situation, but these 10 questions can help you find the answer.
States handle early 401(k) plan withdrawals differently. Does that mean you should move?
401(k) plans are held in high regard. But these traits may render IRAs superior.
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