Tax Basics
A pencil filling out a tax form and a $1 bill in the background
Tax Basics: Table of contents

Chapter 1: Withholding

For most folks, taxes start with withholding. See if you're doing it right.

Chapter 2: Forms and filing

Learn the nitty-gritty of finding whether you have to file, and if so on what form and with which tax table.

Chapter 3: Deductions

You had better know your deductions if you want to pay the least amount of tax.

Chapter 4: Credits

Credits are even better than deductions, because they reduce taxes more. Know which ones you qualify for.

Chapter 5: Life events and taxes

Plan to own a home? Raise a family? Start a business? As your life changes, so will your tax needs.

Chapter 6: Closing details

These are the little details that are the difference between owing and not owing the IRS.

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