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8 ways to avoid getting conned

Watch that debit card
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Debit cards

Debit card fraud is expanding and, unlike credit card fraud, your losses can be much more extensive and your money harder to recover. Some ways to make using a debit card safer include the following:

  • Run your purchases as credit so you don't have to input your PIN.
  • Always double-check your card when a clerk, cashier or waiter hands it back to you and make certain it's the same card you handed over.
  • Be suspicious of people who want to stand too close to you when you're using your debit card, particularly when they are using a cellphone. They could be recording your debit card information with their camera.

Check your accounts frequently -- daily if possible. If you see an unauthorized withdrawal, contact your bank immediately. With a debit card, the faster you act, the faster you limit your liability.




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