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Investing in the new economy
Investing in the new economy

Man and woman looking at investing monitor The new economic environment is fraught with uncertainty, and the markets hate uncertainty. Investors hover near the exits as they watch for forces that may adversely impact stock prices.

They're waiting for news such as economic reports that observe slackening consumer spending, the next domino to fall in Europe, the Middle East or Africa, the far-reaching impact of Japan's disasters, the possible downgrade of U.S. debt. What will happen next that might spark a panic in the markets? And should investors stick out their investment plan or adopt new tactics?

This package is designed to help investors assess their portfolios in the context of a changing world. They can avail themselves of certain tools to enhance growth and preserve capital. If mistakes were made, they can recover. And if they want to diversify beyond bread-and-butter investments like stocks and bonds to alternative strategies, they can do so.

It's important to maintain awareness of world events while you build a portfolio that can help you reach your goals over the long term.





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