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2006: A look back - A look ahead  
  The landscape was schizophrenic in 2006 but a slow economy could fuel a rates war in 2007.
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Best checking and savings move: Ask questions

Want to get the most out of your bank or credit union while paying the least? Stay vigilant and never stop asking questions.

With a financial landscape that features frequent bank mergers, changing rules, offerings, and rates, this is not the time to hit the snooze button on your money. Here's how to look out for No. 1 when it comes to checking and savings accounts:

The 411 on mergers
Banks have been merging and consolidating this year. Industry experts expect it to continue into 2007.

The 411 on mergers:

The guess-my-rate game
Some experts believe that rates next year will be pretty much where they are this year. Others believe that normalcy will return to CDs and long-term rates will again be better than short-term rates, if you're worried your savings will be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The guess-my-rate game:
-- Posted: Nov. 1, 2006
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