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It wasn't long ago that a bachelor's degree virtually guaranteed solid job opportunities for graduates. But it's a different era now, and college grads can no longer expect an easy transition from campus to the working. I'm Claes Bell with the Personal Finance Minute.

To make sure your career starts off right, it's best to start volunteering, doing internships and getting experience while you're still in school. Grads these days should aim to leave school with a list of contacts in their industry, and internships can help accomplish that.

Reaching out to professors that have worked in your field can also help develop contacts, as will joining a professional trade organization.

When it comes to actually searching for a job, be careful not to narrow your search too much. Your experience and education may have prepared you for careers you're not even aware of, so cast a broad net.

Finally, don't slouch when it comes time to actually send out resumes and apply for a position. Spending time practicing your interview skills and perfecting your resume will significantly help your chances of landing a job you can build a career on.

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