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With jobs scarce, you don't want to ruin your chances at finding one by blowing your job interview. I'm Dan Miranda with Bankrate's Personal Finance Minute.

So, you've made it to the interview stage for a new job. What could go wrong, right? Actually ... (pause) plenty. Here are 10 interview mistakes you don't want to make during your next face-to-face meeting for a job.

First, don't prepare for a generic job interview. Fit your expertise and career anecdotes into the description of the job, emphasizing why you're the perfect candidate.

Don't talk about your personal life and don't blather. Even if your interviewer seems like someone who is sympathetic, answer the interview question and then stop. Silent pauses are acceptable. They allow you and your interviewer to compose your thoughts.

You'll want to be positive. So don't complain about your past job. And it should go without saying, but don't under dress and don't show up late. Lastly, don't act like you'll need hand-holding. Prove you can start work on day one with a minimum of training.

For more advice on finding a job, go to I'm Dan Miranda.


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