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The most expensive cities in the UK to own a car

Liverpool is the most expensive place in the UK to be a driver, costing the average motorist £4,000. This makes it even more costly than London and Manchester, according to a new survey.

12 July, 2018

How to create a savings strategy - and stick to it

If you find it difficult to get into the savings habits and reach your savings goals, it’s a good idea to review your savings plan and assess whether you can improve it and become more successful.

11 July, 2018

Virgin Money launches new Virgin Atlantic savings account

Virgin Money has launched a new Virgin Atlantic one-year savings account where you earn airmiles instead of interest on your deposited savings. The equivalent rate of interest on the Virgin Atlantic savings account is 2.1%, which is just slightly higher than the market-leading 2.05% one-year fixed rate savings account from Atom.

26 June, 2018

How illness and vulnerability can lead to debt

People in debt who have an additional vulnerability such as an illness, disability, or mental health issue, are often worse off than other clients, a major debt charity has warned.

22 June, 2018

Virgin Money will replace Clydesdale and Yorkshire bank on the high street

Virgin Money has agreed to be taken over by the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Group (CYBG) for £1.7 billion. As part of the merger, the Clydesdale and Yorkshire bank brands will disappear from the high street and be switched over to Virgin Money.

19 June, 2018

What’s the difference between a current and savings account?

Current accounts and savings accounts are basically an arrangement to lend money to a bank in the form of deposits, which they promise to keep safe until you withdraw or spend it. That promise is backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which insures deposits of up to £85,000 per person per banking group.

13 June, 2018

Atom Bank launches market leading fixed rate savings deal

Atom Bank has launched a new one-year fixed rate bond with an interest rate of 2.05% – the first time a fixed rate savings account has paid more than 2% since April 2016.

8 June, 2018

The biggest personal finance mistakes to avoid

Few of us learnt about personal finance at school, so it’s no wonder that money management can be a challenge from time to time.

8 June, 2018

How to protect your personal and financial details online

The threat to your personal and financial data from fraudsters is an ever-increasing problem, and as scams get more complex and cyber criminals get even craftier, you need to be clever to thwart the threats.

6 June, 2018

TSB criticised by FCA and grilled by MPs over IT meltdown

TSB has been criticised by the UK’s financial watchdog and MPs following a massive IT outage in April that left 1.9 million customers unable to access their money for weeks.

6 June, 2018

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