Savings Accounts

Whether you're saving for a house, retirement, or a well-deserved holiday, make sure you're putting your money to work with a savings account.

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Couple moving into their first home

The total cost of buying a home

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll ever make. Read this guide for a breakdown of all the costs associated with buying a house..

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How to Help to Buy mortgages work?

The term Help to Buy covers a number of schemes the government introduced to help first time buyers get onto the property ladder. Read this guide to find out how Help to Buy schemes can help you.

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Your state pension explained

The state pension has been modified many times since it was first introduced in 1909. Read this guide to find out all about your state pension.

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All Savings Account Guides

Man creating his savings plan

Savings Plan: Easy Ways To Save Money | Bankrate

Creating a saving strategy can be complicated, especially during recent times. We give you some useful tips to help you stay on track and, achieve your goals.

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ISA transfer guide

ISAs are a good way of maximising your savings, but you don't want to leave your money in an account with low returns. Transferring one ISA into a better ISA is usually your best course of action. Here's how to do it.

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What is an innovative finance ISA?

IFISAs are a third type of ISA that uses peer-to-peer investments to potentially earn you higher rates of interest - but with a higher level of risk, too. Read our in-depth IFISA explainer before you dive in.

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Auto Enrolment Pension: How Does It Work? | Bankrate

Automatic enrolment into your workplace pension scheme is required for all employers. We dissect the entirety of the process in this guide.


Why you need an ‘opportunity fund’

You've heard of using an emergency fund to save for the worst. Here's how an opportunity fund can help you prepare for once-in-a-lifetime chances.

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What is a fixed rate bond?

Fixed rate bonds (aka fixed rate savings accounts) offer high rates of interest, but you must be prepared to lock your money away for a fixed period of time - usually one to five years.

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How to stop forgotten expenses from breaking your budget

Even if you're a savvy budgeter, these five unexpected or forgotten expenses can catch you off guard when making and sticking to your budget.

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How To Save Money And Build Up Your Savings

It's never too late to start building up your savings. Here are 10 ways to boost your savings and transform your financial life.

Saving up and budgeting money

Fixed rate cash ISAs

Fixed-rate cash ISAs pay you a guaranteed amount of tax-free interest for a fixed term - but you can't easily withdraw your money from them.

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Fixed rate bonds

Fixed rate bonds let you deposit a lump sum for a fixed period of time. You can earn a higher rate of fixed interest than more flexible, easy access savings accounts.