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Whether you're saving for a house, retirement, or something else, make sure you're putting your money to work with a savings account.

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How much money do you need to save for retirement?

The most common way to save for retirement is with a pension, but even with auto-enrolment, the majority of us are still not saving enough. In 2018, the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) [...]

18 April, 2019

Your state pension explained

The state pension was first introduced in 1909 and around 500,000 people aged 70 and over were paid five shillings (25p) a week. Taking inflation into account, that’s around £28 per week in today’s [...]

18 April, 2019

What is pension auto-enrolment and how does it work?

Pension automatic enrolment makes it mandatory for employers to offer you a workplace pension that you both pay into. A percentage of the pension contribution comes out of your salary, and your employer [...]

18 April, 2019

Children’s savings accounts

We form many lifelong habits when we’re children, both good and bad, and a smart approach to personal finance is no exception. As a parent, it could be wise to help your kids learn good financial habits [...]

18 April, 2019

Choosing a savings account

From fixed-rate bonds, to cash ISAs to regular or bonus savings accounts, there are many different types of savings account to choose from in the UK today. But which one is right for you? What if you [...]

18 April, 2019

ISA allowances

ISAs can be a great way of saving tax-free for your future, and they are relatively straightforward to understand. However, to get the most from your ISA allowance, it’s important to understand what [...]

18 April, 2019

Cash ISAs

Cash ISAs Cash ISAs are a tax-free way of building up your savings. Each year you can put some of your income into a cash ISA and the interest you earn is completely tax free, irrespective of your income [...]

18 April, 2019

Fixed rate cash ISAs

Fixed-rate cash ISAs pay you a guaranteed amount of tax-free interest for a fixed term – usually between one and five years. The trade-off is that you can’t easily withdraw funds from a fixed-rate [...]

18 April, 2019

What is an innovative finance ISA?

When interest rates are low, investors look away from traditional savings accounts to find returns that beat inflation. Since the Bank of England cut the base interest rate to 0.50% in March 2009, savings [...]

18 April, 2019

How to create a passive income stream

If you’re worried your salary is not enough to help you save a deposit for your first property or prepare you for retirement, building wealth through passive income is a strategy that might appeal to [...]

12 March, 2019

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