National Westminster Bank (NatWest)

National Westminster Bank started its operations on 1 January 1970, after the merging of National Provincial Bank and Westminster Bank in 1968. The three chevrons (now cubes) of NatWest’s logo represent the two constituent banks, plus District Bank, which merged with National Provincial a few years prior.

NatWest Bank has a rich history in the UK credit card market, being one of the founder members of the Joint Credit Card Company, which developed the bank’s first credit card, Access, in 1972. This was in response to Barclaycard’s licencing of the BankAmericard product, which later became Visa.

NatWest was acquired by Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in a £21 billion takeover in March 2000, the largest in British banking history. RBS retained the NatWest brand and banking licence, but many functions were merged. Thus, many of the products available from the two institutions are broadly similar with different branding.

Banking group: The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc

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7-day account switch guarantee: Yes

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Mortgages: Yes

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Business banking: Yes

FSCS deposit protection: Yes, up to £85,000 per accountholder

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