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How to prepare for a higher interest rate on your mortgage

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meets monthly to decide whether to raise or lower the base interest rate, which in turn affects mortgage rates and your monthly repayments. Over the last year, the MPC has been priming homeowners to be prepared for an interest rate rise.

19 September, 2018

UK interest rate rises to 0.75%: Here’s what you need to know

The Bank of England has increased the base interest rate from 0.5% to 0.75%. This is only the second time that the base rate has been raised since the global financial crisis a decade ago. This base rate increase will impact almost every aspect of your personal finances, from the cost of your mortgage, to the interest gained on your savings, to your credit card APR.

19 September, 2018

What is a Lifetime ISA and should you open one?

The Lifetime ISA was introduced in April 2017 as a new type of tax-free savings and investment account to help you buy your first home and save for retirement.

18 September, 2018

How to calculate your net worth

There are many ways of measuring your financial health. Credit scores and savings milestones and investment portfolios all work together to complete a portrait of your financial aptitude. But there’s another factor you should consider, too: net worth.

4 September, 2018

Which banks support open banking today?

The UK’s nine high street banks are now required to support open banking – a new set of technologies that make it easy for you to access and share your financial information and bank transaction history (i.e. every payment in and out of your account).

29 August, 2018

Three-year minimum tenancy proposed by government

The government has proposed the introduction of a three-year minimum lease for property rentals, to protect renters from being evicted at short notice by landlords. According to government data, people stay in their rented homes for almost four years – but 81% of rental contracts last for just six to 12 months.

3 July, 2018

DEPRECATED - Are millennials giving up on buying a home?

Millennials are struggling to follow in their parents’ home ownership footsteps, according to new research from the Resolution Foundation.

21 June, 2018

City-dwellers are most worried about money, survey shows

People living in urban areas are less satisfied with their overall financial position, are more likely to use high-cost loans and, on average, have more unsecured debt, an authoritative new study has shown.

20 June, 2018

Virgin Money will replace Clydesdale and Yorkshire bank on the high street

Virgin Money has agreed to be taken over by the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Group (CYBG) for £1.7 billion. As part of the merger, the Clydesdale and Yorkshire bank brands will disappear from the high street and be switched over to Virgin Money.

19 June, 2018

Atom launches 95% LTV mortgages for first-time buyers

Digital-only bank Atom has launched a range of only-5%-deposit mortgages for first-time buyers. The interest rates on Atom’s new 95% LTV mortgages are okay, but not great: 3.59% for a two-year fixed deal, 3.89% for three years, or 3.99% for five.

18 June, 2018

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