Remortgaging can save you thousands of pounds per year - or if you've built up equity in your home, let you borrow more money for home improvements. Use our calculators, guides, and mortgage comparison to find the best remortgage deals.

Remortgaging Guides

How to get your first mortgage

Despite the current uncertainty surrounding the property market, 29,400 new first-time buyer mortgages were completed in December 2018 alone, according to banking and finance representative UK Finance.

18 January, 2019

First-time buyer mortgages

If you’re a first-time home buyer, there are special first-time buyer mortgages and schemes like Help to Buy and Shared Ownership that are specifically tailored to help get you onto the property ladder.

18 January, 2019

When should I remortgage?

Remortgaging is when you get a new mortgage on your current home. It’s a very important decision that could impact your finances by thousands of pounds every year.

16 January, 2019

10 year fixed rate mortgages

10-year fixed rate mortgages are currently the longest fixed rate periods offered by banks and building societies in the UK.

10 January, 2019

Retirement interest only mortgages

A new type of mortgage is establishing itself as an option for older borrowers who want to free up equity from their home, or combine paying for their home with saving for retirement or care costs.

10 January, 2019

Must-dos for first-time home buyers

Had it with rentals and roommates and think it’s about time you took advantage of low mortgage rates and became a first-time homebuyer? To make that happen, just follow this simple step-by-step plan.

17 December, 2018

Deutsche Bank firing 7,000 investment bankers, with London likely to be hit hard

Deutsche Bank is axing 7,000 jobs globally – and a big chunk of those redundancies are likely to be at its investment banking business in the City of London.

6 December, 2018

Get mortgage from Amazon?

Amazon made it easier to order toilet paper and baby clothes without ever leaving your home. Will the behemoth online retailer provide you with your next mortgage?

6 December, 2018

Remortgaging up as UK braces for interest rate hike

Increased competition among banks and the end of many fixed-rate deals has led to a rise in demand for mortgages over the past 12 months, a new survey shows.

6 December, 2018

Turned down for a credit card, loan, or mortgage? Here’s why

If you’ve recently applied for credit card, loan, or mortgage, and been rejected, it can be a frustrating experience. Understanding why it has happened could improve your chances of being approved in the future, and it could also make you think again about whether borrowing money is right for you.

24 September, 2018

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