Remortgaging can save you thousands of pounds per year - or if you've built up equity in your home, let you borrow more money for home improvements. Use our calculators, guides, and mortgage comparison to find the best remortgage deals.

Remortgaging Guides

Mortgage overpayments

If you can overpay on your mortgage – i.e. you can pay more per month than normal – you can clear your debt quicker and ultimately save thousands of pounds in interest payments.

28 January, 2019

How Brexit will affect your finances

In less than a year from now – on March 29, 2019 to be precise – the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union.

28 January, 2019

60% LTV mortgages

The cheapest and best mortgage you can get is a 60% LTV (loan to value) mortgage. By putting down a deposit of 40%, mortgage lenders will see you as a very safe bet – and thus offer you the best interest rates and promotional periods.

28 January, 2019

85% LTV mortgages

If you can obtain an 85% LTV mortgage, where you provide a deposit or home equity of 15%, you will usually be rewarded with a much lower interest rate than a 90% LTV mortgage – which can save you thousands of pounds in interest repayments over a few years.

28 January, 2019

How to jointly manage money without damaging your credit score

If you have ever shared an address with someone, you could be financially associated – which means, in the eyes of the credit reference agencies, that your finances are connected. Credit agencies play a big role in whether you can get approved for credit in the future, so it’s very important to be aware of your financial associations.

28 January, 2019

Tips for selling your home quickly

If you are considering selling your home, it’s important to make your home stand out from others to increase the chances of a quick sale at your target price.

28 January, 2019

Offset mortgages

Not all mortgages are created equal. Beyond interest-only and repayment, fixed and variable rates, there are additional choices to be made. One option is an offset mortgage.

28 January, 2019

What is a home survey?

Before you buy a property both you and your lender need to know it’s worth what you’ve agreed to pay to the seller. To do this, you’ll need a mortgage valuation report and property survey.

28 January, 2019

A financial guide to sharing a home with someone else

Thinking of moving in together? Read our guide first to the financial and practical preparations you should make.

28 January, 2019

Should you do up your home or move?

You’ve been in your house for a while, and you’re still fond of it and the area, but it’s no longer exactly meeting your needs. So, should you do it up and make the most of it – or find somewhere new and move house?

28 January, 2019

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