Remortgaging can save you thousands of pounds per year - or if you've built up equity in your home, let you borrow more money for home improvements. Use our calculators, guides, and mortgage comparison to find the best remortgage deals.

Remortgaging Guides

Kids' Dream Houses

Published: 23 April, 2020.

30 October, 2019

Space To Swing A Cat

Author: Sebastian Anthony. Published: 3 October, 2019.

25 September, 2019

Sainsbury's shuts down mortgage business

Sainsbury's Bank revealed that from today it will no longer offer new mortgages.

25 September, 2019

How to sell your house

Moving house can be expensive, time consuming and stressful. And selling one house to buy another only adds to the pressure. Before you decide to sell your property, make sure it's the right thing for you to do and that you can afford to do it.

24 September, 2019

How to make an offer on a house

Making an offer on a house is rarely as simple as offering the asking price. Sellers and estate agents expect prospective buyers to offer less than the asking price - so do not be afraid to go below it.

20 August, 2019

Should I rent or buy my next house?

Should I rent or buy?

9 August, 2019

The UK's Most Woke Cities

The UK's Most Woke Cities: The most progressive places in which to live and work

6 August, 2019

How to improve your credit score

Knowing how to build your credit score is important if you want to improve your chances of getting approved for credit.

5 August, 2019

Property search: How to find the right home for you

This guide will help you decide where you want to live, and how to find the right home for you.

5 August, 2019

House viewing tips: What to look for

Viewing a house is an important step in the home buying process. It’s your chance to get a real insight into whether a property is right for you.

2 August, 2019

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