Revealed: the most valuable properties on TV

Google data has revealed a massive 350% jump in enquiries about moving house during the pandemic. Bored looking at our own four walls, Brits have turned to the TV for inspiration and viewings have soared during lockdown. So, it’s understandable that Brits may be lusting after the properties they see on their screens, but what would these homes be worth if they did want to buy them?

Experts at the mortgage comparison website, Bankrate, decided to look at the most iconic homes from British TV and find out how much they’d be worth if they were put on the market today. 

Bankrate enlisted the help of Anamaria Pircu, architectural designer and owner of VATRAA, to estimate the price of each popular property, from the Big Brother house, to the famous Peckham flat in Only Fools and Horses

What are the most valuable famous TV and film properties in Britain?

The 10 most famous TV and film properties in Britain:

1. The Big Brother house – £4.5 million

The Big Brother house was demolished in 2019 after 15 seasons, but it still remains one of the most iconic properties in British TV. The house was designed to encompass modernism and functionality – two attributes which continue to be a big hit with homeowners today. Not to mention the property’s location in Borehamwood, a commuter town just outside of London, which boasts great transport links and business opportunities. Anamaria Pircu estimates that buyers looking to purchase a similar sized property today could expect to pay a cool £4.5million.  

2. Love Actually mews house – £3 million

The famous bright pink Love Actually mews house is a property many Brits dream of. Located in London’s luxurious Notting Hill, one of the most desirable locations in West London, the spacious and modern property is perfect for singletons, couples, or a small family. Our expert estimates it will set you back £3 million in today’s market. 

Image credit: Lidiya Oleandra/Shutterstock

3. The Love Island villa – £2.5 million 

The Love Island villa, located in the Spanish Balearic Island of Majorca, is known for its incredibly stylish and luxurious appearance. The secluded property boasts 5 bedrooms, a large swimming pool and a spacious decking area. Setting back potential buyers £2.5 million, this property is the perfect holiday home for anyone who could afford it!

4. Birds of a Feather house – £2.5 million

Tracey Stubbs’ detached upmarket home in the suburbs of Chigwell, Essex, is the perfect family home...if you have £2.5 million to spare. 

Located on the Essex-London border, Chigwell has always been a desirable location and favoured by celebrities and footballers alike. With Epping Forest on the doorstep and quick links into London, houses in this area are priced at a premium, with experts predicting valuations to continue rising year on year.

Image credit: LTerlecka/Shutterstock

5. Sherlock Holmes’s 221B Baker Street flat – £2 million

Sherlock Holmes’s flat, located on Baker Street in London, is steeped in history. The property has a traditional appearance both inside and out, keeping in theme with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous books. As a result, buyers could expect to pay a deposit in the region of £400,000 for this property, with a price tag of around £2 million. 

6. Bridget Jones’ house – £1 million

Borough Market is home to one of the best rom-coms of all time: Bridget Jones’ Diary. Bridget’s spacious and modern London flat, located above the Globe Pub, is perfect for a couple or singleton looking to get on the property ladder in the hustle and bustle of London. Unfortunately, the flat comes with a hefty price tag of £1 million! 

7. Vicar of Dibley's house – £650,000

Located in a quaint Buckinghamshire village, the Vicar of Dibley’s three-bedroom house is the perfect home for bringing up a young family. As the epitome of a Chocolate Box property, this home offers a traditional design and layout, complete with a garage, pantry room and reception area. For this reason, this iconic home is more expensive than its surrounding properties, costing somewhere in the region of £650,000. 

8. Only Fools and Horses flat – £500,000

If you’ve been inspired by the iconic Only Fools and Horses flat in Peckham, expect to be looking at properties in the region of half a million pounds (£500,000). Peckham is fast becoming a hub for businesses and nightlife, making it the perfect location for first-time buyers working in the city.

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9. 4, Privet Drive - The Dursleys’ house (Harry Potter) – £475,000

Located in Berkshire’s tech hub of Bracknell, Privet Drive ranks 9th for our most valuable TV properties. Famous for its role as the home of the Dursleys in the Harry Potter films, this simple property is the ideal size for a young family. Situated just under 40 miles out of London, our expert estimates a property of this size would set you back around £475,000 in the current market.

10. Peep Show flat – £250,000

Mark and Jeremy from the popular British sitcom, Peep Show, share a flat in the London borough of Croydon. The spacious two-bedroom property is estimated to cost around a quarter of a million pounds (£250,000), but Anamaria Pircu suggests this home would be best bought as a buy-to-let in order to get the best return on investment. 

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