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The most searched for homemade festive desserts around the world

Christmas dinner is the perfect time to pile your plate high, while getting ready to unbuckle your belt at the sight of those homemade desserts. Traditionally, the flaming Christmas pudding was a staple of the festive spread, but is this old favourite still the top choice of dessert on December 25th, or has it been replaced by other sweet treats?

We analysed the number of online searches for 30 classic homemade desserts across 18 countries to see which show-stopping delights really get us excited in the run-up to the big day. 

It turns out that the humble cheesecake is the true crowd-pleaser. Light on the booze, but big on the decadence, this classic was the most searched for pudding across an impressive eight countries of those analysed.

Discover which deserts took the top three spots in all 18 countries we researched below:

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Using Google data from its Keyword Planner, we collated a list of much-loved Christmas treats and fed them into the forecasting tool. This then let us view average monthly searches for November and December of last year, allowing us to total them together to get to our overall figures.