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Which interior design styles add the most value to your home?

With the UK housing market beginning to reopen for business, buying and selling a home has hit the headlines across the world. With so many properties coming back onto the market, there has never been a better time to give your home a ‘glow up’. But rather than expensive overhauls, does adding a splash of paint and updating your furniture add any value? And do some interior design styles add more value than others?

The mortgage comparison experts at Bankrate.com/uk were eager to find out. By entering the ten biggest interior design styles into Zoopla’s property search, average prices were calculated for houses in England containing each interior décor. So, is your house designed in the most profitable way? It’s time to find out!

Which interior design style adds the most value?

It seems that the recent trend for the Scandi style of clean lines and neutral tones is a hit with homebuyers, as Scandinavian décor style comes out on top.

After analysing all houses for sale on Zoopla including ‘Scandinavian’ in the description, the average price listed is a luxurious £572,079. That’s £340,224 higher than the UK’s current average house price - £231,855 according to the Land Registry’s UK House Price Index (HPI).

Top tip: To add more value to your home, declutter rooms and add splashes of white with warm textures as a hygge nod towards Scandinavian styling. 

In second place is farmhouse. Those with a love of the countryside will be happy to discover that this home design is the second most lucrative style. At an average of £521,398, it is £289,543 more than the UK average.

Top tip: Mix and match with old and new furniture, incorporate more wood and opt for neutral colours for a down-to-earth farmhouse feel.

Rustic interior décor claims third place with an average of £516,952, £285,097 above the UK average. It’s true to say that a no-fuss aesthetic can showcase not only a natural and subdued atmosphere, but also a hefty increase in value.

Top tip: Re-using old furniture, keeping weathered wood and adding some cosy, hand-stitched materials will emphasise rustic’s ‘home is where the heart is’ feel. 

In fourth, fifth and sixth , place are bohemian, vintage and contemporary, with average house prices of £515,674, £505,828 and £501,147 respectively – that’s a rise of £283,819, £273,973 and £269,292 above the UK’s average.

Over the last few years, industrial design has established itself as a popular contender in home décor. Many homeowners looked to showcase the nation’s industrial history by adding brickwork, exposed metal structuring and mechanical details. So, in ninth place, homeowners will be happy to learn that these touches could swell their houses’ values by £165,079 – they are listed an average price of £396,934.

Also increasing the value of a home, following industrial is the bare open-spaced minimalist style with an average price of £452,449 and the timeless mid-century modern with an average price of £470,394 on Zoopla.

Whilst in tenth position, decorating your house in a traditional style could still add a whopping £115,243 to its value – it is listed at £347,098 on average. And this could only increase depending on where you live.

Here’s a run-down of how much each house interior style could add to your house’s value:

  1. Scandinavian - +£340,224

  2. Farmhouse - +£289,543

  3. Rustic - +£285,097

  4. Bohemian - +£283,819

  5. Vintage - +£273,973

  6. Contemporary - +£269,292

  7. Mid-century modern - +£238,539

  8. Minimalist - +£220,594

  9. Industrial - +£165,079

  10. Traditional - +£115,243

Niche Interior Design Styles of Interest

Not only did we consider the biggest and trending styles of the moment, but the team at Bankrate wanted to see if more niche/emerging styles are also worthy of showcasing at home.

Calculated the same way, the table below shows some of these:

You could say that adding Gothic to your house is a little bit of a niche choice for homeowners, with many believing it only applies to Halloween or religious households wanting a throwback to Victorian churches. They could not be more wrong, and it could even pay off handsomely to decorate this way. With an average listed price of £345,996, this could be one of the best interior styles you didn’t think of.

Top tip: Channel your inner Victorian and add ornate and elegant lighting, lavish furniture and dramatic wall colourings for a touch of luxury (and value).

The increasing influence of Asia in the West (think K-pop and cherry blossom trees!) can also translate to interior design, as houses with ‘Japanese’ styles are selling for an average of £329,790 - £97,935 above the UK’s average. It may not be something we’re familiar with, but a quick Google or glance on Pinterest proves the cosy/natural appeal of the Japanese interior.

Other styles of note include the bold art deco at an average of £320,497, the fun retro at an average of £305,096 and finally Shabby Chic. Like its wear and tear style, the appeal of shabby chic seems to be slowly wearing out. While still above the average house price by £43,939, it is listed as the lowest in our study at an average of £275,794.

If you’d like to learn more about how to add value to your home or the process of selling in such a turbulent backdrop, check out Bankrate’s information to guide you through it.


Houses in England were searched for on Zoopla’s property search. Each interior style (e.g. ‘scandinavian’) was inserted into the keywords option and searching brought up all properties that included it in their description. House prices were calculated from the average of all results per interior style.

*According to Land Registry’s UK House Price Index (HPI) and correct as of March 2020, the average house price in the UK is £231,855.