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Does your star sign help determine your home buyer destiny?

Star signs can tell you a lot about your personality, from your key traits to your likes and dislikes and even which other zodiac sign could be your perfect love match. But can they also reveal insights behind your ideal home and buying style?

The experts at Bankrate UK surveyed 2,000 homeowners in the UK, to discover how different star signs approach the home-buying process. And with the help of astrologist Sally Kirkman, the results were then analysed to reveal if your star sign really can help to determine your home buyer destiny. 


Dates: 21st March – 19th April

Colour: Red

Home Buying Style: Impulsive

Interior Style: Modern rustic

Impulsive and impatient

Aries is the most impulsive star sign and ‘cautious’ is not a word you would associate with them. Spurred on by competition, they will seek to beat other buyers to the finish line and will enjoy doing it.

Workability and functionality are top traits for their home buying style. If it works, or it’s in the right location, why move?

They like to flash the cash, but the property itself isn’t the most important part of the process so they’re unlikely to stretch their budget to secure a property.

Their dislikes include inactivity and delays, making them impatient buyers and most likely to lose their temper with estate agents or solicitors.

Heart of the action

Action is their middle name so Aries absolutely wants to be around friends and family and close to bars and restaurants.

Cosy yet sociable space

Aries can be claustrophobic and they tend to do everything fast, so they need plenty of indoor and outdoor space, free from fancy knick-knacks or ornaments that could get knocked over easily.

Open fireplaces allow them to create a cosy, inviting space, perfect for their entertaining needs.


Dates: 20th April – 20th May 

Colour: Green

Home buying style: Uncompromising 

Interior Style: Rustic


More likely to engage his/her head and heart in unison. A home has to feel right but it also has to be a wise, sensible investment. Taureans build for the future and rarely makes rash decisions. They are often willing to pay for quality but won’t take unnecessary financial risks.

Their persistence means that they will happily view multiple properties before finding their favourite. As buyers, they hate complications, yet will remain undeterred if they arise, choosing to face any issues headfirst.


There is a lazy side to Taureans and having everything on their doorstep will appeal - shops, work and public transport. Again, it taps into their desire for ease and comfort. They can be homebodies at heart and don’t like change.

Known for their love of cooking, the heart of the home is an important priority for a Taurus. Outdoor space is also considered a must for these keen gardeners.  

Lived-in style

Taurus is the star sign linked to money and they typically favour emotional and financial security. You often find them in positions of wealth and a millionaire’s mansion with a pool would be the ultimate dream.

Traditionally, a Taurean’s interior style would include natural or rustic items and tactile, soft fabrics. Their ideal home would look lived in rather than a show home. They often have a yearning for nature close by and can be green-fingered gardeners. 


Dates: 21st May – 20th June 

Colour: Yellow

Home buying style: Can-do attitude

Interior Style: Constantly changing décor  

Bounce back buyer

Energetic and intelligent, a Gemini approaches the house buying process with a can-do attitude. Adept at seeing the big picture, once a decision is made they rarely waver or change their mind.

Geminis are the wheeler-dealer, market trader of the zodiac with the gift of the gab. Masters of negotiation, they typically love the whole business of buying and selling and will work fast to secure their chosen home.

Their optimistic outlook means they’re able to bounce back quickly, even if they lose out on a property to another buyer.

Sociable environment

Sociable and personable, Geminis need other people around them and their ideal home would have chatter, noise or a TV or radio on in the background. Yet, they’ll always be ready to entertain and socialise if friends or family pop round.

Constantly redecorating

Your typical Gemini is a whizz kid who loves the buzz of the city and urban life. A loft apartment or central location would be ideal and more important than outdoor space.

However, they’re a dual-natured star sign and often have two of everything. A home in the town and a home in the country would suit their fickle nature and love of variety.

They may not veer towards a particular interior style, instead enjoying mix and match furniture which suits their love of novelty. They can be constantly moving things around or redecorating.


Dates: 21st June – 22nd July

Colour: White

Home buying style: Led by their heart

Interior Style: Scandinavian

Emotionally-led buyers

Influenced by their emotions, Cancerians are most likely to be led by their heart when it comes to the house buying process, favouring the feeling they get and the future they can imagine over any financial factors. 

Because of this emotional attachment, once Cancerians deem a property to be ‘the one’ they will fight to secure it, including stretching their budget to secure their dream home.

Putting down roots

The sign most attached to their homes, they’re more likely to put down roots and create their forever home as opposed to searching for their next property. 

Known for being family-orientated, they are likely to seek out properties with an open, sociable living space, as well as the opportunity to extend, allowing their family to grow and adapt into the space.

Making a house a home

Bright whites and silver connect Cancerian homeowners with their intuitions, giving them a clean, clear slate.

Cancerians are traditional homebodies and are likely to favour interior styles such as Scandinavian that allow them to create a cosy, harmonious environment for their friends and family to enjoy.


Dates: 23rd July to 22nd August 

Colour: Gold

Home buying style: Dominant and determined

Interior Style: Scandinavian and Bohemian

Dominant and determined

A dominant house hunter, Leos are confident in their tastes and are likely to take the lead when property searching with their partner. Their single-minded determination sees them pursue their goals at all costs – meaning other house hunters should watch out!

Their ‘act now, think later’ attitude might lead them to make impulsive decisions in everyday life; but when searching for their next home Leos will push against this instinct and err on the side of caution ahead of any financial commitment.

Access to amenities

Known for having many friends and active social lives, they prioritise access to local amenities including their beloved theatres, cinemas and shops when searching for a property.

Leos like to be at the heart of things; the centre of attention. Ideally, they want their home to be admired by neighbours or locals as they aim to impress.

House proud

When a Leo believes they deserve the best, it shows in everything they touch. Some of them have the Midas touch and they tend to love flashy, extravagant items, especially anything gold. The interior style of their home will show off who they are and has to be unique.


Dates: 23rd August – 21st September  

Colour: Light brown

Home buying style: Quest for perfection 

Interior Style: Inspired by Pinterest

Quest for perfection

Virgo is a star sign that favours routine and security, and a typical Virgo will choose to stay close to family or in a place they know well. They can be quite fussy and have a changeable nature. They may move around but probably won’t venture too far from their chosen location.

Wherever they end up, they will be sure to do a lot of research about the area, as Virgo is the most detailed and thorough individual. They have a good head for facts and figures and are unlikely to buy on impulse. They will ensure that the figures add up and any purchase will be a good investment for the future.

Inspired by beauty

Inspired by beauty, a Virgo’s biggest priority when searching for a home is how the property looks to the outside world. 

‘If you want something done, do it yourself’, is a phrase Virgos live by. Known amongst their friends for their DIY skills, they are the star sign most likely to build their own home as it means they can strive for perfection in every step of the process and get their home just right.

Coordinated style

Organisation is at the heart of all Virgos and this is only amplified when it comes to their home.

They like a home to be simple and functional, and matching furniture or coordinated styles appeal to the typical Virgo. Often self-critical, their love of cleanliness drives them to achieve a ‘Pinterest perfect’ home.   


Dates: 22nd October – 22nd September  

Colour: Rose pink 

Home buying style: Indecisive / quick to discount  

Interior Style: Rustic or Scandinavian 

Master communicators

Sometimes accused of being too pragmatic, Librans can be quite difficult to house hunt with, often discounting a property prematurely if they feel it doesn’t fit just one of their requirements.

However, once a Libra buyer has found the property of their dreams, these master communicators will use their reason and charm to secure properties for less than the asking price. 

Seek out a ‘project’

Librans have a fantastic imagination, seeing beyond the current state of a property and visualising what they can turn it into. This makes them the star sign most likely to look for a ‘project’ when searching for a new home.

As lovers of peace and harmony, they often favour a quiet location. Known for always trying to make the best decisions for their family, Librans deem access to local schools as a main priority when house hunting. 

Creative stamp

Librans have an eye for beauty and many are talented designers. Therefore, their home must reflect their love for art and design. However big or small, it will be a place of beauty. They may well choose a property where they can lend it their own style.

In fact, Libra is the style icon of the zodiac with a love of symmetry, balance and objects that are pleasing to the eye. It’s no surprise that style icon Marie Kondo is a Libra. They tend to favour subtlety and pale colours in their home. 


Dates: 23rd October – 21st November 

Colour: Burgundy 

Home buying style: Financially savvy   

Interior Style: Industrial and minimalist

Highly intuitive

Determined and decisive, Scorpio buyers will research until they find the truth and aren’t afraid to say exactly what’s on their mind - estate agents be warned!

The money strategist of the zodiac, they are often savvy about finances and understand the money markets. Their strong instincts mean they can sniff out the best deals and know the right time to buy and sell.

They’re not afraid of playing power games when it comes to money and will always push to get the best price. They won’t overspend and are the star sign most likely to make a secret bid or try and outfox another buyer.


Linked to transformation, once they’ve stamped their mark on a place, it will look completely different to when they moved in. Regeneration is a Scorpio theme, so they might choose a home with an outdoor space so they have somewhere to compost and mulch, seed and plant.

Masculine interiors

Privacy is often important to Scorpios when buying their home. A city penthouse would suit their style or an enclosed hideaway. They don’t mind isolated environments and, at the very least, their home must include a den or a secret space that’s theirs alone.

A typical Scorpio doesn’t like clutter but prefers a minimalist or industrial decor with steel and leather furniture and stand-out objects that can shock or define their unique style. They favour dark or statement colours like black and blood red. 


Dates: 22nd November – 20th December 

Colour: Purple

Home buying style: Free spirit 

Interior Style: Eclectic  

Confident decision making

With a strong sense of self, Sagittarians are confident in their decision making and happy to take risks. Comfortable playing for high stakes when it comes to property buying, they are the star sign most likely to go over budget to purchase their dream home.

Free spirit

Due to their free-spirited nature, they often have few priorities and instead view their home as a place to rest their head before their next adventure.

Yet, a home must be a place where they can socialise and have a good time with their friends. Sagittarians have a generous spirit and are always willing to share what they have with other people.

Statement pieces

They might find that renting rather than buying suits their free spirit and love of adventure. They have a lucky streak too and an entrepreneurial outlook on life.

Their interior style often reflects their travelling spirit - they might have choice items from their travels adorning their home. They’re not afraid of big statement pieces in bold colours and purple is the colour most associated with Sagittarius.


Dates: 22nd December – 19th January

Colour: Dark blue, black 

Home buying style: Responsible and financially led 

Interior Style: Traditional

Led by their head

Capricorn is the planner of the zodiac and often has a long-term goal or eye on the future. This means that when it comes to investments, they are always practical, responsible and make sound buying decisions. They may have an extensive property portfolio and usually do well in the property world.

A typical Capricorn is a saver rather than a spender. If they have their business head early in life, they are more likely to have a big pot of money to dip into when it comes to property buying.

Easily pleased

Belonging to the trio of earth signs, they are both practical and grounded when it comes to house hunting, making them the easiest buyers to please. Provide them with good parking and access to outdoor space and a Capricorn will be happy.

Insta-worthy homes

Capricorns have an eye for design and believe presentation is everything, often resulting in their homes being deemed Insta-worthy.

They favour tradition and history over modernity and functionality. Sometimes you may find a Capricorn living in the family home that’s been passed down over generations. Their style tends to be traditional and they tend to favour antique furniture over modern materials and dark colours over light open spaces.


Dates: 20th January – 18th February

Colour: Neon

Home buying style: Go with the flow attitude

Interior Style: Eclectic and modern

Unique approach

Aquarius is the most atypical star sign as there are two distinct types. They might be the type who’s structured and organised and views property buying as a serious matter. Alternatively, they could be the eccentric type of Aquarian for whom anything goes and they make decisions on the spur of the moment and act spontaneously.

They can quite easily detach their emotions and a typical Aquarian will use their head over their heart when making financial decisions.

Spark imagination

They like to be financially self-sufficient so may look into community living or projects that are more about sharing and the distribution of wealth.

Continuing their unique approach to house hunting, Aquarians will rarely have ‘traditional’ house priorities, instead focusing on the importance of a garden and whether the property ignites their imagination.

Eclectic and modern

They may favour a studio flat or a modern apartment block over suburban living. They could be into urban gardening or have a plot on a community allotment. As a star sign they’re most likely to be eco-friendly and favour sustainable living as they care about the environment.

Their style is eclectic and often retro or hipster. Sci-fi is an Aquarius theme and they favour modern materials over traditional. If they’re a techie, they’ll love the latest state-of-the-art gadgets. That’s where their money’s most likely to go rather than investing in a huge property.


Dates: 19th February – 20th March

Colour: Blue

Interior Style: Botanical

Home buying priorities: Requires support   

Proceed with caution

Often held back by fear, Pisceans will proceed with caution when house hunting, choosing to view multiple properties before making any decision.

When it comes to money, they tend to have a strong belief that life will provide for them. They’re not usually good with facts and figures and can be gullible and easily overwhelmed. It’s important that they get good financial advice and someone to help them keep on track with scheduling and time management.

At one with nature

A home by the sea or in the countryside would appeal greatly. They need somewhere to be in nature and allow their vivid imagination to run wild. Even if they live in a town, a quiet garden with a water feature and beautiful flowers would be a must.

Interiors with an artistic flair

Pisceans like to fill their home with flowers and plants and a botanical theme would be right up their street. Creating the right atmosphere is important and they need art, books and music around to feed their soul.

A Pisces is a visionary at best and many of them have an eye for art and creative design. Sometimes, being in their home can be like wandering into a fictional work or onto a film set - there are no bounds to their romantic imagination. If things break, they can live with them for a while and won’t want a property that needs a lot of work.

The best month to purchase, by star sign

Horoscopes are based on the movement of the Sun against the backdrop of the zodiac. There are key timings that you can use to make the most of your chances to buy/sell property.

Astrologer Sally Kirkman reveals the optimum months when home and property matters are favoured for each star sign:

Mercury retrograde

Have you heard of Mercury retrograde? The communication planet gives the illusion of moving backwards three times a year for three weeks at a time. It’s not an ideal time to sign and seal a contract or make a major investment.

It’s best to note the dates in your diary and plan around them. You may find that a property deal is delayed, or you have to play a waiting game during these three key periods in the year. Also, you find that new information comes to light once Mercury turns direct - the second date below.

2021 dates: January 30 to February 21; May 29 to June 22; September 27 to October 18 

The light of the moon

Using the phases of the Moon can be an excellent way to get in flow and give you an added boost when it comes to the timing of buying and selling.

Traditionally, the New Moon phase is a symbol for new beginnings. When you first see the crescent Moon in the night sky once a month, this is the time to initiate a deal, put your house on the market or put in an offer.

The Full Moon phase is a symbol of completion. Therefore, when you see the light of the Moon at its brightest once a month, this is the time to complete a deal or make a final offer. You often find that properties exchange hands more frequently during the Full Moon phase.

No matter what star sign you are, Bankrate UK can help you on your own house buying journey. From choosing the right mortgage, through to how to remortgage your home, our expert guides will help you find the best mortgage rates and deals for you. 


A survey of 2,107 UK homeowners revealed their thoughts on the process of buying a home, priorities when purchasing a new property and their favourite interior styles/home types. The results were split by star sign and date of birth. Data collected January 2021.  

Additional star sign information provided by astrologer Sally Kirkman.