Current Accounts

A good current account is vital for basic financial management - it gives you access to credit cards, mortgages, loans, and other credit products. Find out all you need to know about current accounts in our guides below.

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Someone banking on their phone

How we bank in the UK today

With an increase in banking apps, web chats, and voice control technology, the way we bank in the UK is changing.

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Couple looking at their joint account

Joint current accounts

Looking to open a joint current account? This guide covers everything you need to know about what to consider when choosing a joint current account.

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High interest bank accounts

High-interest bank accounts pay a higher rate of interest on in-credit balances than other current accounts. Find out how they work in this guide.

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How to reclaim bank charges

If you feel you have been charged excessively by your bank, you could ask to have them returned to you. Find out how in this guide.

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All Current Account Guides

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How to jointly manage money without damaging your credit score

With every joint account, there's a financial association which can affect your credit score. Find out how to improve your joint account credit score here.

Couple looking at their joint account

Joint bank accounts

If you're married or cohabiting with others, managing shared bills can be a challenge. Joint accounts are a tidy solution.

Couple looking at their joint account

Joint account guide

Joint accounts can make living together much easier, and net you some juicy rewards, but do your research first before financially linking your credit history.

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Switch Current Account: Out Dedicated Guide

Switching current accounts is super-easy in the UK. Pick up a free cash incentive (up to £200) for switching, and get some better customer service to boot.

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How to protect your bank account from fraud

Follow these six steps to stay safe online and stop yourself becoming a victim of online fraud or identity theft.

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How To Reclaim Bank Charges: A Simple Guide | Bankrate

Reclaiming bank charges may sound like a complicated matter but, with our dedicated guide we simplify the process. Read more here.

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How to get the best current account interest rate

You will have to put some work into it, but you can earn a decent return from your current account.

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How to future proof your finances

More and more people are struggling to pay basic household bills without falling into debt. Here's how to build up your financial resilience.

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Best Current Account: Our Guide On How To Find It

If you are dissatisfied with your current bank, simply fancy a change, or want to pick some hard cash as a switching incentive, now is the time to shop around.

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How illness and vulnerability can lead to debt

Debt isn't only caused by losing a job or poor personal finance: illness and vulnerability are a major cause of indebtedness, too.

Piggy Bank

High Interest Savings Account | High Interest Accounts | Bankrate

Discover everything you need to know about high interest bank accounts in our detailed guide, with figures and tips on how to find the best one.

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GDPR explained: How new data rules affect you and your finances

Tough new data protection rules - called GDPR - will come into force on May 25 across Europe, including in the UK. Here's how GDPR will affect your relationship with companies, including your bank and credit card provider.