Current Accounts

A good current account is vital for basic financial management - it gives you access to credit cards, mortgages, loans, and other credit products. Find out all you need to know about current accounts in our guides below.

Someone banking on their phone

How we bank in the UK today

With an increase in banking apps, web chats, and voice control technology, the way we bank in the UK is changing.

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Couple looking at their joint account

Joint current accounts

Looking to open a joint current account? This guide covers everything you need to know about what to consider when choosing a joint current account.

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Woman checking her finances on a tablet

High interest bank accounts

High-interest bank accounts pay a higher rate of interest on in-credit balances than other current accounts. Find out how they work in this guide.

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How to reclaim bank charges

If you feel you have been charged excessively by your bank, you could ask to have them returned to you. Find out how in this guide.

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All Current Account Guides

Person handing over their card for payment

Contactless Card: How To Use & Limits

There are many reasons to go contactless on your card, however not everyone understands how it work. Find out how contactless cards work here with Bankrate

Happy couple with credit card

Cheapest & Best Way To Send Money Abroad

With the different rules organisations have, sending money abroad can become complicated. Find out what to consider and the best way to send money abroad here

Man paying for services online with his laptop

How To Close A Bank Account & Switch Banks

Find out everything you need to know when closing or switching a bank account. From the type of accounts to what you should consider before closing them

Person using a smartphone as a calculator

Why you should switch energy providers and shrink your bill

Millions of Brits are paying too much for their energy. Here's how to take meter readings, understand your bill, make sure you're not being overcharged, and get the best deal by switching.

Woman checking her finances on a tablet

Digital Banking Guide | What Is Digital Banking? | Bankrate

The benefits of online banking and mobile banking apps, and how to get started with digital banking today.

Woman running up steps

How to retire a millionaire

Can I retire with 1 million pounds? You can, with this simple guide. Prepare for retirement now to reach this milestone.

Woman working on a laptop

Credit Card Fraud: How To Avoid Financial Scams

Credit card fraud can be a frightening topic for many when it shouldn't really be. Here's a guide that will keep you (and your money) safe.

Person writing in notebook with a coffee and their laptop

How we bank in the UK today

The latest facts and figures on how we interact with banks and our accounts in the UK. Webchats and video banking are on the rise; in-branch banking is declining dramatically.

Person waving two union jack flags outside of Parliament

How Will Brexit Affect Me | Effects Of Brexit | Bankrate

Brexit is set to change many things from a financial perspective. Discover how Brexit can affect your finances here.

Smart phone displaying electronic invoice

Are mobile banking apps secure?

Your mobile banking app may help you avoid overdrawing your current account or spending too much money. But if you've ever wondered how secure mobile banking is, you're not alone.

Man looking at his laptop from above

What Are Overdrafts | How Do Overdrafts Work? | Bankrate

We will guide you in understanding how bank overdrafts work so you know exactly how to manage your short term borrowing.

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A guide to LGBT+ personal finance

For most LGBT+ people, financial planning is relatively straightforward - but some areas, such as wills, pensions, and insurance can require a little finesse to navigate.