Credit Cards

Take a look at our helpful credit card guides and reviews. Find out all about the different types of credit cards, how to improve your credit score, and how to get out of debt.

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Credit cards vs Debit cards

Find out the difference between these two card types and decide which one is best for you.

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Using a credit card abroad

Going on holiday? Find out the best options for spending while abroad in this guide.

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Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act

Find out about the payment protection that comes as standard when you buy goods and services with a credit card.

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All Credit Card Guides

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Credit Card Protection: How Does It Work?

Section 75 credit card protection is extremely easy to understand in the UK. We've dissected the topic here for you.

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What Is A Credit Card? Our Guide To Credit Cards

What are credit cards exactly, how do credit cards work, why are credit cards so popular - and what gotchas do you need to watch out for?

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5 credit card mistakes to avoid

Using a credit card can be a good decision in many instances. Avoid these five credit card mistakes to keep debt from piling up.

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Credit Card Eligibility Guide | Am I Eligibile?

Credit card eligibility can be extremely difficult if you have a bad or poor credit rating. We show you how to improve your chances of being accepted.

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Credit cards vs debit cards: what is the difference?

Credit card vs debit card: what are the differences between the two? Find out in our detailed guide here.

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What are store cards? Are they worth it?

What is the difference between a store card and a normal credit card? Are store cards worth it? Find out all about this type of reward-based credit card in our guide.

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Credit Card Limitis: What Is Credit Limit? | Bankrate

This guide will explain how credit limits work, and how keeping an eye on them can help prevent you from paying extra fees or damaging your credit score.

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Consolidating credit card debt

Keeping track of debt can be difficult when you have credit cards, loans and overdrafts spread out across different accounts. If you are looking for ways to manage your credit card debt, debt consolidation can be a convenient method of managing several debts at once.

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Paying off your credit card

Credit card debt can add up quickly and tackling the debt can feel overwhelming. This guide covers the practical ways to reduce the cost of your credit and pay off your cards quickly.

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Can you pay off a loan with a credit card?

Can you pay off a loan with a credit card? Read this guide to find out how to pay off a loan using a transfer credit card.

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Using Credit Card Abroad: Costs, Charges And Guide | Bankrate

Spending overseas isn’t always as simple as taking your everyday credit card and carrying on as usual. Find out how to use a credit card abroad in this guide.

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Is sharing a credit card with someone else a good idea?

You may think about getting a joint credit card with a partner or someone else you trust. But is it a good idea? What are the risks of having an additional credit cardholder?