Credit Cards

Take a look at our helpful credit card guides and reviews. Find out all about the different types of credit cards, how to improve your credit score, and how to get out of debt.

Credit Cards Basics

What type of credit card is best?

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Credit cards vs Debit cards

Find out the difference between these two card types and decide which one is best for you.

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Using a credit card abroad

Going on holiday? Find out the best options for spending while abroad in this guide.

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Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act

Find out about the payment protection that comes as standard when you buy goods and services with a credit card.

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All Credit Card Guides

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How to pay off credit card debt

Carrying too much credit card debt is risky. These strategies show you how to pay off credit card debt and protect your financial security.

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A guide to short term borrowing

Short term loans can provide cash flow and flexibility, but they can be lumbered with high interest rates. Choosing between a credit card, loan, remortgage, or overdraft will depend on your situation.

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What type of credit card is best?

Compare every type of credit card, and then get one that best suits your spending habits.

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Travel credit cards

Travel credit cards offer completely fee-free foreign purchases and excellent exchange rates, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds per holiday.

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What to know before switching credit cards

As your life and financial situation changes, so should your credit cards! How do you choose which credit card to switch to, though? Read these five tips for switching credit cards.

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No foreign transaction fee credit cards

Credit cards are wonderful and convenient travel companions - but make sure yours doesn't charge a fee for every transaction and cash withdrawal.

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How to use your credit card in the right way

Credit cards can be wonderful if used correctly - but make a few mistakes and you can be stung by fees, interest rates, and a plummeting credit score. Here's how to use your credit card the best way.

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How to choose your next credit card

Ask yourself these seven questions to help choose your next credit card - and then, make sure you actually use your card, rather than letting it languish in your wallet!

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How do credit cards work?

Credit cards are the best financial products on the market: they're convenient for making secure payments, offer enhanced consumer protection and, when used wisely, they can provide a source of cheap borrowing.

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Debt guide: How to get out of debt, or get free help

If you have debt problems, rest assured that there's help out there - and that no debt is unsolvable, as long as you're committed to finding a solution.

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Bad credit credit cards

If you have bad or poor credit, credit cards for bad credit are a good place to start building up your credit score. Find out more about bad credit credit cards and how they differ from normal cards.

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Reward credit cards

Reward credit cards offer you rewards for spending on your credit card. You get cashback, airmiles, or other rewards for free - just from your everyday spending.