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Nisha VaidyaContent Editor

Nisha is the lead content editor on Bankrate UK and oversees the creation of all of its personal finance content. She is passionate about all things related to mortgages and homeownership and wants to create handy guides, tools and product experiences to empower first time buyers and home movers alike to make the right decisions for them.

She is also the mortgages spokesperson for Bankrate, staying up-to-date with the housing market.

Row of colourful terraced houses

Bridging Loans: What is A Bridging Loan?

Bridging Loans are flexible funding options that will help you to secure your property. View our detailed guide on bridging finance here.

A photo of a Lush store.

A budget-friendly guide to making your home vegan

If you're looking to make a conscious change to the products you buy, Bankrate UK has put together top tips for creating a vegan-friendly home, no matter your budget

A photo of an inflatable santa and snowman

Christmas decorations to avoid when selling your home

Homebuyers can be deterred by Christmas decorations on display. With this in mind, Bankrate UK investigates the Christmas decor which could affect your property price.

A photo of a street with Christmas decorations.

This is how much festive road names add to the value of your property

Would you believe living on a Christmassy road name containing words like 'Bells', 'Angels' or 'Christmas' could add to the value of your house? Bankrate UK crunched the numbers to find out.

An aerial photo of a housing development.

Green belt land under threat as councils ignore brownfield land potential

With demand for properties at an all-time high, the mortgage comparison experts at Bankrate UK have analysed which of England’s green belt land is most at risk of being built on and which local authorities have access to the most undeveloped brownfield land.

A photo of a Christmas tree with gold baubles.

How to decorate a Christmas tree to suit your interior design style

Whether your home’s interior design style is minimalist, rustic, Scandi or retro, Bankrate UK has put together its top tips for decorating a Christmas tree to suit your home’s style.

A photo of a house with plants and trees around it.

These plants could destroy your chances of buying or selling a property

If you're buying or selling a property you may face unexpected problems with plants and trees. With this in mind, Bankrate UK investigates the plants and trees which could affect your property price or mean mortgage providers are reluctant to lend.

A photo of a Christmas pudding.

The Most Searched-For Festive Desserts Around The World

We analysed the number of online searches made for over 30 popular homemade festive desserts to reveal the most popular pudding around the world.

A photo of moving boxes and furniture

Are You Looking to Move Home Before Christmas? Now Is the Time to Book Your Removal Company

With a surge in demand for pre-Christmas move-ins, Bankrate UK research reveals that buyers looking to move before Christmas could have just a fortnight to book a removal.

A photograph of a TV with MTV on the screen.

Welcome To My Crib: The Best MTV Cribs Episodes Of All Time

With MTV Cribs making its 2021 comeback, Bankrate UK look back at the best episodes of all time.

Image of 4 storey houses by a lake

The Devaluation Report; mortgage experts reveal where in the country has been down valued the most

The mortgage experts at Bankrate UK investigate how the impact of coronavirus has lead to a rise in buyers losing their dream home due to mortgage lenders devaluing their properties.

A vector illustration of an art gallery.

The Niche Hobby Enthusiasts’ Home Buying Guide

Whether you're into extreme sports or Victorian architecture, Bankrate UK has scoured the nation to find where's best to live, based on an array of interests.