Nisha Vaidya

Nisha VaidyaContent Editor

Nisha is the lead content editor on Bankrate UK and oversees the creation of all of its personal finance content. She is passionate about all things related to mortgages and homeownership and wants to create handy guides, tools and product experiences to empower first time buyers and home movers alike to make the right decisions for them.

She is also the mortgages spokesperson for Bankrate, staying up-to-date with the housing market.

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What Is Stamp Duty: Exemption, Relief & Holiday

Find out what stamp duty is with Bankrate online. From working out how much it will be and how to pay it to stamp duty exemptions relief.

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How To Close A Bank Account & Switch Banks

Find out everything you need to know when closing or switching a bank account. From the type of accounts to what you should consider before closing them

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Making a home a fortress

When picking somewhere to live, we know you’ll want to feel comfortable in – and proud of – your home. But, it’s not just families and individuals that have homes, football clubs do too. Bankrate UK analysed 92 Premier League and Football League teams in England to find out which stadiums truly are a fortress, and which are fruitful away day.

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Mortgage rates for first-time buyers

First time buyers looking for a mortgage have a wide choice of different deals available. Our guide will take you through the various mortgage rates offered to first time buyers.

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Residential mortgages explained

This guide explains all you need to know about how residential mortgages work, how to get the best residential mortgage rates and what to watch out for.

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The Best YouTube Gaming Architects

Our list has found that LDShadowLady has earned nearly £4 million on YouTube from creating elaborate and artistically pleasing homes and towns in Minecraft.

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What to know before switching credit cards

Thinking of switching your credit card? Read our handy guide on everything you should know before switching your credit card.

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Pay Off Your Mortgage Early: A Detailed Guide | Bankrate

Paying off your mortgage can save thousands of pounds in interest. Follow our guide to work out if you should pay off your mortgage early.

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What is APR? | How Does APR Work?

Credit cards, loans, and hire purchases must all have an APR. But what is APR, and how does it affect the interest you'll pay? And is representative APR different?

Iconic Streets: What premiums do residents pay to live on some of the UK’s most iconic streets?

Iconic Streets

The mortgage experts at Bankrate UK have investigated how much it costs to live on the UK's most famous streets, and compared these with the average property price to reveal the UK’s Iconic Street Premium.

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How fragrance can make your home more appealing to buyers

Bankrate UK reveals the most homely fragrances that could help to sell your home.

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Mortgages and Brexit

The UK left the European Union in January 2020. We look at what Brexit means for mortgages and what borrowers may want to do now.