Nisha Vaidya

Nisha VaidyaContent Editor

Nisha is the lead content editor on Bankrate UK and oversees the creation of all of its personal finance content. She is passionate about all things related to mortgages and homeownership and wants to create handy guides, tools and product experiences to empower first time buyers and home movers alike to make the right decisions for them.

She is also the mortgages spokesperson for Bankrate, staying up-to-date with the housing market.

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Virgin Mortgage | Virgin Mortgage Rates & Holiday

Discover what mortgages Virgin Money has to offer with Bankrate. From the types of mortgages they offer to the different rates and application process

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Best Money Saving Apps & How They Work

Saving money and budgeting have become easier with the use of Apps but can be daunting when choosing one to use. Find out the best ones that will suit you here

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Premium Bonds | Checker & Guide

Explore what premium bonds are with Bankrate online. From how premium bonds work to premium checker apps, find out the essentials before investing.

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Best Investment Apps UK & How They Work

Investing Apps have made it easier to invest whether you're experienced or new to it. Find out how these Apps work kind how to choose the right one for you


Is now a Good Time to Buy a House

Discover how to work out if it's a good time to buy a house with our guide here at Bankrate. From why you should buy a house to considering the current market

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What Is Stocks And Shares ISA: Guide

A Stocks and Shares ISA is a tax-efficient savings account that can save you in a range of investments. Find out what stocks and shares ISA is online here

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Credit Card Refund Rules, Time & Process

Discover how to get a credit card refund along with the different rules when doing so with Bankrate. From claims using chargebacks to the disputes

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Credit Card: Apply Online | Credit Card Guide

Applying for credit cards online have made the process faster and easier than ever. Discover the different types and how to choose the right one for you here

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How To Avoid Stamp Duty On Second Home

Whether you're looking for a second home or buying to rent out, there are various taxes and fees to consider. Find out how to avoid stamp duty on a second home

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What Is Junior ISA: Rates & Accounts

Junior ISAs are a great tax-free way to invest in a child’s future. Discover how they work, different types of junior ISA and more.

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Freehold Meaning: Is My House Freehold

Find out the difference between leasehold and freehold properties online with Bankrate. From understanding the terms to whether you can buy your home.

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Let To Buy Mortgage | Calculator & Comparison

Discover everything you need to know about let to buy mortgages here with Bankrate. From how they work and who can apply to the benefits of getting one