Marianne Curphey

One of the foremost personal finance writers in the UK, Marianne is an award-winning journalist, content strategist and author. She specialises in financial services, investment and insurance. She has held executive roles at The Guardian and The Times and was the launch editor of Money, the Guardian’s financial website, and deputy editor of Guardian Online. She is the author of two books: E-cash: a guide to managing your money online, and How Money Works: A Dorling Kindersley guide to economics, money and finance. She writes on money for The Times, Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph and the BBC, and contributes to numerous websites and magazines.

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Leasehold Meaning: What Is A Leasehold Property?

A leasehold property is one you can buy and own for a fixed amount of time. You'll own the property itself but not the land it's built on. Find out more here.

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Right To Buy Mortgage Guide and FAQs

A Right To Buy mortgage allows some council house and housing association tenants to purchase their property for a price well below market rate.

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The new credit card rules for persistent debt

Credit card companies now have to watch out for customers with persistent debt, and then give them a way of getting out of debt, which could include waiving fees and interest charges.

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Turned down for a credit card, loan, or mortgage? Here’s why

Here are six reasons why you could be turned down for credit - and how to fix them, so that you don't get rejected again in the future.


The most expensive cities in the UK to own a car

While you might think that London is the most expensive city to drive a car, high insurance costs in Liverpool push it to the top of the list of most expensive cities to drive in.

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First Mortgage: Our Detailed Guide On The Process

Find out all the steps necessary to getting your very first mortgage. From deposit to the process from start to finish, take a look at our detailed guide.


Cryptocurrency Guide: What Is Cryptocurrency? | Bankrate

In this guide on Cryptocurrency, we explain everything you need to know about the crypto revolution, from a financial perspective. Read the guide here!

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Credit Card Fraud: How To Avoid Financial Scams

Credit card fraud can be a frightening topic for many when it shouldn't really be. Here's a guide that will keep you (and your money) safe.

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How we bank in the UK today

The latest facts and figures on how we interact with banks and our accounts in the UK. Webchats and video banking are on the rise; in-branch banking is declining dramatically.

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Short Term Loans: A Comprehensive Guide

Short term loans can help you with cash flow and flexibility but often come with high interest rates. Find out which loan is right for you here.

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How Will Brexit Affect Me | Effects Of Brexit | Bankrate

Brexit is set to change many things from a financial perspective. Discover how Brexit can affect your finances here.

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Best Offset Mortgages | What is an Offset Mortgage

An offset mortgage can be a great way to overpay your mortgage penalty-free and shorten your overall mortgage term. Visit the website to find out more.