Ellie Austin-Williams

Ellie Austin-Williams

Ellie Austin-Williams is a London-based personal finance writer. Alongside writing content for a range of brands in the financial product and services industries, Ellie writes articles on money management and financial wellbeing for various publications.

Ellie is the founder of an online network, This Girl Talks Money, which she established to help millennial readers to improve their personal finance management and financial wellbeing. Ellie is also the host of a podcast aimed at opening the conversation about money on the Restless Network, called Take it to the Bank.

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New for old contents insurance

If your contents insurance provides new-for-old cover, this means that when you make a claim, your insurer will pay out enough to replace your old items with a new item of the same value. Find out more about how new-for-old insurance works in this guide.

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Insurance for Flats and Apartments: What Do You Need?

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How much does life insurance cost?

In this guide, we explain how insurance providers calculate life insurance premiums and what an insurer will consider when working out the cost of your life insurance policy.

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Polly life insurance

Polly acts as a life insurance broker, matching the right protection to mums at no cost to the customer. Find out more about this broker here.

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Scottish Widows life insurance

There are a number of options available for individuals looking to take out life cover with Scottish Widows. Find out which ones are right for you and see review scores here.

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AIG life insurance

AIG offers a number of life insurance options designed to provide customers with financial stability in the event that the worst happens. Find out which is right for you here.

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Smart life insurance

Smart Insurance offers a selection of life insurance policies aimed at protecting families financially for all eventualities. Find out what is right for you here and read review scores.

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Royal London life insurance

Royal London offers a range of life cover options to suit all lifestyles and budgets. Find out which one is right for you and read review scores here.

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Liverpool Victoria life insurance

Liverpool Victoria (LV=) offers a range of life cover options which last from between 5 to 45 years. Find out the different options available to you and see reviews here.

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Aegon life insurance

Aegon provides customers with life insurance, pensions and asset management solutions in over 20 countries around the world. Find out about its life insurance policies in this guide.

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Aviva life cover

Established over 300 years ago as the Hand in Hand in 1696, today Aviva is a leading international savings, retirement and insurance provider with a total of 33.4 million customers worldwide. Find out about Aviva life cover policies and reviews in this guide.

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HSBC life insurance

HSBC offers life cover, critical illness cover and income cover through HSBC Life, the insurance arm of the company. Find out more in this guide.